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Avoidance is a Modification first seen in the Season β23 Election that causes players to become Stuck when their team scores nine runs, preventing them from swinging afterwards.


Once a team with Avoidance reaches nine or more runs, all of their players become Stuck for the remainder of the game and will not swing their bat. Notably this does not, and has not, prevented teams from scoring, as they are still able to be walked to through the bases to score a run.


Avoidance was first seen in the Season β23 Election as a part of the Avoidance Crate Party Favor. The Philly Pies were the only team to receive that crate, and are therefore the only team to ever receive the Avoidance team modification.

Notably, of the four Party Favors party favors available, the Avoidance Crate had the most unclear connection to Season β24 at the time of the Election (with the Roamless crate relating to the Super Roamin' Parker MacMillan, and the Squiddish and Containment Crates relating to the threat of Team Incinerations). However, the purpose of the Avoidance crate later became clear as the Black Hole (Black Hole) began to Nullify Items, Renovations, and League Modifications when Teams reached 10 Runs under it. This threat was further prononouced after Philly Pies player Jefferson Delacruz scored a 3-run home run for the Pies, bringing the Pies to 10 Runs and nullifying them (go pies).[1][2]

Season 24, Day 38

On Day 38 of Season 24, the Avoidant Philly Pies played the San Francisco Lovers in Bird Weather, resulting in the Pies activating their Affinity for Crows team Modification.

Whilst the Pies were initially winning this game, a Home Run by Sandford Garner on the Lover's final out tied the game at 9-9 thanks to Equal Sun. With the Pies being both Stuck and performing 50% better thanks to the Birds, the game proceeded to last an additional 16 innings and a full one hour and twenty three minutes;[3] ending with an impressive score of 15-11 for the Philly Pies.

  1. Ironically, the Pies were the only Team to have Avoidance in the first place.
  2. Answering the question of "Pie or Die" with: "Yes".
  3. This is almost half as long as an actual baseball game