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Guy Gulp is a player in the Shadows for the Hellmouth Sunbeams, and has been with the team since the Season β22 Endseason.

Official League Records

Gulp joined the ILB as a player in the Shadows for the Hellmouth Sunbeams as the Sunbeams' Season β22 Overbracket Playoff Birth.

On Season β23, Day 48, Gulp joined the Sunbeams' lineup in exchange for Phineas Wormthrice at Lower Moab Scenic Overlook Field via the Ratified Voicemail.

On Season β24, Day 72, Gulp retreated to the Sunbeams' Shadows in exchange for Borg Ruiz due to Night.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Personal Life

Born during the Grand Siesta, Guy Gulp was brought into a world where the modern incarnation of Internet League Blaseball was a simple fact of life. Glip Gexplorer grew up local to the Hellmouth with his three siblings and after receiving a misprinted TLOPPs card from his older sister, ze found a love for Blaseball and the home team. Though this was unusual for Hellmouth residents, his love for the splort and the Sunbeams has been unwavering, and even lead to an extensive collection of unique and personally-valued TLOPPs cards.

As Gickle Gazebo neared adulthood, he found himself in a sudden position of responsibility, left to take care of zir two younger siblings after the eldest was no longer in the picture. For reasons potentially unrelated, Gouda Gelatin would soon find himself employed at the local 7-Helleven. This is where he would remain until his recruitment to the Hellmouth Sunbeam, as well as after it, and likely during it.

Gackt Goldeneye's personality has been described most succinctly by those around zir as "I just work here." Often interpreted as a reflection of his casual demeanor and intention to do what's required of him and little else.

That said, though Growl Granola can come across as aloof, those close to his seem to have shared several moments of warmth and connection with him, only sometimes delivered in the same matter-of-fact way as a purchase total. Still, on occasion, you can find him turning off his hearing aid to avoid unwanted conversation.


As a lifelong Hellmouth resident, Growl Gusto has doubtlessly undergone an Adaptation of sorts, though it's suitably both 'incredibly unique' and 'alarmingly dull' at once. This Adaptation has a wide array of infrequent side-effects, though the single consistent feature seems to be Golden Gusô's name having become near-completely imperceptible to anyone besides zirself. That being 'near-completely' in the most literal sense, as it's simply by virtue of his first and last initial seeming to be universally understood.

Though this quirk leads to Goby Giver being called a variety of names instead of Gag Groblonx, such as Goodwin Gif, or Gravel Greenbean, by both fans and teammates alike, it's largely proved inoffensive in zir day-to-day life — outside of occasional struggles with bureaucracy.

In rare cases, Ghol Gadzooks has been observed to be… well, difficult to observe. He seems to fade from conscious perception as casually as his name does, though ze appears to have little to no control over when this occurs, what's overlooked, or to what extent.

Employment at 7-Helleven

For reasons not fully understood by his fellow Hellmouth natives, Garish Gotbie's status as a provider for his siblings necessitated employment in his mind. Ever since, ze has been employed at the local 7-Helleven, working a 24 Hour Shift, 7 Days of the Week. He doesn't seem particularly bothered by these hours, showing up to each shift and somehow covering zir conspicuously and consistently absent coworker’s shifts as well.

This shouldn't be mistaken for too intense a work ethic, however. Gim Galaxy’s performance at 7-Helleven can be described as a shockingly effective bare minimum. His employer doesn’t seem to mind, as each and every day you can find Gouda Gyoza behind the counter at 7-Helleven.

Gun Gop insists that since joining the Hellmouth Sunbeams that ze gets 'Blase breaks', but many claim to have seen Golf Gamecube working the register even during active games.

Plug Yug and/or Yug Plug[1]

G. Gnome, predictably struggling to cope with the added working hours of his 24/7 Shift, once crept into the backroom late at night to rest. Leaning back, and accidentally toppling over a pile of conspicuously-stacked crates, a visibly-locked box was revealed, looking somehow both dilapidated, worn, and freshly sealed.

After fumbling with it half-heartedly for a few moments out of a natural curiosity, a satisfying snap rang through Gouda Gut's hearing aid with a crackle of static, and ze was suddenly washed over with disparate sensations. Dry, rough sensations rolling from his fingertips to his shoulders, intense pressure in small areas all over them, followed by something shocking, but not as unpleasant. Viscous fluid flowed between stones, the mixture of two eventually settling over Gabe Griffy's arms in a larger simulacra of their shape.

