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Borg Ruiz is a lineup player for the Hellmouth Sunbeams, and has been with the team since the Season β20 Endseason.

Official League Records

Ruiz joined the ILB as a player in the Shadows for the Hellmouth Sunbeams as the Sunbeams' Season β20 Overbracket Playoff Birth.

On Season β24, Day 72, Ruiz joined the Sunbeams' lineup in exchange for Guy Gulp due to Night.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Early Life

Born in Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico, Borg "Bo" Ruiz was adopted at a young age by Carmen, Roberta, and Apinya Ruiz and grew up in Spokane, Washington with older sister, Magi Ruiz. Standing at 5'2", Ruiz has proudly maintained poorly dyed purple hair since Ruiz was young. The two siblings were close as children, but they began to drift apart when Magi started to get more invested in her magic studies, something Ruiz initially had a hard time relating to. However, while Magi pored over her studies, learning about magic and its practical applications, Ruiz decided to try studying a separate kind of magic — divination. Over time, Ruiz became increasingly fascinated with tasseography, scrying, and cartomancy: particularly tarot.

Through tarot study Ruiz quickly amassed an impressive collection of decks, finding and using one for a few weeks at most before deciding that it "didn't fit the vibe" and moving on to the next. One night, after months of searching for the "perfect deck" and coming up empty, Ruiz began to sort through previous decks in an attempt to revisit them only to find that Ruiz had accidentally been mixing them up in storage with playing and trading cards, creating multiple sets of mismatched decks. Feeling inspired, Ruiz tested the unique new decks by giving each of Ruiz's three moms a reading. When asked to describe the feeling of using the unusual decks, Ruiz compared it to "the feeling of putting on a pair of fitted leather gloves for the first time."[1] After proudly showing this discovery to Magi she decided to celebrate this by giving Ruiz the nickname "Ace of Spades," likely in reference to Ruiz’s grey-asexuality. As much as Ruiz respects the title, various sources[Who?] have reported that Ruiz has attempted the usage of "Ace of Diamonds" to lesser success.

Magi & The Garages

Following Magi signing with the Seattle Garages, Ruiz began occasionally tagging along with her to band and blaseball practices. Despite not previously showing any interest in the Garages, band or blaseball, Ruiz frequently sought out bandmates and teammates of Magi's with questions, learning more about work as a sound technician and about the splort. During this time Ruiz befriended Magi's roommate Sparks Beans and her fellow pitcher Alaynabella Hollywood. After being caught reading tea leaves at their apartment one weekend, Beans showed Ruiz how to brew Turkish coffee and then how to read the coffee grounds.

While visiting the Seattle Aquarium to watch one of the bi-weekly river otter duels, Ruiz happened to meet Lenjamin Zhuge, the brilliant[citation needed] mind behind the event when Ruiz attempted to pocket their staff ID. Ruiz argued that if Zhuge needed it, they should not have left it hanging from the sign for the octopus exhibit and that it would be such a nice addition to Ruiz's current deck. Upon seeing the mismatched deck, Zhuge excitedly pulled out their equally bizarre tarot deck and the two became fast friends after spending the rest of the otter duel showing off their favorite cards to one another.

Towards the end of Season 19 Ruiz became involved in "The Plan" to save Sparks Beans from complete incineration, helping Magi with upgrading Avila Guzman's mechanical arms so they would function as effectively specialized lightning rods. After helping Magi and Guzman save the electrical form of Beans, Ruiz made a decision. Taking advice from former Sunbeam Alaynabella Hollywood, Ruiz headed to Hellmouth, determined to predict and prevent future incinerations, joining those at the Shadow Moabbey just as Beans had done before.

