McKinley Otten

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McKinley Otten was a player in the Shadows for the LA Unlimited Tacos, and was with the team from Season β18, Day 29 until Fall Ball.

Official League Records

Otten joined the ILB as a lineup player in the Shadows for the LA Unlimited Tacos as the Tacos' Season β16 Playoff Birth.

On Season β18, Day 29, Otten joined the Tacos' active roster in exchange for Yummy Elliott as a result of Al Pastor Memorial Park's Fax Machine.

On Season β19, Day 56, Otten retreated to the Tacos' Shadows in exchange for Yummy Elliott via Al Pastor Memorial Park's Fax Machine.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Early Life in Monterey Bay

[REDACTED] Otten was born a human in Monterey Bay, California. After a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium as a small child, Otten quickly became hyperfixated on sea otters possibly due to the connection to her own last name. This hyperfixation caused Otten to create an otter fursona, often fantasizing about fully becoming an otter some day. Eventually, while swimming in Monterey Bay, Otten was swept out to sea, arriving in the infinite city of Atlantis. Realizing that Atlantis slowly adapted its inhabitants to life underwater, Otten decided to stay and live out her dream of becoming an otter.

Learning from the Atlantis Georgias

While living in Atlantis, Otten fell in love with the splort of blaseball after watching the Atlantis Georgias play. Otten then approached Flattery McKinley of the Atlantis Georgias, then a pitcher, and asked McKinley to teach them how to play. McKinley reluctantly agreed and began acting as a mentor for Otten despite not knowing how to pitch. Though reluctant at first, McKinley became much more enthusiastic about teaching Otten when their alternate was called and began teaching Otten how to bat on the side as well. Otten, despite never quite remembering McKinley’s advice correctly due to frequently falling asleep in the middle of training, took McKinley’s advice so seriously that they decided to adopt her last name as their first, fully leaving behind their old life and old name in Monterey Bay.

During Otten’s training in Atlantis, she served as a ballboy for the Atlantis Georgias with the eventual goal of becoming a pitcher for the team. Otten then developed their signature “sleep-playing” technique in which they play while lucid dreaming, much to the confusion of their teammates. Otten also developed the ability to enter other people’s dreams during her lucid dreams. This was alongside her and many other Atlantean versions of herself separately studying to become a therapist, marine biologist, aquatic veterinarian, rescue diver, coast guard, licensed chef, and many others.

Arrival in Los Angeli

Eventually, tragedy struck and Otten was once again swept away, this time ending up Elsewhere. While lost Elsewhere, Otten met Rat Batson and the two quickly became friends. Otten decided to follow Batson out of Elsewhere and both ended up in Los Angeli. This event fused all of Otten’s infinite Atlantean selves into one being with all the knowledge of each version, giving Otten the ability to shapeshift between many different forms.

After Batson’s draft onto the LA Unlimited Tacos as a replacement for Nicholas Vincent, Otten took over Batson’s batboy duties with the plan of eventually becoming a pitcher for the Tacos. During this time it was discovered that several doors in the Taco clubhouse opened directly into Otten’s ocean dreamscape, allowing anyone who wandered in to enter other people’s dreams guided by Otten.

Playing for the Tacos

Eventually, in season 18, Otten had her dream realized when Yummy Elliott temporarily stepped down from pitching, leaving Otten as the replacement. Despite overwhelming support from their teammates, Otten felt immense pressure in trying to live up to Yummy Elliott’s star pitcher reputation. This led to Otten frequently waking up in the middle of games, causing them even more distress and pressure. The pressure and stress of blaseball eventually led to Otten being attacked by consumers. This attack led to even more mid-game awakenings than before, with Otten eventually deciding she needed to retire from pitching with later plans to return as a batter instead.

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