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Spillover is a game condition outlined by Article 1.e. in The Book.

If any Games last longer than one REDACTED hour, a Spillover shall occur, and all Games shall be delayed until the next REDACTED hour. In the case of a Game lasting two REDACTED hours, the entire Season should be REDACTED and both Teams should be REDACTED for REDACTED.


Below is a list of all known, natural spillovers. Games delayed due to siestas such as those during the Peanut Fraud, The Grand Unslam, and The Waveback Event are not included in this list. Currently, no game has ever exceeded two hours.

Day Teams Innings Game Length Notes
Season 4 Day 99 Unlimited Tacos @ Boston Flowers 24 65:26 Last game of season, did not delay games
Season 10, Day 27 Charleston Shoe Thieves @ Philly Pies 19 64:37
Season 16, Day 16 Hellmouth Sunbeams @ Miami Dale 18 61:55
Season 16, Day 36 Core Mechanics @ Hawai'i Fridays 28 63:57
Season 18, Day 12 Miami Dale @ Ohio Worms 24 67:56
Season 23, Semi-Centennial Rising Stars @ Vault Legends 29 100:49 Took place after playoffs, did not delay games
Season 24, Day 38 Philly Pies @ San Francisco Lovers 25 82:12 Due to Avoidance, the Pies could not swing after the 9th inning
Short Circuit Gamma 2, Season 1, Day 44 Dallas Steaks @ Tokyo Lift 25 73:59
Short Circuit Gamma 2, Season 2, Day 16 Canada Moist Talkers @ Houston Spies 22 64:10
Short Circuit Gamma 2, Season 2, Day 65 Atlantis Georgias @ Core Mechanics 20 63:22
Short Circuit Gamma 3, Season 1, Day 16 Tokyo Lift @ Hellmouth Sunbeams 22 70:15 Due to Gamma 3's schedule this did not delay games
Short Circuit Gamma 4 Season 1, Day 76 Tokyo Lift @ LA Unlimited Tacos 23 67:39 Scoreless until spillover. Featured Prize Match. Rather then being delayed to the next hour, the following Day's Games started immediately after this Game ended.