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The first recorded appearance of Namerifeht.

Namerifeht is the seventh entity to arrive in Blaseball, and is known in for the forging of Sun 1. Namerifeht was first mentioned when The First Day, 1st Edition was revealed in the Library, and they first appeared in-game before the Season 23 Election.

Visual Appearance

Namerifeht's in-game appearance is a video of an upside-down yule log fireplace with a brick wall behind it[1]. Namerifeht's text is displayed with each letter reversed in an orange color, usually with the first letter in all of their words being capitalized.

History Of Appearances

Season 23 Election

Namerifeht first appeared preceding the Season 23 Election Results, and offered the following series of messages:

Credit Denied
Service Suspended
Balance Outstanding
Assets Underwater
Bridges Burned
Final Notice
Fire Sale

Season 24, Day 99

Namerifeht appeared briefly to speak after the nullification of Blaseball via Black Hole(Black Hole):

balance paid
credit extended

  1. The (unlisted) video used for Namerifeht, showcasing the video footage itself is upside down: