Reece Saetang

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Reece Saetang was a pitcher for the San Francisco Lovers, and was with the team from the Season β21 Endseason until Fall Ball.

Official League Records

Saetang joined the ILB as a player in the Shadows for the San Francisco Lovers as the Lovers' Season β21 Underbracket Playoff Birth.

Over the course of Season β23, Saetang entered and exited the Lovers' Shadows two times as a result of San Franstadium Fax Machine events, ending the Season in the Shadows.

On Season β24, Day 38, Saetang rejoined the Lovers' pitching rotation in exchange for Tot Fox at San Franstadium via the Ratified Fax Machine.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Reece Saetang (she/him) is a union activist and college student in San Francisco, majoring in paleontology. Her interest in union activism was sparked when seeing unfair and unsafe conditions during research excavations with the paleontology department, and has continued as an intense love of justice, cooperation, and science in Blaseball.

This was notably showcased during the infamous match—sometimes called Crowvertime 2— between the Lovers and the Pies on Season β24, day 38. While pitching, Saetang conspired with the Polyhedron’s many resident birds to prevent any team from gaining an advantage, effectively going on strike during the harmless Birds weather to prevent another eclipse from occurring. He was successful in prolonging the game into a spillover, but eventually grew too exhausted by the 25th inning.

He joined the team after meeting her partner Yulia Skitter in college, enchanted by the wonderful world just outside the edges of the familiar. The two became regulars at Jonathan Catalina’s tabletop RPG tavern, the Three of Swords, and formed an inseparable trio of friends with Catalina. After watching the Lovers go through such a difficult era, the three of them signed up together.

On the Lovers

On the Lovers, Saetang is known for being a tough and caring friend, who will make sure everyone is being as safe as possible. One of her current projects is investigating whether the Fortification of ballparks works as advertised, and working with Sandford Garner in preparing legal action against the league if it doesn’t.

He’s also one of the most grounded and modern people of the Lovers, and has enjoyed introducing the team to ordinary things that are still interesting, like classic films, 80’s romcoms, cargo shorts, non-Blaseball history, and weird animals of the past and present. One of her favorite things to talk about is the harmony between science and magic, exemplified by her relationship with Yulia Skitter. He has also begun a project to catalog all of the Polyhedron’s resident birds, and studying their strange interactions with several of the Lovers players.


  • Reece’s family moved from Thailand to San Francisco when he was young, and she’s the first member of her family to go to a university.
  • He always tries to have fun with fashion, sometimes planning outfits based on characters in her favorite movies, and sometimes just wearing animal ears because they’re cute.
  • Her favorite movie is Citizen Kane, for some reason.
  • Aries