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A screenshot of the schedule shown on the homepage. Note the current period highlighted in white, and the previous periods are now black. Future periods are gray.

The Schedule is a feature on the front page of Blaseball that shows the different periods of time within a season. Fans can find the schedule on the homepage of the site, along with the Game Log, a random Glossary entry, the Current Events feed, and the art gallery. The times presented are synced to each fan's local time zone.


There are 11 sections to the schedule, which are as follows:

  • Gods' Day (G), a period of rest between seasons.
  • Preseason, the time period between Gods' Day and the beginning of the season.
  • Earlseason, consisting of Days 1 through 27 of the Regular Season.
  • Earlsiesta (ES), an hour long rest period taking place after Day 27. During this period, Ballpark Renovations and the Gift Shop become available. Formerly, the Seasonal Reading would also take place at this point.
  • Midseason, Days 28 to Day 72 of the Regular Season.
  • Latesiesta (LS), a second period of rest after Day 72. During this period, Ballpark Renovations are constructed and Gifts are given out.
  • Lateseason, the remaining Regular Season games from Day 73 up to Day 99.
  • Endseason, a third rest period bridging the Regular Season and the Postseason. During this period, MVPs are named and Postseason Births are awarded.
  • Earlpostseason, Round 1 and 2 of the Postseason. This is followed by a period of rest known as the Wild Card Evening, which is not marked on the schedule.
  • Latepostseason, the Wild and Mild League Championships and the Internet Series.
  • Election (EL), when the results of the seasonal Election are drawn and made known to the Fans.