Nova Gesundheit

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Nova Gesundheit is a pitcher for the Canada Moist Talkers, and has been with the team since the Season 21 Endseason.

Official League Records

Gesundheit joined the ILB as a player in the Shadows for the Canada Moist Talkers as the Moist Talkers' Season 21 Underbracket Playoff Birth.

During the Season 21 elections, Gesundheit Evolved to Base 1 as a result of the Shadow Evolution blessing.

On Season 22, Day 78, Gesundheit joined the Moist Talkers' pitching rotation in exchange for Beasley Gloom via Gleek Arena's Fax Machine.

On Season 23, Day 97, Gesundheit retreated to the Moist Talkers' Shadows in exchange for Jenkins Good at Gleek Arena via the Ratified Fax Machine.

On Season 24, Day 15, Gesundheit rejoined the Moist Talkers' pitching rotation in exchange for Spears Nolan at Gleek Arena via the Ratified Fax Machine.


Gesundheit joined the Moist Talkers’ shadows in Season 21 claiming, “I fit pretty well in the shadows as it gave me plenty of time to follow my favs!” As a self described “superfan” Gesundheit, claims to vividly remember every significant Moist Talkers game and game event, often brandishing her Morse 99 tattoo she had put on to commemorate one of the Moist Talker’s greatest moments. In this same vein, Gesundheit is also the head of the Moist Talkers Fanclub and manages the majority of the Talker’s fanmail and fan related correspondence.

During her time in the shadows Gesundheit was taken under the wing of Polkadot Patterson, who attempted to teach Gesundheit some of their most popular techniques. Gesundheit was quoted claiming “I never quite got how Polkadot added 4th dimensional spin to the ball but other than that I’ve learned a lot”. Occasionally Patterson’s teaching was derailed by Gesundheit’s fixation with teammate Greer Lott, as Gesundheit would often ask Patterson how she could better imitate “her favourite pitcher”. Due to Patterson and Lott’s unique relationship this often derailed Gesundheit’s training.

To supplement their innate skill, Gesundheit utilizes a mechanical exosuit during play, often customizing the suit to fit specific team match ups. The efficacy of this “kitbashing” method can often be hit or miss however, as the conditions of a Blaseball match have a tendency to change abruptly. Additionally, the suit has a built in life support system, incorporating various types of water filtration and purification to keep the interior as clean and wet as possible. The suit itself is powered by Gesundheit’s ability to harmlessly self-immolate which generates significant power for the suit's various components. The first time Gesundheit displayed this ability to her teammates many were confused or terrified despite her relaxed attitude toward her igneous situation.

Apart from her mildly obsessive attempts to seek the attention of teammate Greer Lott, Gesundheit has a jovial and laid back relationship with her teammates, currently working part time in teammate Mooney Doctor’s laboratory. Doctor was quoted saying “I’ve never seen someone take so naturally to the extremely… unique working conditions here”.


  • Gesundheit’s appearance and attitude has often been compared to the Jorunna parva or “Sea Bunny”. Gesundheit herself takes the comparisons as a compliment.
  • Gesundheit is fluent in multiple languages including: English French German ASL GSL
  • Due to the hermetically sealed suit Gesundheit is prone to catching colds, much to her chagrin. In a rare bout of anger Gesundheit claimed that “if someone makes one more joke after I sneeze I am burning this entire place down”.