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Spillover is a game condition outlined by Article 1.c. in The Book.

c. If any games last longer than one █████████ hour, a Spillover shall occur, and all games shall be delayed until the next █████████ hour. In the case of a game lasting two █████████ hours, the ██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████.


In the known blaseball era, six games not involving a siesta[1] have met the criteria for spillover, and five have triggered the spillover rule:

On Season 4 Day 99, the Boston Flowers and the Unlimited Tacos played a 24-inning, 65-minute game. However, as it was the last game on the last day of the season, no effects of spillover occurred. [7]

Currently, no game has ever come close to approaching two hours.

Longest Game Record(s)

On Season 18, Day 12, the Miami Dale and the Ohio Worms played a 24-inning game lasting just under 68 minutes. This game holds the record for longest game by length of time.

On Season 16 Day 36, the Core Mechanics and Hawai'i Fridays played a 28-inning, 63-minute game, triggering a Spillover. This game holds the record for longest game by inning total.

  1. Both The Grand Unslam and The Waveback Event saw multiple games crossing the hour-mark threshold after the siesta was lifted, but they did not trigger spillover.
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