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A screenshot of the schedule shown on the homepage. Note the current period highlighted in white, and the previous periods are now black. Future periods are gray.

The Schedule is a feature on the front page of Blaseball that shows the different periods of time within a season. Fans can find the schedule on the homepage of the site, along with the Game Log, a random Glossary entry, the Current Events feed, and the art gallery. The times presented are synced to each fan's local time zone.


There are 11 sections to the schedule, which are as follows:

  • God's Day, where no events take place.
  • Preseason, the time period between God's Day and the beginning of the season.
  • Earlseason, where regular season games take place up until the earlsiesta.
  • Earlsiesta, an hour long rest period take takes place after game 27. The Tarot reading also takes place here.
  • Midseason, as regular games resume from day 28 to day 72.
  • Latesiesta, a second period of rest after day 72.
  • Lateseason, where regular season games continue up to day 99.
  • Endseason, a third rest period bridging the regular season and the post season. Post-season births also take place here as well.
  • Earlpostseason, the wild card round and the first rounds of the Internet Series.
  • Latepostseason, as the Wild and Mild League championships take place. The Internet Series also finishes here.
  • Election, where the final decision on which Decrees, Blessings, and Wills take place.