These arms, according to an inconsistently-written manual contained in the box, consisted of two dubiously-sentient entities. Silent beings each comprised entirely of an element. One, Plug Yug, was formed by the more traditional "Stone." However, its counterpart, Yug Plug, was of "Slime." They seemed to function harmoniously, quietly working together to form new shapes and move around to assist Gim Gruller with his work, usually as an extra pair of hands or two.

Interestingly, they're most often only remarked upon or seen by others while G. Glomp is at work. Which, He always is, when not playing Blaseball. On the field however, the occasional extra-dimensional individual or one with interests in such matters, such as Son Jensen, may be able to perceive and interact with them more frequently.

Career with the Hellmouth Sunbeams

After the Season 22 Playoffs, Gex Groblonx would get zir chance at a childhood dream of playing for the Hellmouth Sunbeams, being recruited to the team's Shadows. It was impossible to know how long one would spend in the Shadows upon entering. Some, on both the Sunbeams roster and elsewhere, would go years upon years without being called up to active play. However, it would only be one Season before Phineas Wormthrice, seemingly eager to know what the new toy did, would fling emself through the newly-Ratified Voicemail in exchange for Giant Granble.

It wasn't long before Graham Gamecube established his personality on the field, being swept away Elsewhere for the first time and quickly returning later that same game, seemingly unphased and in good, dry humor about the whole affair. In spite of appearing largely nonplussed about his new career, Gir Goth insists on his excitement to be here and love of everything about the splort, even its more dangerous or contentious aspects. He claims that Blaseball "captures the spirit of Hellmouth,"[Who?] and that his home of Hellmouth "captures the spirit of Blaseball."[Where?] This passion seems to have translated into a genuine aptitude for the splort, with analysts claiming Ghol Gloom as a stand-out among Playoff recruits.

Initially, Grumble Gruper's appearance on the team caused veteran Sunbeams to grapple with the long-reaching hands of time and just how long it's been since they'd all started playing, but after the initial shock it wasn't difficult for Gawain Gull to find zir place on the team. Members of the team who have seen a lot of onboarding, particularly Nagomi Nava, appreciates his disposition and enthusiastic — but respectful — attitude toward the game, while he and Sigmund Castillo seem to share a unique, nearly-unspoken connection.

Gia Geranium's new bonds were put to the test during a nail-biting 16-Inning Game against the Ohio Worms under the added pressure of an Eclipse hanging overhead. Batter after batter would step up to the mound without scoring, but finally the game ended with the sound of Guk Game's bat cracking a 3-Run Homer ringing throughout the Solarium, followed by an unintelligible cacophony of names starting with the letter G.

Under Night weather, after the Reader-influenced Sunbeams charged and scattered the Boss, Goby Goknba clocked out of his shift in the line-up for Borg Ruiz, who swiped a card from his TLOPPs collection on the way in for divination purposes.

A Card from Gulp's TLOPPs Collection

When traveling for an away game versus the Tokyo Lift Gulp happened upon a clearly abandoned, but highly interesting Mags Banananana Tlopps card in The Gym. The Card states that it's Tlopps official, but looks nothing like any produced before. It also chooses to depict the woman as a mlinion character instead. Despite it being torn down the side Gulp had done all ze can to restore the strange card to its former glory, whatever that may be.


  • Gulp has a pet amphibian, though much like its owner's name, no one seems to be able to quite recall what species it is, and give conflicting reports on the subject.
  • Nobody is certain where Gulp got zir often worn green glasses, but Sunbeams fashion fans are quick to notice the way in which the plastic realistically drips from the frames. It even is realistically slippery and Gulp often has to realistically clean it up!
  • Gulp has been implicated in multiple potential romantic entanglements, but seems to maintain that none of them are formal relationships and that he is "just focused on work right now."
  • As his siblings begun to age out of his care and he remains static due to his Blaseball career, Gulp has recently chosen to move into the basement of a house with some of zir fellow "newbies,"[2] possibly as a means of separating himself from this baggage.
  • Reports have proven that Gulp is quite a noted fan of tie-dye shirts. Upon recruitment to the team, Hahn Fox has been quoted saying, "One of the first things he  asked me is whether or not he could wear his tie-dye shirts on the field. I was a bit confused, but ze looked so sad and I didn't mind. I don't think his boss lets his wear what he wants, but we've set such a precedent, who am I to stop zir." Though Gulp does often still play in uniform, fans are often excited to see him on a "Guy Tie-Dye Day."

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