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Wyatt Mason IV is a player for the Houston Spies and has been with the team since Fall Ball. Mason IV has played for the LA Unlimited Tacos, the Atlantis Georgias, and the Dallas Steaks.

Official League Records

Mason IV joined the ILB as a pitcher for the LA Unlimited Tacos in Season β14 as part of the Second Wyatt Masoning.

During the Season β14 elections, Mason IV Evolved to Base 1 resulting in a Combined 10.1 10.5 as a result of the Targeted Evolution blessing.

During the Season β15 elections, Mason IV's pitching increased from 3.2 4.5 and baserunning decreased 2.4 2.1 as a result of the Tacos' Transfuse will.

On Season β17, Day 21, Mason IV became  SHELLED by echoing Basilio Fig. However, Mason IV was already pitching that game, and continued to do so[1]. Mason IV was traded to the Atlantis Georgias in exchange for Fish Summer during the Season β17 elections via the Georgias' Equivalent Exchange will, becoming a lineup player in the process.

On Season β18, Day 39, Mason IV was freed from their shell by birds. During the Season β18 elections, Mason IV became a pitcher via the Georgias' Move will.

On Season β19, Day 71, Mason IV managed to Echo away their Superallergy by Echoing Flattery McKinley, who was also Superallergic at the time, and then Echoing Slosh Truk, losing the Superallergic and Alternate modifications in the process. Mason IV was traded to the Dallas Steaks in exchange for Dickerson Morse during the Season β19 elections via the Georgias' Equivalent Exchange will, becoming a lineup player in the process.

During the Season β20 elections, Mason IV retreated to the Shadows in exchange for Zephyr McCloud as a result of the Steaks' Swap will, resulting in a combined 11.5 12.2 stat increase.

Over the course of Season β23, Mason IV entered and exited the Steaks' Shadows three times as a result of George Fourman Stadium Fax Machine events, ending the Season on the pitching rotation.

During the October 28, 2022 Fall Ball, Mason IV fell to the Houston Spies.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Wyatt Mason IV, often referred to as Ivy due to the Roman numeral IV in their name, is a shy, awkward player in their mid-teens. They were initially described as looking "nearly identical" to Wyatt Mason, however over time, their appearances have diverged. Mason is autistic, and is particularly prone to imitative behavior, which most frequently manifests as echolalia or echopraxia.

As seems to be the case for each of the Wyatt Masons created in the Second Wyatt Masoning, Mason IV is able to communicate telepathically with the other Wyatt Masons through a constant mental link. Unlike the other Masons however, Mason IV is also able to pronounce emoji and keysmashes aloud, an ability which confounds the other Masons.

Time with the Tacos

Initial Appearance on the Tacos

Shortly after the Tacos' 3-2 victory against the Ohio Worms on Season 14, Day 72, a rift opened up in the team clubhouse in Al Pastor Memorial Park, out of which Mason fell unceremoniously. As much of the team was still out celebrating their win, the only witness to this was Yummy Elliott.

The Tacos players who had been affected by the first Wyatt Masoning were initially wary of the new addition to the team. Yummy Elliott and Valentine Games, players who had not been witnesses to the Masoning, were much more receptive to the new player however, with Elliott excitedly welcoming Mason almost immediately. The rest of the team quickly warmed to Mason as well, once the initial shock wore off.

Becoming Ivy

One of Mason's biggest worries was that the rest of the team would expect them to be "just like the old Wyatt". The other players quickly picked up on this, and attempted to assuage these concerns, with team captain Mcdowell Mason in particular being quoted as saying "We don't expect [them] to be the Wyatt Mason. That's obviously not true, it's not fair to the kid, and if anyone should know that not all Wyatts Mason are the same, it's us. The team's been real good about helping Wyatt explore their own interests and quirks, and we've already seen them get more comfortable just being themself, instead of just trying to emulate someone they're not. It's real heartening."

When Mason requested that the team start referring to them as "Ivy", the team was, reportedly, jubilant.

Relationships with Other Players

Tacos Players

Mason has become fast friends with many of the Tacos players, and is particularly close to Yummy Elliott, the only player who can eat, and in fact enjoy, Mason's cooking. The team cares greatly for Mason, especially after the other Masons began echoing away. Many of Mason's teammates have a tendency to coddle Mason in an effort to make their time with the team, however brief, as enjoyable as possible. Mason tries not to let this get on their nerves, understanding that their life in particular is very fleeting.

Notable relationships with Tacos players include:

  • Rat Mason, who plays pranks on Mason. Mason is always seen accompanied by one of the rats, however.
  • Yummy Elliott enjoys cooking with Mason, and frequently raves about their unorthodox choices.
  • Sexton Wheerer taught Mason how to pitch over the siesta following Season 14.
  • Late Tacos player Nicholas Vincent frequently experimented with Mason, a willing and enthusiastic subject, to attempt to determine the cause and nature of their existence.

Of particular note is Mason's relationship with (and behavior around) McBaseball Clembons. Mason appears to be immune to all anomalous effects of Clembons' presence, and the two are occasionally seen late at night discussing reality and the meaning of existence. Mason is seemingly not only immune to Clembons' effects, but completely oblivious of the effect Clembons has on others, as well.

Other Wyatt Masons

Mason's relationships with most of the other Second Masoning Masons are poorly documented, as most of them were quickly cut short when the players began echoing into static. Mason's relationship with Wyatt Mason X of the Seattle Garages has flourished in the wake of these tragedies, however.

Wyatt Mason X's relationship with Mason IV is similar to that of an older and younger sibling. Mason X is extremely attached to (and protective of) Mason IV, as the only other remaining Mason of the Second Masoning. The two frequently spend time goofing off and getting up to mischief, often using their stadiums' Fax Machines to send each other memes (and often getting in trouble for it). Mason IV has even attempted to fax themself to Seattle to go hang out with Mason X, and despite the rest of the team's doubts, seemingly succeeded.

After being Shelled on Season 17 Day 21, Mason X also helped Mason IV "clip" out of their shell, allowing them to once again freely roam. As Mason IV was still technically shelled however, they were still unable to play Blaseball, so often used the time to cause trouble. After Mason IV was sent Elsewhere as well, Mason X was reportedly fairly jealous that Mason IV had managed to go "Shellswhere" first.

Fan Works

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