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General Chants

Athlimasmologists have documented numerous Spies chants, both for the whole team and a few for individual players. By far the most popular Spies chant is "We could be you! We could be me!" Some suspect this to be a reference to the Spies' historical usage of double agents, though Spies management insists these tactics are a thing of the past. Other classic Spies chants include "Houston... We are the Problem," "Bang BANG," and, in hushed whispers, the phrase "Spies win."

Spies fans have a unique tradition of chants spoken in a hushed tone; however, the sheer number of fans often amplifies these whisper-chants to significant volumes. Examples of such whisper-chants are "Always Watching," "Evidence? What evidence?" "The truth must be known. You can't unsee the truth," "We can see you," and "[REDACTED] the [REDACTED] pomegranate [REDACTED]!"

Fans of other teams have reported hearing Spies chants whispered among the crowd at matches where the Spies are not playing. The most common among these reports is the phrase "Spies win."

Specific Chants

Spies fans have specific chants for each of their players. Some of these are seen more than others, and the list is ever expanding.

Current Players

Alexandria Rosales

  • Cut 'em down!
  • M V P! M V P! (Most Vicious Player)

Comfort Septemberish

  • Deep Cleaning Made Easy!
  • Smack that smiles back!

Denzel Scott

  • Rock em, Sock em, Stock Image!
  • Zero to sixty!
  • REV 'EM UP

Fitzgerald Blackburn

  • Fitz gets Hitz!
  • Feel the Burn!
  • Always bet on Blackburn!

Math Velazquez

  • Calculated!
  • We ran the numbers!
  • y=mx+b!

Reese Clark

  • Release the Reese!

Yeong-Ho Garcia

  • LGYH! (Let's Go Yeong-Ho!)

Former Players

Jordan Hildebert

  • Block em!
  • Proposal's Denied!
  • Con! Sen! Sus! Con! Sen! Sus!
  • Jordan Hildebert Stop Blocking The Consensus Just Because It's Not Anarchist Enough For You!

Karato Bean

  • Roll that beautiful bean footage!
  • Surf's up

Son Scotch

  • That's my son!
  • Kraft Single for my son!

Sosa Hayes

  • So! Sa! Hayes!
  • Sosa Puede!
  • Sosa the Closah!

Theodore Holloway

  • Pack your bags, it's Holloway time!
  • Holloway Airlines!

Malik Romayne

  • Chop chop!
  • Don't Lettuce down!

Marco Escobar

  • Give em hell!

Morrow Wilson

  • No sorrow with Morrow!
  • Wilson will run!

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