Blaseball Coins

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The following content pertains to earlier eras of Blaseball and may not be relevant to the current version of the game.
A coin what looks like a blaseball
An artist's rendition of a Blaseball Coin

Blaseball Coins are currency that can be used by Participants to bet on Blaseball matches. In the Discipline and Expansion Eras, they could be used to purchase Concessions.

Blaseball Coins are a gift from the Blaseball Gods. One can use them for many different activities such as:

  • Gambling
  • Election votes
  • Facilitating more gambling
  • Funding Renovations
  • Sending Gifts

If a participant runs out of Blaseball Coins they may beg the Blaseball Gods for more and will receive them, for the Blaseball Gods are benevolent.[citation needed]

At the end of the Expansion Era, Blaseball Coins ceased to exist due to the incineration of the Coin by the Rogue teams on Season β24, Day 81.

With the Return(s) of Blaseball, Blaseball Coins were replaced by Blaseball Chips.