Aoife Mahle

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Aoife Mahle is a lineup player for the Houston Spies, and has been with the team since the Season β21 Endseason.

Official League Records

Mahle joined the ILB as a player in the Shadows for the Houston Spies as the Spies' Season β21 Overbracket Playoff Birth.

On Season β22, Day 1, Mahle joined the Spies' lineup in exchange for Math Velazquez at An Undisclosed Location via the Ratified Voicemail. On Day 10, Mahle retreated to the Spies' Shadows in exchange for Velazquez at An Undisclosed Location, again via the Ratified Voicemail. On Day 55, Mahle rejoined the Spies' lineup in exchange for Velazquez at An Undisclosed Location via the Ratified Voicemail.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Aoife Mahle is a trans painter from Houston, Scotland. Through making her name as an artist, Mahle learned that her paintings would predict the future. Some are clear scenes of events that have yet to pass, but most only make sense in hindsight. The ability is limited to her paintings; imitations of her style never have the same effect.

The Agency only recently became aware of Mahle and her talents, recruiting her to join the Spies near the end of season 21. Mahle’s response to “accidentally” finding herself in REDACTED was straightforward, explaining that she “should’ve known it was the wrong Houston when they asked for my passport.”

Quick Exit

On the first day of Season 22, the Spies’ Voicemail gave her a place in the team’s active roster. Instead of the Agency’s standard-issue bat, Mahle bats with an oversized paintbrush. The properties of this brush are anomalous, heavily redacted, and frowned upon by infielders who can’t see bases when they’re covered in paint.

When she isn’t batting, Mahle spends most of her time working on paintings in the outfield.

Mahle’s prophetic abilities have become a point of frustration for The Agency. The paintings are frequently interpreted too late, leaving the Agency without a chance to act on them. Often, things dismissed as mere stylization turn out to be literal truth, such as a series of paintings containing increasingly strangely-shaped suns being initially overlooked due to Mahle claiming to be “experimenting.” Whether Mahle’s abilities have difficulty focusing on specific targets, or Mahle is purposely obscuring her work from the higher-ups out of resentment or spite, is unclear.

Despite not having been on the team for long, Mahle quickly formed deep connections with many of her teammates, both on and off the field. For instance, she attends regular painting sessions with Denzel Scott; a number of the pair’s landscapes are stored in Scott’s garage. Similarly, Mahle is on good terms with many of the Spies’ new players, especially Plums Blather. Both joined the team at the same time, carrying a sense of STEM and art solidarity, and Mahle’s outgoing nature has helped Blather feel at home with the rest of the Spies. She also, rather notably, shares Musical Movie Nights with fellow Spy Chet Takahashi - the only one willing to, actually, seeing as how no one else has the mental stability required to comfort him at the emotional climax of each film.

Mahle is far more open about her feelings than the Spies’ veteran players. With help from Paula Mason and encouragement from Denzel Scott, she began to help her teammates be more honest about their feelings. Alexandria Rosales, who took to crayon-melting with a particular intensity, and Reese Clark, who has spent many hours “randomly” splattering paint on canvas alongside her, have derived the most benefit from this.

After joining the League so close to its end, Mahle was one of the main figures helping the Spies through the scattering and nullification, assisting them in creating self-portraits of themselves so that they could identify their own files even if they could not recognize their names.

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