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Zesty Yaboi is a player in the Shadows for the Boston Flowers, and has been with the team since the Season β11 Endseason.

Official League Records

Yaboi joined the ILB as a player in the Shadows for the Boston Flowers as the Flowers' Season β11 Playoff Birth.

During the Season β12 elections, Yaboi joined the Flowers' lineup in exchange for Alaynabella Hollywood via the Flowers' Foreshadow will.

On Season β22, Day 34, Yaboi retreated to the Flowers' Shadows in exchange for Jenkins Ingram at the Boston Garden via the Ratified Voicemail.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Zesty Yaboi’s bright yellow dyed hair is always perfectly matched by whatever piece of lemon-themed merchandise she is wearing. From sunglasses shaped like lemon slices to a pair of bright yellow shoes, Yaboi makes the conscious choice to be “always repping [her] brand! People gotta know it’s me the moment I step on the field!” as she put it in an interview with BNN. She is never seen without a pair of moose-antlered headphones, much to the chagrin of fellow Boston Flower, Chambers Simmons.

Yaboi is often represented on the field by her virtual avatar, a lemon-headed figure with massive moose antlers. Carried over to blaseball from her e-splorts days, the avatar appears to be a virtual projection, though it is quite solid. It is unclear whether Yaboi is controlling the virtual avatar or whether she and it are separate entities entirely. When asked whether her avatar was based on Kline Greenlemon, Yaboi answered, “For legal reasons I’m gonna say ‘no’. Big fan of them though! I’ve actually got their autograph somewhere…”

E-Splorts Career

Before she was called up to play blaseball, Yaboi was a professional e-splorts player for the Boston Downfall. She held the number one position on the Flortnite leaderboard five years in a row, and she holds a number of world record speedruns for various games. Her custom emote :ZestChamp: has become a default emote on all platforms she streams on.

Blaseball Career

On the Flowers

Allegedly, Yaboi signed up for blaseball under the mistaken impression it was another e-splort, not realizing the physical nature of the game. Joining the team’s shadow roster, it would be years before Yaboi was called up to play. The call from Flowers manager Margarito Nava came in the middle of one of her streams, and the clip of her live reaction to it has gone viral multiple times.

Once on the team, Yaboi took it upon herself to revitalize the Flowers’ social media presence. Streaming games from a camera attached to her moose headphones and avatar, Yaboi has created new interest in blaseball from the younger generation. While her actual performance as a player is below average, she more than makes up for it in pep and personality.

Yaboi’s virtual avatar plays in her stead most of the time, though she makes a point of playing at least one plate appearance per game in person. “It keeps me honest,” she remarked about the practice in one Q&A stream. “It wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the players if I avoided being there entirely. It ain’t the Zesty way to run away!”

Personal Life

Zesty Yaboi has seemingly taken an interest in befriending and popularizing as many of her fellow players as possible. From filming a video tutorial on sustainable gardening by Zeboriah Wilson to social media marketing for Margarito Nava’s bar Margaritoville, Yaboi has collaborated with almost every teammate on a video for her channel. A remarkably open and honest person, she has stated multiple times that though she never expected to actually be playing a real splort, she has grown to love it and her teammates.

Of particular note is Yaboi’s relationship with fellow Flower Scores Baserunner. While in the dugout together, the pair are almost constantly bickering about various memes and social media phenomena. One such argument resulted in a “Dab-off” in the middle of the outfield during play, where Yaboi and Baserunner held deep dabs throughout the inning, missing several potential catches. Despite the fights, they are almost inseparable. Yaboi has noticeably avoided any questions about Baserunner, with responses ranging from “she’s… Next question!” to physically leaving the room any time her relationship with Baserunner is brought up.

Yaboi's high energy makes her a regular attendee of the parties held by Demeter, and she is considered a member of the Revelers of Spring.


  • “Dance Nights” at Margaritoville can be attributed to a prank Yaboi pulled wherein she swapped the usual Jimmy Bluffet playlist for one full of EDM and dubstep remixes one night. Unexpectedly, Margarito Nava loved the songs, and has kept the playlist around.
  • Chambers Simmons once hid Yaboi’s moose antler headphones while she was at bat. Upon noticing the headphones were gone, she went into the locker room and returned wearing a pair with even bigger antlers. Nobody knows where she got them.
  • Zesty has her own versions of blaseball terms which she uses while streaming. For example, she calls home runs  “zingers” (a modification of the colloquial “dingers”).

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