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Siestas are events initiated by the Umpires during moments of peak viewership in which the fan experience may be sub-optimal (this is not the result of The Commissioner, as The Commissioner is doing a great job). The Glossary defines a Siesta as:

1. An Official stoppage of League Play
2. The only time Players may rest.

Games are not observable during a Siesta, with some viewers likening the experience to a site being "offline." Despite the lack of visibility, games and bets will typically continue as scheduled. However, during more recent and planned siestas, the games have been paused as well, resuming where they had left off when the siesta ends. Starting with the Expansion Era, Seasons now have two scheduled siestas where important events may occur: the Earlsiesta and the Latesiesta.

At the official recommendation of the Umpires, viewers during a Siesta should eat snacks (it is currently unconfirmed if Peanuts are eligible) and speak in whispers, as They are sleeping.

As a siesta ends, the games become visible again, and the Umpires may confirm that the machines have been made bigger. It is highly advised to stop eating snacks once this has happened.

Fan Works

The following songs are about Siestas: