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A screenshot of the Blaseball website during Fall Ball, taken prior to the December 2, 2022 Falls.

Fall Ball is a prologue to an as-of-yet unnamed Era of Blaseball. It is currently ongoing. During Fall Ball, Players from previous Eras are "burped" from the Black Hole (Black Hole) onto random Teams. The first Fall occurred on October 28, 2022 and the event will last until the Pre-Season concludes on December 30, 2022. The next Era begins January 9, 2023.


Fall Ball consists of Players falling out of the Black Hole (Black Hole) onto random Teams, with one Player falling per Team every week. Players appear to be chosen from a pool that consists of Players from the Discipline Era and Expansion Era that were on the rosters of the main 24 Teams at the end of Season 24, including Shadows.

During Fall Ball, prizes will be distributed to Fans as Attendance grows, with Attendance being marked by a counter on the main page. A total of 6 prizes will be available over the course of Fall Ball. The Attendance counter corresponds to the number of Fans that have entered their email address on the Blaseball website during Fall Ball.

Over the course of Fall Ball, the Blaseball website was updated and more information about Blaseball's return was revealed.

With the November 18, 2022 Fall, the Blaseball website was updated to feature a new FAQ and Team Scouting Reports, which recount the general history of each Team as well as a list of their current Players. The new FAQ revealed the December 30, 2022 end to Fall Ball. Notably, the Scouting Reports refer to the Sunbeams by a new name, the Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams.

On December 1, 2022, the Blaseball website was updated to include The Blaseball Roundup: Recaps and Reveals, an animated new episode of The Blaseball Roundup meant to introduce new Fans to Blaseball before the new Era. The video description for the new Roundup reads

The Anchor is back, Alternated, and ready with the latest edition of The Blaseball Roundup!
New around here? Need a Blaseball explainer? You're in the right place! Catch up on everything you need to know to fall right into the new Era.

The December 1st update to the website also revealed that the next Era would begin January 9, 2023.


Icon Name Description Attendance
Nothing Nothing is Commemorated. Nothing Beckons. Power Vacuum. Creative Void. Free
Something Something Opens. Something Funnels. Immateria Belched. Space Made. (unlocked)
Reach Capacity to Open Something (locked)
Artifact Reach Capacity to Surface the Artifact (locked) 30,000


October 28, 2022

The first Fall occurred on October 28, 2022.

Name Team
Charlatan Seabright Baltimore Crabs
Ankle Halifax Charleston Shoe Thieves
Qais Dogwalker Breckenridge Jazz Hands
Pangolin Ruiz Hellmouth Sunbeams
Bennett Bluesky New York Millennials
Eris Street Canada Moist Talkers
Edric Tosser Miami Dale
Engine Eberhardt Mexico City Wild Wings
Henry Marshallow Seattle Garages
Juan Murphy Atlantis Georgias
Elip Dean Hades Tigers
Inky Rutledge Yellowstone Magic
Randy Dennis Boston Flowers
Djuna Scoresburg Core Mechanics
Alvie Kesh San Francisco Lovers
Frankie Incarnate Chicago Firefighters
Mags Highlife Hawai'i Fridays
Hops Chen Kansas City Breath Mints
Silvia Rugrat Tokyo Lift
Wyatt Mason IV Houston Spies
Allan Kranch LA Unlimited Tacos
NaN Ohio Worms
Steals Chark Philly Pies
Archie Lampman Dallas Steaks

Of the Players from this Fall, Eris Street, Juan Murphy, Elip Dean, Djuna Scoresburg, Alvie Kesh, Mags Highlife, Hops Chen, and Archie Lampman had never previously seen active play.

Additionally, Henry Marshallow, Elip Dean, Inky Rutledge, Hops Chen, and NaN all joined Teams they had previously been on.

November 4, 2022

The second Fall occurred on November 4, 2022.

Name Team
Zack Sanders Boston Flowers
Nanci Grackle Houston Spies
Enid Slumps Mexico City Wild Wings
Jacob Winner Ohio Worms
Timmy Vine Seattle Garages
Barry Burkhard Tokyo Lift
Russo Slugger Canada Moist Talkers
Haruta Byrd Hawai'i Fridays
Thomas Marsh Philly Pies
Kit Ratoon Atlantis Georgias
Tot Best LA Unlimited Tacos
Donia Dollie San Francisco Lovers
Gabriel Griffith Baltimore Crabs
Zephyr McCloud Hades Tigers
Chorby Short Core Mechanics
Jonathan Catalina New York Millennials
Oliver Loofah Charleston Shoe Thieves
London Simmons Hellmouth Sunbeams
Joe Voorhees Miami Dale
Erickson Sato Breckenridge Jazz Hands
Don Elliott Chicago Firefighters
Sandie Carver Dallas Steaks
Hatfield Suzuki Kansas City Breath Mints
Axel Campbell Yellowstone Magic

Of the players from this Fall, Enid Slumps, Timmy Vine, Thomas Marsh, Donia Dollie, and Erickson Sato had never previously seen active play.

Oliver Loofah was the only Player to return to a Team they had previously been on.

November 11, 2022

The third Fall occurred on November 11, 2022.