Career with the Sunbeams

Upon arrival at the Moabbey, Ruiz found the days to filled with typical Prospective duties: manuscript illumination, fighting off the lava bats that get too close to Smoothyggdrasil at night, and building up tolerance to smoothies.[2] Not long after Ruiz finished unpacking, Ruiz noticed that the room was already occupied by someone else; a Utah Banded Gecko. Attempts to leave the animal alone, waiting for it to leave when it felt so inclined were ultimately dashed one fateful morning when, according to Ruiz, "I woke up and there it was asleep on my forehead. I still don't know what to name it."[What?] It was only around this time that Ruiz had begun to get compliments around Ruiz's "beautiful, magical, flowing hair"[When?] that many other monks believed to be Ruiz's own magical ability. However, when Ruiz informed them that this was a new occurrence many believed that it was a factor of a greater Adaptation, though Ruiz thinks it may possibly be the only Adaptation gained.

While Ruiz preferred to spend free time alone, continuing practicing divination and unwinding with solitaire, teammates Zack Sanders and Harriet Gildehaus quickly took a liking to the new player, and Ruiz could often be found performing a variety of card tricks for one or both of them around the Moabbey grounds. Additionally, Ruiz has been spotted taking trips in the boat of Kaj Statter Jr. in search of interesting little treasures out in the desert or just as a means of relaxation with a friend.

As the Moabbey crew mainly assisted Statter Jr. in sailing xir boat through the desert, various teammates began to notice Ruiz's excitement over the event. Unlike many of the other members of the team who were far more emotionally invested in the return to the desert they once called home, Ruiz was highly interested in the work of the entity known as The Reader as a fellow tarot reader. It was for this reason that, when given the chance on Day 72, Ruiz swapped for teammate Guy Gulp in a night shift. At that moment Gulp noticed a particularly interesting card poking out of one of Ruiz's decks and decided to grab it for unknown purposes. Ruiz, however, was notably distracted in leaving the crew and now getting the chance to actually speak with The Reader as the entity's self proclaimed "Biggest Fan", though this claim is unfounded. Regardless, it is clear that the aesthetics of the player and the entity do align quite heavily and inspiration was likely taken from one to the other.

Off the field, Ruiz can be found inside Sigmund Castillo, often in the room that formerly served as Ruiz’s bedroom and has now been converted into a makeshift workshop, or at the house Ruiz recently has moved into with fellow Sunbeams rookies Guy Gulp, the Besties, and Phineas Wormthrice.[3] On weekends, teammate Paula Reddick is occasionally seen at the group’s residence, hir truck loaded up with spare parts for Ruiz to rummage through. After sharing the brand new permanent address with friends around the league, Ruiz has received a number of new "cards" to add to Ruiz's endless card and deck collection. Most recently Ruiz has been sent a letter from Walton Sports. Enclosed was a doodle of XVI The Tower in golden Shlarpie on a detached Playball cover featuring Annie Get Your Gunblade. The page is now stuck to the inside of Ruiz's pantry door with blue sticky tack.


  • Ruiz barely pays attention to actual games of Blaseball, possibly a product of becoming a member of the team during such a strange period of time, and is usually being pushed into position by a teammate.
  • As a lover of card tricks, Ruiz performs magic shows on weekends at the Bourbon Legend, and would practice minor card tricks for fellow Prospectives at the Moabbey for fun.
  • Ruiz rides a roomba about the field. When asked how this is done most reports claim it is similar to riding a skateboard.
  • Ruiz’s "pregame ritual" habit of playing Solitaire isn't exclusive to before the game, but during the game as well. There is a table in the Solarium dugout so Ruiz can keep playing Solitaire, though the lack of such a table at away games has never stopped a game before.
  • To this day Ruiz has never eaten hot food.

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  1. Never, at any point in life, has Ruiz owned a pair of leather gloves.
  2. Still working on this.
  3. Senior teammate and neighbor Howell Franklin, who helped the youngsters move in was quoted saying that that while the house is "cute on the outside" it also has a "pretty bad" bread infestation:

    And I mean bad. Ciabatta in the ceiling, sourdough in the stairwells — You ever try to use a toilet while a baguette's stuck in it? It's not pretty. Franklin, after a moment of stifled laughter, added, But with that faulty wiring in there, the bread is the yeast of their problems! ...Get it, because...Because bread...And it's the yeast of the pr–

    Franklin, in a later statement, confirmed that the wiring was fine.