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Season 8 saw the Houston Spies return to the Postseason for the first time since the first season of Blaseball, where they would once again lose in the Championship Series to the eventual victors, this time the Baltimore Crabs. Whilst the main season was relatively uneventful - only one Blooddrain to speak of for weather events - the Spies did win one Blessing at Elections, improving the pitching for Math Velazquez twice over, as well as Denzel Scott, by means of Replacement Elbows.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Roster Changes

The Spies' roster was unchanged this Season.


On Day 86, Fitzgerald Blackburn siphoned some of Tacos pitcher Pitching Machine's hitting ability.


For their Division Series, the Spies swept the Hellmouth Sunbeams 3-0, only giving up 4 runs in the entire series.

Their Championship Series, however, was not an easy win, seeing the Spies win their first game against the Baltimore Crabs and then lose the following three, with the final loss seeing the Spies finish with -1 Runs due to Targeted Shame. The Crabs would go on to win the Internet Series, as was also the case with the Philly Pies when the Spies lost to them in Season 1.

Election Outcomes


Season Overview

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.