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Nicholas Vincent was a lineup player for the LA Unlimited Tacos, and was with the team from Season β1 until being incinerated on Season β15, Day 14.

Official League Records

Vincent joined the ILB as a pitcher in the Shadows for the Los Angeles Tacos with the Return of Blaseball.

During the Season β13 elections, Vincent joined the Tacos' active roster in exchange for Vito Kravitz as a result of the Tacos' Foreshadow will, becoming a lineup player in the process.

On Season β15, Day 14, Vincent was incinerated and replaced by Rat Batson.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Nicholas Vincent, was known by their teammates as “Envy”, was a cosmology researcher turned Blaseball player after joining the LA Tacos Shadows thirteen seasons prior to their active debut.


Indigenous to and raised in Venezuela, Vincent originally moved to Moab, Utah in order to attend the Hellmouth Community College, becoming involved in a radio astronomy project measuring the air fluorescence light emitted by various cosmic rays which had been increasing in frequency at the time. While the location was ideal for its efforts in providing solutions for fluorescent telescope detection techniques, the swallowing of the Moab Desert and transition to the Hellmouth inspired Vincent to look for both its larger cause and a more geographically habitable location for study.

Working with Californian universities from Los Angeles, Vincent spearheaded a project based out of the Griflfith Obslervatory to study unstable redshifts detected in the city. With rising interests in space above the city, xe became known to spend late evenings outside of the Obslervatory stargazing — this habit seemed to become particularly significant as they had been studying the sky throughout the tail end of the Grand Unslam game, watching the sky fracture into infinite pieces. At this time, an unknowable force in admiration of xer viewing of the Infinite, and potentially in conjunction with the descent of the Shelled One, left a prophecy within Vincent leading them to an obsession with the phrase “Sun 2.”

While they, nor any coworkers, knew what this meant, Vincent began construction of what xe considered an “ideal” second sun.

Return to the Hellmouth

Compelled by either divine intervention or extreme willpower, Vincent found xemself wandering out of LA with a single packed bag, accompanied only by visions from an unrecognizable source. Guided by these images, Vincent arrived weeks later in the Hellmouth once again, this time with an inexplicable desire to find a sun dial and return with it to Los Angeli in order to finish constructing a model of a second sun as they first saw on the day of the Unslam.

While many years had passed since xe had last been in the region, the community welcomed Vincent back, assuring her it felt like she had never truly left. They were also quick to compliment the small planetary orbit around her head, as well as her eyes changed color to one completely yellow, the other completely white from their original brown. Vincent did not notice these things had ever appeared on herself; however, she thanked them promptly and made her way back to the Hellmouth Community College.

Hopes to find access to a sun dial there were quickly clouded by the confusion of students upon Vincent’s request for “old maps of Moab”, only mitigated by the passing by of Sandoval Crossing, who took Vincent under her wing, although confused by xer apparent recollection of the old desert. While Crossing did not understand the phrase “Sun 2”, she gave Vincent advice gathered from the Sun to help xem manage their visions and studies.

Crossing also gave Vincent old instructions to make a sun dial, which she had no understanding of how to follow, found sometime after the swallowing of Moab with references to the old, forgotten desert on it. As much as Vincent felt comfortable within the Hellmouth, they took the instructions as a parting gift and returned to Los Angeli, where they remained in the Shadows.

Activity for the Tacos

Leading up to the Season β10 Championships, Vincent had been successful in building a large Sun Dial, but it was not able to function within the Shadows, and they had largely stopped receiving visions after returning to Los Angeli. However, with Tot Fox’s assistance in collapsing the Sun and the subsequent rise of Sun 2, xe discovered the shocking parallels between her own versions of a new sun made following the Grand Unslam, and Sun 2.

This realization led to replenished faith that their visions would continue to guide them. After being sent to the Hellmouth and given the image of Sun 2, xe was confident xer Sun Dial would come to fruition. Not allowing the lack of success with the Dial to trouble them, Vincent promptly built a mechanical astrolabe and embedded it within their own prosthetic arm, giving quicker access to locating Sun 2 and the various other Suns across the infinite LAs.

After a shocking loss to the Baltimore Crabs in the Season β13 Championships, Vincent jokingly suggested to Tacos manager Al Pastor that “...even a relief pitcher would be better than some of the hitters were {in Postseason}”. Astonished by the prospect that he was even allowed to change his roster, Pastor contacted upper management about the issue and only remembered Vincent’s name, leading to their pulling onto the Active Roster at Season β13 Elections.

Upon exiting the Shadows, Vincent stated that her time in the team’s Shadows had already provided her “...plenty of reasons to question the consciousness of nature and the history of infinity preceding its release from the bonds of the material world”, and that she was excited to work with the rest of the team actively the following season.

Reporters noted that Vincent walked to and fell asleep directly atop first base as soon as this interview ended. Beside her was a sketch eerily resembling the constellations then circling above the Park, which are assumed to have been drawn throughout the interview itself. Teammate Valentine Games, who had not been present at the stadium but returned in order to give Vincent a pillow, told reporters on their way out that Vincent had thousands of papers mapping the skies.

Science Career

While entering into the highly dangerous splort slowed their academic research, Vincent has stated numerous times that there was no reason to give up research. Studying in the locker room and speaking to Rogue Umpires in between Eclipse games was a common sight.

Additionally, staring to function after Vincent’s departure from the Shadows, their Sun Dial was stored in the Griflfith Obslervatory, where xe first gained serious interest in cosmology. As a marker for the development of new teammates on the Tacos, Vincent demonstrated her ability to help her team as well as study the city around her.

Even though xe did not express interest in Blaseball stlats, rather seeming confused any time their record is mentioned, joining the team marked the beginning of xir research into Alternates, of which Vincent states she is well aware of for each member on the Tacos roster. Whether or not they have been in contact with previous realities of Vito Kravitz, whom they replaced, or Sexton Wheerer is unclear. Wheerer, however, shared that Vincent expressed significant interest in his part of the Grand Unslam and following Feedback, and previous Shadows pull Yummy Elliott mentioned Vincent’s long discussions with Wyatt Dovenpart, who pitched the Unslam, while the trio were together in the Shadows.

Vincent’s contacts assisted her greatly, to the point of rumors that emptied taco mines under the team’s home stadium were home to massive orrerys and stored numerous mappings of the movement and orientations of the perpetually changing stars, dimensions, and planets above the starting point of the Infinite Cities - possibly holding the original mapping of Sun 2, as well.

Fun Facts

  • Vincent batted with a handmade telescope. How it did not break is unknown.
  • After the concept of orbit was destroyed, scientists noted that the orbits around Vincent’s head, while sometimes glitchy, seemed to replicate material patterns of old solar systems.
  • Though their eyes most often mimiced the sun and moon, during their first season of play it was found their eyes change to represent whichever weather they play in, notably eclipsing throughout Solar Eclipses and flashing neon pink in Feedback.
  • While both Vincent and Yummy Elliott claim to have a significant other in the shadows, when asked if they were referring to each other, both simply burst out laughing.

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