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The following content pertains to earlier eras of Blaseball and may not be relevant to the current version of the game.

Beginning in Season β9, as a side effect of the Wild Cards decree, teams that entered the Postseason would receive a new player in their Shadows, also known as a Postseason Birth.[1]

Postseason Births by Season

Season 9

Team Player added
Charleston Shoe Thieves Conditional Yuniesky
Philly Pies Twofurious Puddles
Seattle Garages Freemium Fairwood
Hades Tigers Eris Street
Hawai'i Fridays Pug Meatbrick
Baltimore Crabs Squid Galvanic
Houston Spies Quantum Flahwah
Boston Flowers Kiki Junior Jr
Hellmouth Sunbeams Lotus Clutch
Chicago Firefighters Mags Banananana

Season 10

Team Player added
Canada Moist Talkers Shirai McElroy
Charleston Shoe Thieves Tevin Melcon
Kansas City Breath Mints Hierophantic Foible
Philly Pies Mummy Cantburn
New York Millennials Erin Beanbag
Baltimore Crabs Jacoby Podcast
San Francisco Lovers Johndan McGhee
Houston Spies Chet Takahashi
LA Unlimited Tacos Aldo Comeback
Hellmouth Sunbeams Nucleus Cresthill

Season 11

Team Player added
Canada Moist Talkers Denim Squall
Charleston Shoe Thieves Gallup Murphy
Seattle Garages Emblem Warhorse
Dallas Steaks Zephyr McCloud
Yellowstone Magic Nolastname Sokol
Hellmouth Sunbeams Elwin Blaskets
Hades Tigers Doc Cash
LA Unlimited Tacos Michelle Sportsman
Houston Spies Peekaboo Nameperson
Boston Flowers Zesty Yaboi

Season 12

Team Player added
Philly Pies Lucy Tokkan
Hawai'i Fridays Fenry Marlow
Seattle Garages Emilia Street
New York Millennials Reggie Canberra
Charleston Shoe Thieves Tad Seeth
Hades Tigers Fenry Wobin
Hellmouth Sunbeams Harriet Gildehaus
Breckenridge Jazz Hands Yams Rolsenthal
Chicago Firefighters Orpheus Yardstick
Mexico City Wild Wings Cicero Homestyle

Season 13

Team Player added
Baltimore Crabs Hercules Lincecum
Hawai'i Fridays Hops Slumps
Canada Moist Talkers Premjeet Liu
New York Millennials Jacobus Harper
Kansas City Breath Mints Brisket Friendo
LA Unlimited Tacos Drosophila Hojo
Chicago Firefighters Irnee Fiesta
Houston Spies Darren Chill
Mexico City Wild Wings Wichita Toaster
Tokyo Lift Sleve Matsuyama

Season 14

Team Player added
Canada Moist Talkers Rosstin Andante
Yellowstone Magic Gia Wuppo
Philly Pies Doginic Burgertoes
San Francisco Lovers Bistro Succotash
Baltimore Crabs Samothes Dembélé
Hades Tigers Aymer Eggleton
LA Unlimited Tacos Seren Moss
Hellmouth Sunbeams Noquiryn Ratoon
Boston Flowers Tad Blortles
Tokyo Lift Chandra Blortles

Season 15

Team Player added
Baltimore Crabs Lorcan Smaht
Canada Moist Talkers Rhombus Drama
New York Millennials Lenjamin Lin
Kansas City Breath Mints Wanda Fiasco
Core Mechanics Dashiell Drumsolo
Hellmouth Sunbeams Kevelyn Clambucket
Hades Tigers Lucy VanderMale
Miami Dale Atma Blueberry
LA Unlimited Tacos Willow Eggburt
Mexico City Wild Wings Pangolin Ruiz

Season 16

Team Player added
Dallas Steaks Scruffs Risset
Canada Moist Talkers Billup Kiddo
Core Mechanics Manu Candle
Kansas City Breath Mints Hops Chen
Charleston Shoe Thieves Drosophila Fashion
LA Unlimited Tacos McKinley Otten
Ohio Worms Susananana Portmanteau
Houston Spies Catmint Chen
Chicago Firefighters Anastasia Isarobot
Hades Tigers Moira Ball

Season 17

Team Player added
Yellowstone Magic Buck Latenight
Philly Pies Sheev Shriffle
Dallas Steaks Barry Burkhard
Hawai'i Fridays Yasslyn Statter Jr.
New York Millennials Bees Gorczyca
LA Unlimited Tacos Jebediah Kranch
Miami Dale Milner Rolsenthal
Houston Spies Guadalupe Incarnate
Chicago Firefighters Tucker Thane
Hellmouth Sunbeams Bobbin Inningson

