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See Emblem Warhorse (bar) for the establishment of the same name.

Emblem Warhorse is a player in the Shadows for the Seattle Garages, and has been with the team since the Season 19 Elections.

Official League Records

Warhorse joined the ILB as a lineup player in the Shadows for the Seattle Garages as the Garages' Season 11 Playoff Birth.

During the Season 19 elections, Warhorse joined the Garages' active roster in exchange for Brisket Friendo as a result of the Garages' Foreshadow will.

On Season 21, Day 79, Warhorse retreated to the Shadows in exchange for Oliver Loofah at The Hotdogfingers Memorial Climate Pledge Garage and Parking Facility via the Ratified Voicemail.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Emblem Warhorse describes many things: a bar, a band, a Blaseball player, but most importantly, a community. The Emblem Warhorse is a dive bar in Seattle, and Emblem Warhorse is a collective of people who have at some point in their life found refuge within its walls, becoming Patrons of The Emblem Warhorse. Patrons can be found doing a variety of activities, including (but certainly not limited to) celebrating after a minor league blaseball game, chatting with fellow motorcycle gang members, performing in the group's band (titled Emblem Warhorse), performing at the bar's drag shows under the moniker Emblem Warhorse, or simply enjoying the atmosphere of the bar. A watchful reader may have noticed that some of these activities involve being named Emblem Warhorse; this stems from the bar’s motto: “If you’re here, you’re Emblem Warhorse.” Upon entering the bar, one's name becomes Emblem Warhorse for the duration of one's stay. All are Emblem Warhorse. All is Emblem Warhorse.

Warhorses who frequent the bar often note having never seen the bar before finding it, despite it being located across the street from the Queen Anne Dicks Drive In. Some speculate the bar is only visible when one is truly prepared to find it. The exception to this rule is when the bar hosts events, though visitors who are not meant to become a Patron often find themselves shooed out the door by The Emblem Warhorse itself. Visitors have reported experiencing this phenomenon differently, some finding chairs feeling more uncomfortable, others noticing the water tasting off or the music being just a little too loud. Some have taken to challenging The Emblem Warhorse, ready to prove themselves worthy candidates of the Emblem Warhorse name. It is unclear at this point if any such challenges have been successful.

After the name Emblem Warhorse appeared on the Seattle Garages active roster, at least one Warhorse has been chosen to play in each Garages game. How a Warhorse is chosen for play on a given day is unclear, as Patrons have given conflicting reports. It is possible that there is no clear way of deciding play, or that it changes from day to day. Some cite a competitive game of dlarts, others claim they simply feel the compulsion to pick up the bat and head out the doors.

Qualifications of becoming an Emblem Warhorse

Of the players who take up the moniker Emblem Warhorse, only two things are consistent:

  • They have at one point in time been considered a regular at The Emblem Warhorse, and have been deemed worthy.
  • They are required to wear the Emblem, a design featuring an upside-down chess knight, somewhere on their person.

The bar has a strict no quadruped policy, though there have been known instances of quadruped Emblem Warhorses managing to get around this rule.

Patrons of the Emblem Warhorse

Many people and beings have come to take up the moniker of Emblem Warhorse throughout time, as deemed worthy by The Emblem Warhorse bar. Below is one such Warhorse.

This time, the Interdimensional Rumor Mill reveals a Patron Rumor from IF-28.733 out of its Patron Rumor Registry...

Liam Newton is a long-term patron of the Emblem Warhorse. During Season 1 of Blaseball, Liam was an intern at the ILB, working part-time as an umpire while finishing his art history degree. Liam’s internship period ended immediately prior to the elections, leaving him relatively unaffected by the opening of the Forbidden Book - although it hit him hard emotionally.

After graduating, Liam spent a few years taking on various jobs. One day, after an evening shift at a local museum, he noticed the Emblem Warhorse and entered on a whim. He was immediately welcomed by several patrons and quickly settled in. He was initially very reclusive, but after a while, he started opening up more and more; eventually becoming a completely different person than he was when he first entered. At the suggestion of Faun, he had the Emblem tattooed on his right upper arm, as a way to bookend that chapter of his life.

He now considers the Warhorse his “home”, often more so than his actual home (a small apartment somewhere in Seattle), and he’ll occasionally spend the night there if a particularly interesting conversation drags on for long enough.

Despite not having been an ILB official since before the Discipline Era, he enjoys telling tall tales about his time as an umpire, often conveniently glossing over the exact time frame or status. Most of the stories are either severely embellished or just completely made up - his actual tenure didn’t consist of much more than arguing over called outs - but somehow manage to convince most people for a while (at least, until they pay full attention).

Several of his former umpire masks now adorn the walls of the Warhorse, many of which have since been repurposed into various art projects or decorations. Each mask has a story behind it - completely made up and different every time, of course.

He tries his best not to pay attention to the Umpire, and the two seem to look at each other with a nasty scowl should they accidentally get too close for comfort.

Liam’s self-proclaimed “drink of choice” is whatever the strongest thing on offer is, and he’ll often make a show out of it to impress newcomers, or really anyone he can get to watch. So far, he’s only succeeded in consistently making a massive fool of himself when he inevitably has to give up after half a sip. When (he thinks) no one’s watching, he’ll just have a Flanta.


  • Liam is one of the few patrons that own a car, affectionately dubbed the “Liam Nissan” by several other patrons. It’s a yellow Subaru. He does not understand why this is funny, but laughs along either way.
  • Liam is, on a technicality, related to Isaac Newton, and he likes to bring this up whenever it’s even slightly relevant.
  • Liam has a long-term partner who lives in Vancouver. He prefers not to talk about them in detail, and most patrons don’t believe his “fake Canadian boyfriend” even exists at all. A few long-term patrons have met them once or twice, but commit to the bit anyway.
  • Liam spends far too much energy trying to keep patrons from fighting each other.
  • Liam will gladly offer to bat in any weather (except Solar Eclipse), but is rarely chosen.
  • Liam keeps a running tally of his batting performance in a small notebook in one of the drawers behind the bar, each plate appearance adorned with a small doodle.
  • Liam's stories endlessly enamored the young King, not old enough to remember the time before the Discipline Era first-hand. By the time kie was old enough to catch on, he had already inspired King to come up with kir own stories for kir "Eyepatch Incident", all similarly lavish and ludicrous.

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