Party Favors

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Beta Content
The following content pertains to earlier eras of Blaseball and may not be relevant to the current version of the game.

Party Favors are Modifications granted to Teams during Elections. Party Favors are chosen by Team Choice, meaning that each Team will receive their top Voted choice. Party Favors were unique to Season β23. They are identical to Amplifications and similar to Wills — however, unlike Wills they affect an entire Team instead of individual Players.

History of Party Favors

Party Favors have only once been offered, during Season β23. They were intended to give a Team protection from either Parker MacMillan or Black Hole (Black Hole) during Season β24.

Icon Name Effect
Team Roamless Crate Players cannot Roam to your Team.
Team Squiddish Crate Your Team will become Squiddish.
Team Avoidance Crate Your Team will not swing with 9+ Runs.
Team Containment Crate Your Team will gain Containment.