Name Team
Justice Spoon Hawai'i Fridays
Daniel Mendoza Boston Flowers
Karato Rangel Chicago Firefighters
Ramirez Winters Baltimore Crabs
Chambers Simmons Seattle Garages
Farrell Seagull Tokyo Lift
Mooney Doctor Hellmouth Sunbeams
Malik Romayne Miami Dale
Manu Candle Atlantis Georgias
Premjeet Liu Charleston Shoe Thieves
Scoobert Toast Core Mechanics
Bevan Wise Philly Pies
Fenry Wobin Dallas Steaks
Albert Stink Breckenridge Jazz Hands
Plums Blather Kansas City Breath Mints
James Boy Mexico City Wild Wings
Fitzgerald Wanderlust Yellowstone Magic
Amaya Jackson Hades Tigers
Erin Jesaulenko San Francisco Lovers
Ren Hunter New York Millennials
Denim Alfredo Ohio Worms
Nerd James Canada Moist Talkers
Kit Seraph LA Unlimited Tacos
Rivers Javier Houston Spies

Of the players from this Fall, Daniel Mendoza, Karato Rangel, Ramirez Winters, Manu Candle, Fenry Wobin, James Boy, Amaya Jackson, Denim Alfredo, Nerd James, Kit Seraph, and Rivers Javier had never previously seen active play.

Ren Hunter was the only Player to return to a Team they had previously been on.

November 18, 2022

The fourth Fall occurred on November 18, 2022.

Name Team
Silvaire Semiquaver Hawai'i Fridays
Yurts Buttercup Miami Dale
Abner Pothos Canada Moist Talkers
Pudge Nakamoto Philly Pies
Stevenson Heat Hades Tigers
Mummy Melcon Mexico City Wild Wings
Jaxon Buckley Core Mechanics
Johnnyboy Aster Ohio Worms
Sigmund Castillo Breckenridge Jazz Hands
Elvis Figueroa LA Unlimited Tacos
Jesse Tredwell Kansas City Breath Mints
Mooney Doctor II Yellowstone Magic
Mordecai Kingbird San Francisco Lovers
Margarito Nava Houston Spies
Reese Clark Baltimore Crabs
Spears Taylor Boston Flowers
Fish Summer Charleston Shoe Thieves
Ryuji Ngozi New York Millennials
Doc Cash Atlantis Georgias
Baby Sliders Dallas Steaks
Vernon Cotterpin Tokyo Lift
Francisco Object Chicago Firefighters
Dunn Keyes Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams
Jesús Rodriguez Seattle Garages

Of the players from this Fall, Johnnyboy Aster, Jesse Tredwell, Doc Cash, Baby Sliders, Vernon Cotterpin, Francisco Object, and Jesús Rodriguez had never previously seen active play.

Additionally, Pudge Nakamoto and Vernon Cotterpin both joined Teams they had previously been on.

November 25, 2022

The fifth Fall occurred on November 25, 2022.

Name Team
Yulia Skitter LA Unlimited Tacos
Joshua Watson San Francisco Lovers
Arturo Huerta Ohio Worms
Natha Spruce Tokyo Lift
Mckinney Vaughan Atlantis Georgias
Amos Melon Baltimore Crabs
Tad Seeth Canada Moist Talkers
Ji-Eun Jasper Kansas City Breath Mints
Cravel Gesundheit Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams
Baby Triumphant Seattle Garages
Anathema Elemefayo Hawai'i Fridays
Grit Freeman Hades Tigers
Jessica Telephone Boston Flowers
Atma Blueberry Mexico City Wild Wings
Hernando Winter New York Millennials
Rat Mason Yellowstone Magic
Parker Parra Chicago Firefighters
Agan Harrison Dallas Steaks
Esme Ramsey Houston Spies
Tevin Melcon Core Mechanics
Lucas Petty Philly Pies
Tyreek Cain Breckenridge Jazz Hands
Richmond Harrison Miami Dale
Kathy Mathews Charleston Shoe Thieves

Of the players from this Fall, Natha Spruce, Mckinney Vaughan, Grit Freeman, Atma Blueberry, Hernando Winter, and Tyreek Cain had never previously seen active play.

Richmond Harrison was the only Player to return to a Team they had previously been on.

December 2, 2022

The sixth Fall occurred on December 2, 2022.

Name Team
Beck Whitney Atlantis Georgias
Gloria Bentley Canada Moist Talkers
Rosa Holloway Ohio Worms
Dervin Gorczyca Boston Flowers
Elijah Valenzuela Hawai'i Fridays
Rivers Clembons Seattle Garages
Mira Lemma New York Millennials
Velasquez Alstott Hades Tigers
Case Lancaster Dallas Steaks
Foxy Pebble Mexico City Wild Wings
Durham Spaceman San Francisco Lovers
Bonk Jokes Breckenridge Jazz Hands
Jammy Decksetter Charleston Shoe Thieves
Nerd Pacheco Chicago Firefighters
Willow Dice Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams
Rivers Rosa Houston Spies
Lenjamin Lin Baltimore Crabs
Chibodee Alighieri Core Mechanics
Marco Escobar Philly Pies
Pippin Carpenter Yellowstone Magic
Jenkins Good LA Unlimited Tacos
Una Manhattan Miami Dale
Roscoe Sundae Tokyo Lift
Mindy Kugel Kansas City Breath Mints

Of the players from this Fall, Gloria Bentley, Rosa Holloway, Case Lancaster, Jammy Decksetter, Lenjamin Lin, Chibodee Alighieri, Pippin Carpenter, and Una Manhattan had never previously seen active play.

Elijah Valenzuela was the only Player to return to a Team they had previously been on.