Season 18

Team Player added
Philly Pies Adeline Hammer
Core Mechanics Fenry Eggburt
Hawai'i Fridays Butch Wyeth
Baltimore Crabs Samothes Thwompson
New York Millennials Ezekiel Throckmorton
Boston Flowers Enid Slumps
Miami Dale Rigby Peacelily
Hades Tigers Irnee Bluesky
Houston Spies Nitzan Hubet
Hellmouth Sunbeams Phineas Wormthrice

Season 19

Team Player added
Seattle Garages Jeffier Ruiz
Yellowstone Magic Bones Piazza
Charleston Shoe Thieves Badgerson Stromboli
San Francisco Lovers Mindy Salad
Hawai'i Fridays Jammy Decksetter
Mexico City Wild Wings Foxy Kane
Ohio Worms Katy Cornbread
Boston Flowers Maisy Lazarus
Tokyo Lift Flattery Strewnberry
Chicago Firefighters Muggsy Portmanteau

Season 20

Season 20 was the first appearance of the Underbracket, which doubled the amount of teams receiving a Playoff Birth, as both the Overbracket and Underbracket qualifying teams received Births.

Team Player added
Kansas City Breath Mints Edith Patchwork
Dallas Steaks Balina Erock
Hawai'i Fridays Cordula Standlake
Core Mechanics Ilane Snart
Yellowstone Magic Leo Baron
Houston Spies Plums Blather
LA Unlimited Tacos Vipsanius Ng
Hellmouth Sunbeams Borg Ruiz
Breckenridge Jazz Hands Yams Sokol
Miami Dale Willow Dice
Seattle Garages Fairwood Patchwork
San Francisco Lovers Blimp Hardison
Canada Moist Talkers Paco Junebug
Charleston Shoe Thieves Dovydas Peeps
Philly Pies Stan Schenn
Mexico City Wild Wings Stan Schofield
Boston Flowers Marf Whammy
Atlantis Georgias Xandra Yolk
Ohio Worms Kit Seraph
Tokyo Lift Domino Bootleg

Season 21

Team Player added
Baltimore Crabs Ilhan Latch
Hawai'i Fridays Whimsy Ng
Core Mechanics Meera Tables
Philly Pies Bonito Statter Jr.
New York Millennials Munro Tumblehome
LA Unlimited Tacos Anaximandra Metzger
Breckenridge Jazz Hands Munavoi Rochester
Hades Tigers Lottie Ceilingfan
Ohio Worms Backpatch Lincecum
Houston Spies Aoife Mahle
Seattle Garages Denim Alfredo
Kansas City Breath Mints Vinathan Kelp
Dallas Steaks Tybal Quimby
San Francisco Lovers Reece Saetang
Canada Moist Talkers Nova Gesundheit
Mexico City Wild Wings Cat McSriff
Atlantis Georgias Vernon Glump
Tokyo Lift Cicero Gubbins
Miami Dale Pavo Frank
Hellmouth Sunbeams Frankie Crumpet

Season 22

Team Player added
Baltimore Crabs Scruffs Sunkcost
Kansas City Breath Mints Kit Schenn
San Francisco Lovers Djuna Scoresburg
Philly Pies Mariana Bedazzle
Canada Moist Talkers Adrianna Spheroid
Atlantis Georgias Jelly Burgertoes
Hellmouth Sunbeams Guy Gulp
Mexico City Wild Wings Pavithra Wormthrice
Chicago Firefighters Squidgey Nugget
Tokyo Lift Chibodee Alighieri
Yellowstone Magic Una Manhattan
Hawai'i Fridays Johnnyboy Aster
Dallas Steaks Feline Smaht
New York Millennials Fenry Stickybeak
Seattle Garages Eddie Tumblehome
Hades Tigers Marf McGill
Boston Flowers Vernon Sierpinski
Miami Dale Serge Shortvat
Houston Spies Jesse Tredwell
Ohio Worms Crow Madrigal

Season 23

Team Player added
Canada Moist Talkers Legory Chickensalt
Seattle Garages Boudicca Midcentury
Charleston Shoe Thieves Slosh Gulp
New York Millennials Byung-Hyun Octothorp
San Francisco Lovers Jonathan Catalina
Hellmouth Sunbeams Alvie Kesh
Ohio Worms Ovid Vainglory
Tokyo Lift Vernon Cotterpin
Miami Dale Icarus Harrow
Mexico City Wild Wings Mavis Hammer
Core Mechanics Göran Bobson
Kansas City Breath Mints Julianne Jones
Yellowstone Magic Ingrid Alfredo
Hawai'i Fridays Annick Throgmorten
Philly Pies Blossom Fiasco
Hades Tigers Valueerror Teixeira
Atlantis Georgias Weeble Firestone
Boston Flowers Cricket Buttercup
LA Unlimited Tacos Wichita Lauer
Breckenridge Jazz Hands Mags Highlife
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