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Sun (Sun) has it's debut in the Season β19 Tidings and caused all Wins to be squared until its destruction during the Season 23 Semi-Centennial game when it became the Supernova.


After the Repeal Turntables Decree failed to pass, The Boss appreared with the following message:

Special Announcement
It's now clear to Us
Blaseball is deeply Divided.
We've recorded massive Losses
The League is in the Red
We've been forced to make a Deal
A Grand Bargain
Inflation will keep Us afloat
As We get things Squared Away
So have your fun
Stay Positive
Win or Lose
Everybody Wins

This resulted in Sun (Sun) appearing in the Tidings section of the Season β19 Election:


Sun(Sun) was set upon the league thanks to a Grand Bargain made by the Boss. Sun (Sun) caused "All Wins and Unwins to be Squared". In practice this meant that the unwins (-1 wins) became 1 win. Notably this also caused the unwins that came from the Black Hole to do the same, rather than removing a win as it had previously done. Additionally this led to the message from scoring ten runs to be changed to "The Black Hole swallowed the Runs and burped at the opposing Team."


Additionally Sun (Sun) remained visible on the standings page, with a gauge labeled as "pressure" that seemed to rise with every Run, Win, and Incineration in the league. The Sun (Sun) also seemed to gain a large amount of pressure any time a new Sun was added to the league via a decree. At the end of every season, Sun (Sun) would be "recharged", reducing it's pressure before the start of the next season.

At the end of Season β20, Sun (Sun)'s pressure was at 25.39%

  • In the Election Tidings the pressure was recharged to 9.17%

At the end of Season β21, Sun (Sun)'s pressure was at 34.06%

  • As a result of the Sun .1 decree the pressure built to 44.06%
  • In the Election Tidings the pressure was recharged to 17.82%

At the end of Season β22, Sun (Sun)'s pressure was at 47.34%

  • As a result of the Equal Sun decree, the pressure built to 57.34%
  • As a result of the Sum Sun decree, the pressure built to 67.34%
  • As a result of the MAXIMUM SUN decree, the pressure built to 77.34%
  • In the Election Tidings the pressure was recharged to 51.09%

The Semi-Centennial

At the end of Season β23, Sun (Sun)'s pressure had grown to 82.89%. But before it could be recharged at the election, the scheduled Semi-Centennial took place. Over the course of the Semi-Centennial game, several Heists occurred in which the Vault Legends approached Rising Stars players, who were either collected and Artificially Forged, moving from the Rising Stars roster and added to the Vault Legends roster, or managed to evade. Each of these Artificially Forged players caused a significant increase in Sun (Sun)'s pressure.

When Sun(Sun)’s pressure reached 97.68%, and Lōotcrates left the screen during inning 22, apparently exiting for safety from the increasing Sun(Sun) pressure, after some final words:

"From Progenitor
A Breaking Dawn
A Twilight World"

"Constellation Expanded
Stars in Safe Keeping
The Historian returns to Safety"

"A Walk Off."

Sun(Sun) Supernova

With the collection of Nicholas Mora in the 29th inning of the Semi-Centennial, the pressure gauge reached 100% resulting in the explosion of Sun (Sun) and the creation of the Supernova.

The Boss appeared in front of the resulting Supernova to address the Fans:

Wow! Look at those colors!
Yes, Sun(Sun) appears to have exploded.
There is no reason to panic.
In Light of Recent Events
The Semi-Centennial is henceforth Cancelled.
The Result is a Draw.
See you at the Election!
Don't forget to #Vote!