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Siobhan Chark is a lineup player for the Philly Pies, and has been with the team since Season 1, Day 45. Chark has played for the Hellmouth Sunbeams, Houston Spies, Atlantis Georgias, Hades Tigers, and Breckenridge Jazz Hands.

Official League Records

Chark joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Atlantis Georgias during the Descension.

On Season β19, Day 2, Chark was exchanged to the Houston Spies due to Feedback. Chark was replaced by Sosa Hayes. On Day 41, Chark was exchanged to the Hellmouth Sunbeams due to Feedback. Chark was replaced by Quack Enjoyable.

On Season β21, Day 5, Chark was exchanged to the Houston Spies once again due to Feedback. Chark was replaced by Comfort Septemberish.

On Season β22, Day 81, Chark retreated to the Spies' Shadows in exchange for Alexandria Rosales at An Undisclosed Location via the Ratified Voicemail.

On Season β23, Day 46, Chark rejoined the Spies' lineup in exchange for Reese Clark at An Undisclosed Location via the Ratified Voicemail. On Day 47, Chark was exchanged to the Atlantis Georgias due to Feedback. Chark was replaced by Sosa Hayes. Over the course of Season 23 until Day 83, Chark entered and exited the Georgias' Shadows two times as a result of The Atlantean Dome Fax Machine and Voicemail events, ending the Season on the pitching rotation. On Day 83, Chark was exchanged to the Hades Tigers due to Feedback. Chark was replaced by Hiroto Wilcox. On Day 95, Chark was exchanged to the Breckenridge Jazz Hands due to Feedback. Chark was replaced by Walton Sports.

On Season 1, Day 45, Chark fell to the Philly Pies during a game in Horizon weather, hitting Chet Takahashi and taking their place on the lineup.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Siobhan Chark is widely considered a shark selkie at current time, although the exact nature of their existence has shifted and changed over time in unrecorded ways. Her recorded forms are that of a humanoid around six and a half feet tall, with dark skin, strange eyes, and long, tightly-braided teal hair; and a mermaid-like form with traits resembling a shark's, measuring approximately eight to nine feet. Chark is able to change between these forms at will, and often keeps a sharkskin close to hand.

At first impression, Chark often seems to be quiet, distant, and reserved. Almost all three parts of this are false. Although she may tend towards shorter sentences and letting actions speak for themselves, Chark is dedicated, devoted, and a chronic worrier with a tendency to overwork themself into an early grave. Someone has to do things and do them right, and nobody else is going to do it right. At any given time, she would like to find a way to help, and being useless or unable to lend aid often leads to spiraling bouts of self-doubt that may last for several days.

This behavior leads Chark to frequently do things that may be considered ill-advised, if she has no further supervision or second set of eyes to look her plan of action over. It also means they are especially susceptible to taking wild-sounding dares from former teammate Mint Shupe.

Chark is also known to grow especially protective of players who are children or teenagers, regardless of if they know each other personally. Sometimes she may become overbearing in her desire to establish their safety.


Siobhan Chark is old. Even without the things Blaseball does to its players, she suspects she would still be immortal, or something very like it. Things like why she came, or the involved years, or any number of siblings - or, in fact, if Siobhan Chark is their true, original name - have long been washed away by the tide.

Chark no longer recalls their childhood or much of their younger years beyond vague strokes; much of it has fallen by the wayside over the years, replaced by newer memories. What she does know is that they were from Ireland, at some point, and that their family loved them despite how difficult things may have been on occasion, and that at some point she came to Atlantis and did not leave.

As a perpetual worrier, Chark frequently ventures short distances outside of Atlantis to search for anyone who has been injured in accidents or crashes and safely take them to the city itself, where they may heal. One notable instance of this is with teammate Neerie McCloud, who Chark rescued in the early 1900s from an airplane crash which may have otherwise proven fatal; over the years between this rescue and the Georgias’ Ascension and eventual Descension, the two were said to have become quite close, although very private in their affections.

Blaseball Career

Chark was not a founding member of the Atlantis Georgias, but has been part of the team for the vast majority of its lifespan, originally starting their Blaseball career as a pitcher. Reportedly they were at one time next-in-line to be Captain, but had refused the role since they feel emotionally unsuited for it. Like many aspects of the early Georgias, such as their original roster, this too is shrouded in myths and legend.

