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See Emblem Warhorse (bar) for the establishment of the same name.

Emblem Warhorse is a player in the Shadows for the Seattle Garages, and has been with the team since the Season β19 Elections.

Official League Records

Warhorse joined the ILB as a lineup player in the Shadows for the Seattle Garages as the Garages' Season β11 Playoff Birth.

During the Season β19 elections, Warhorse joined the Garages' active roster in exchange for Brisket Friendo as a result of the Garages' Foreshadow will.

On Season β21, Day 79, Warhorse retreated to the Shadows in exchange for Oliver Loofah at The Hotdogfingers Memorial Climate Pledge Garage and Parking Facility via the Ratified Voicemail.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Emblem Warhorse describes many things: a bar, a band, a Blaseball player, but most importantly, a community. The Emblem Warhorse is a dive bar in Seattle, and Emblem Warhorse is a collective of people who have at some point in their life found refuge within its walls, becoming Patrons of The Emblem Warhorse. Patrons can be found doing a variety of activities, including (but certainly not limited to) celebrating after a minor league blaseball game, chatting with fellow motorcycle gang members, performing in the group's band (titled Emblem Warhorse), performing at the bar's drag shows under the moniker Emblem Warhorse, or simply enjoying the atmosphere of the bar. A watchful reader may have noticed that some of these activities involve being named Emblem Warhorse; this stems from the bar’s motto: “If you’re here, you’re Emblem Warhorse.” Upon entering the bar, one's name becomes Emblem Warhorse for the duration of one's stay. All are Emblem Warhorse. All is Emblem Warhorse.

Warhorses who frequent the bar often note having never seen the bar before finding it, despite it being located across the street from the Queen Anne Dicks Drive In. Some speculate the bar is only visible when one is truly prepared to find it. The exception to this rule is when the bar hosts events, though visitors who are not meant to become a Patron often find themselves shooed out the door by The Emblem Warhorse itself. Visitors have reported experiencing this phenomenon differently, some finding chairs feeling more uncomfortable, others noticing the water tasting off or the music being just a little too loud. Some have taken to challenging The Emblem Warhorse, ready to prove themselves worthy candidates of the Emblem Warhorse name. It is unclear at this point if any such challenges have been successful.

After the name Emblem Warhorse appeared on the Seattle Garages active roster, at least one Warhorse has been chosen to play in each Garages game. How a Warhorse is chosen for play on a given day is unclear, as Patrons have given conflicting reports. It is possible that there is no clear way of deciding play, or that it changes from day to day. Some cite a competitive game of dlarts, others claim they simply feel the compulsion to pick up the bat and head out the doors.

Qualifications of becoming an Emblem Warhorse

Of the players who take up the moniker Emblem Warhorse, only two things are consistent:

  • They have at one point in time been considered a regular at The Emblem Warhorse, and have been deemed worthy.
  • They are required to wear the Emblem, a design featuring an upside-down chess knight, somewhere on their person.

The bar has a strict no quadruped policy, though there have been known instances of quadruped Emblem Warhorses managing to get around this rule.

Patrons of the Emblem Warhorse

Many people and beings have come to take up the moniker of Emblem Warhorse throughout time, as deemed worthy by The Emblem Warhorse bar. Below is one such Warhorse.

This time, the Interdimensional Rumor Mill reveals a Patron Rumor from IF-1.920 out of its Patron Rumor Registry...

Mme. Warhorse

Madam Emblem Warhorse, usually referred to as "Mme. W", "The Madam", "Ma'am", or something else to that effect, is a middle aged woman who is usually seen tending to the Emblem Warhorse bar besides Emmie, always sporting an elegant outfit and a mysterious smile. As she is often the one behind the counter, many think of her as the Warhorse's proprietess, though the estabilishment itself might object to the notion of being owned; In fact, while the bar exibits clear signs of sentience and even autonomy, the Madam seems to act as a caretaker of sorts, always ensuring that the cups are filled and the ambience is cozy.

Madam Warhorse personally ensures that new patrons of the Emblem are acclimating well, taking the role of a guide to the peculiarities of the estabilishment and its membership. While she is glad to helpfully answer any questions that patrons might have about the bar, questions about most other topics - most notably, about herself - are invariably met with ambiguous, cryptic answers; as such, hardly anything about her history and personal life is known, even to those closest to her. That, combined with the fact that no patrons of the Emblem are currently known to recall a time when Madam Warhorse wasn't the barkeep, has lead to much speculation about the Madam's true nature, with some theorizing that she is an eldritch entity somehow linked to the Emblem Warhorse's origin, while others argue that she is simply a private person who greatly enjoys messing with nosy people. Naturally, asking her opinion on the debate does little to clear things up.

One of the few things widely known about Mme W.'s personal life is her long standing relationship with fellow mysterious barkeep Emblem "Emmie" Warhorse, whith whom she is often found tending the bar alongside. Emmie is notably the only individual capable of flustering the Madam's otherwise unshakable cryptic persona. Due to their evident intimacy, the two of them are presumed to know a great deal about each other's cryptic origins, though they are both as guarded about their partner's life as they are their own - if not more.

She wears her emblem as an enamel pin displayed proeminently on whichever fancy outfit she happens to be wearing that day. Her drink of choice is currently unknown, but she seems to be able to procure the favorite drink of any given patron near instantly, no matter how rare or obscure it may be. She is fond of strategy games, always receptive to a match of anything from shogi to gwent, and she is always available on those late, rainy nights when you need someone to listen to your story and offer vague yet oddly insightful advice.

Her aura of elegant mystique manages to endure even as she strikes out on the field, as though missing the ball was part of some grand scheme. It almost certainly wasn't, mind you, but you wouldn't know that from looking at her.

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