Although suffering multiple siphonings from enemy players, Chark remains determined to be a credit to the team; off the field, she makes a concerted effort to at least greet new players, no matter what the circumstances of their arrival may be.

A certain few photos from late Season β14 show them chaperoning Wyatt Mason III, who was prone to wandering off in a daze; with the arrival of Wyatt Mason IV to the Georgias with the Season β17 elections, Chark has declined to comment on any guilt she may or may not feel.

Special Abilities

Chark’s ability to change forms is not truly linked to any properties their sharkskin may have, although that is popular rumor (and, in some realities, an actuality); in truth, her age and long residence has granted her some control over the fluid realities of Atlantis, and she is capable of shifting between the two shapes at will when within her home city. Outside of Atlantis itself, they require the sharkskin as an aid for the transformation.

Besides this, Chark possesses a mental connection to something they have described as “a place where gods and other things go”. Due to the power fan decisions have over players in Elections, this place also includes the collective unconsciousness of all Blaseball fans.

Chark is not able to interact with this space in any meaningful way, but persistently receives concepts and images from it, much to their dismay. Although this allows her to see how the fans appear to be feeling about the Georgias and their players at any given moment, it also means she is aware when a traumatic event has happened before knowledge of it fully disseminates; the fan reaction to it is palpable enough she always knows.

Supposedly Chark may also receive communication from gods this way, but has explained that “gods tend to be much quieter than fans do, and more cryptic; and regardless, communication from gods is openly broadcasted to all anyways”, before promptly diving into a nearby fountain and disappearing both from the conversation and the location.

Time on the Spies

At the beginning of season 19, Chark was feedbacked to the Houston Spies in exchange for Sosa Hayes.

Upon feedbacking, Chark immediately bonded with the Spies over their shared parental instincts (from years with Son Scotch); she joined them in caring for the phoenix chick left behind after Norris Firestar's incineration, and helped with balancing the chore chart.

Officially, this Feedback was an accident and definitely had nothing to do with the Agency being interested in Chark's connection to the Collective. However, Chark's departure from Atlantis dampened this connection; she lost access to specifics, only being able to smuggle information through her dreams into the waking world. Undeterred, the Agency rapidly theorized about and experimented with this power, aiming to take maximum advantage of it.

Instead of missions, Chark was tasked with keeping a dream journal. To mitigate the possibility of self-censorship, the contents of this journal never left the team. To improve the quality of the information provided, Reese Clark, an experienced oneironaut, coached Chark on dreaming technique. The Spies would then spend time discussing dreams of particular import, and were to summarize notable discoveries for the Agency at large.

One of these dreams gave Math Velazquez new insight into the tables of numbers left behind by Velazquez's pre-Alternation self. Another resulted in Chark retreating for several hours and emerging with an envelope addressed to Donia Bailey, the contents of which are still unknown.

Only a handful of days after Chark was added to the team, however, she was feedbacked away again. This cut short all plans for taking advantage of her connection to the Collective. It is suspected, though entirely unproven, that this feedback was because the gods realized that giving the Spies Chark was giving them too much insight into the workings of Blaseball itself.

Time on the Sunbeams

Chark was feedbacked to the Sunbeams in exchange for relatively new arrival Quack Enjoyable after a stint of 39 days on the Houston Spies. After this period of rapid change, a siesta gave them the opportunity to settle into the team and their new life in Hellmouth. Over this time, Chark adapted an ability to ‘swim’ through the desert surrounding Hellmouth, with a suite of physical changes making this possible. Despite her new ability, she still enjoys swimming with Hahn Fox in local bodies of water, such as Fox’s pool and the "Colorado River" Reemergence. Chark is also often found in the Randall Marijuana Memorial Cat Café with Nagomi Nava, or sun basking in the desert with Zack Sanders, Hendricks Richardson, and Howell Franklin.


Chark, who had already shown a penchant for Feedback, gained a pair of Flickering Socks on Season β20, Day 90. This item sent Chark through a rapid series of team changes in the late Expansion Era.

At the beginning of Season β21, Chark Feedbacked from the Hellmouth Sunbeams to the Houston Spies, in exchange for Comfort Septemberish. Chark had made many friends in the Hellmouth, but was worried about the chaos and harm her series of Feedback moves had caused across the league. Upon returning to Houston, Chark began working with the Agency to undo that damage.

First, Chark used their knowledge of the Hellmouth to help plan Agent Septemberish’s extraction. Chark recruited Quack Enjoyable, with whom she had previously Feedbacked herself, for the rescue mission. In the Season β22 Election, Agent Septemberish briefly relocated to the Breckenridge Jazz Hands, before being Equivalent Exchanged for Enjoyable, in accordance with Chark’s instructions.

With Septemberish back in Houston, and Enjoyable comfortable in Breckenridge, Chark sought to reverse her very first Feedback with Sosa Hayes. On Season β23, Day 46, Chark was Voicemailed out of the Shadows, in preparation for a Feedback game versus the Atlantis Georgias the following day. On Day 47, Chark and Hayes feedbacked, returning Chark to her original team, and Hayes to his longtime home in Houston.

Chark’s homecoming proved more stressful than she’d hoped. Shortly after returning, Chark became concerned about Steals Chark’s malevolent influence on the team. To learn more, Chark arranged to be Voicemailed into the Georgia’s shadows, and used their time there to investigate Chark’s origins. After completing their investigation, Chark was Faxed into the Georgia’s pitching rotation in exchange for Chark. While Chark had always preferred hitting, she was willing to pitch to keep Chark contained. Chark felt at peace for the first time since they’d left the Georgias in Season β19, and thought now she’d finally have a chance to relax.

Unfortunately, Chark’s hopes went unfulfilled. On Season β23 Day 83, Chark Feedbacked to the Hades Tigers in exchange for Hiroto Wilcox, to the shock and dismay of both teams. The Tigers were too devastated by the loss of their captain to help make Chark comfortable in the unwelcoming environment of Hades. Chark understood, and did not begrudge the Tigers taking time to grieve, but felt alone and scared on her new team. After having worked so hard to undo the damage she’d done, Chark worried they were about to inflict a new wave of pain across the league.

This worry was made manifest only a few days after Chark’s arrival in Hades. On Season β23, Day 95, Chark Feedbacked to the Breckenridge Jazz Hands in exchange for Walton Sports, in her final Feedback of the Expansion Era. This took place during the same game in which Spears Rogers and Famous Owens Feedbacked with each other twice. Chark, having observed how much the loss of Wilcox devastated the Tigers, was relieved when Owens returned to the team shortly before the end of the game.

Time on the Jazz Hands

Chark joined the Breckenridge Jazz Hands in a time of turmoil, and worried they wouldn’t fit in. Sports had been the team’s designated responsible adult, and Chark naturally took over that role in his absence. She consoled the team after the loss of star Collins Melon in the Semi-Centennial Exhibition Match, and helped prepare them to face the challenges of Season β24. While the Jazz Hands were saddened by the loss of Sports, they appreciated Chark’s presence, and did their best to make her feel at home.

Chark struggled to adapt to Breckenridge’s cold weather, but got advice on layering from Elijah Valenzuela, who had also moved to Breckenridge from a warmer climate. In their free time, they joined Wyatt Pothos’s Rloller Derby team, visited friends in The Hellmouth through The Pocket’s portal to the Randall Marijuana Memorial Cat Café, and took up playing the Glass Harmonica. Chark also bonded with Mikan Hammer, a fellow ancient being who’s seen much turmoil in their long life, and their partner Lancelot Kane, who appreciated Chark’s assistance babysitting Zippy DeShields and Baby Doyle.

Chark remains in contact with Wyatt Mason IV, and follows their career in Dallas with great interest. In Breckenridge, she also reconnected with Quack Enjoyable, their former teammate from the Houston Spies. The two have occasionally been observed speaking in hushed tones, exchanging furtive glances, and requesting access to high powered radio equipment.


  • Chark once lived in the Blass Pro Shop Pyramid for eight months.
  • Not actually a shark, but conceptually close enough that she doesn’t mind.
  • Will hang your macaroni art up on the team fridge.
  • Has voiced frustration that their Flippers do not permit them to visit Elsewhere and see Neerie McCloud. Has also been seen eyeing the Salmon Cannons at away games with curiosity.
  • Please stop putting things in your mouth that are not supposed to go in your mouth. This is no longer a request. This is a threat.

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