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Jaylen Hotdogfingers is a lineup player for the Vault Legends, and has been with the team since the ILB Semi-Centennial. Hotdogfingers has played for the Canada Moist Talkers, Philly Pies, Hall Stars, THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, San Francisco Lovers, Yellowstone Magic, Hawai'i Fridays, Core Mechanics, Seattle Garages, Charleston Shoe Thieves, Boston Flowers, and Rising Stars. Hotdogfingers is best known for being the first Blaseball player to be incinerated due to fans Opening the Forbidden Book, as well as the first player to be returned to life after incineration. She is also the first known player to have died twice in Internet League Blaseball history after returning to The Hall following the conclusion of the Season β10 regular season.

Official League Records

Debut and Historic Incineration

Hotdogfingers joined the ILB as a pitcher for the Seattle Garages with the Return of Blaseball.

At the Season β1 Election Results, Hotdogfingers became the first Blaseball player ever incinerated, as well as the only player ever incinerated outside of an active game. This incineration occurred due to The Forbidden Book opening by Decree. Hotdogfingers was seemingly chosen at random, as no part of the decree indicates that it would directly target the Garages or their best pitcher. Hotdogfingers was replaced on the Garages rotation by Derrick Krueger.

Idolization and Resurrection

In Season β6, following the introduction of the Idols leaderboard, Hotdogfingers began to climb the idol rankings to the #14 position, despite belonging to Null Team.


Many fans coordinated to keep Hotdogfingers in the #14 position for several days; specifically in order to exploit the Season 6 blessing called Lottery Pick, which would "steal the 14th Most Idolized Player in the League." This plan worked as expected, with Hotdogfingers returning from incineration to become a full-fledged player in the Garages' pitching rotation. Meanwhile, Mike Townsend left the active rotation and "RETREAT[ED] TO SHADOWS." Hotdogfingers gained the modifications Returned and Debted, as well as the unique pregame ritual, "Checking their pulse," foreshadowing a terrible cost to bringing them back.

Return to Blaseball

On Season β7, Day 5, Hotdogfingers stepped up to the mound for the first time since their return from The Void. In their first game against the Kansas City Breath Mints, they hit three batters with their pitching — Dickerson Morse, Stew Briggs, and Marquez Clark — giving them the Weekly-duration modification Unstable, which was unknown at the time. After the game ended, The Commissioner tweeted "PAYMENTS PENDING"[1], implying that this is how they will pay off the cost of being returned to the land of the living. Hotdogfingers continued to hit batters while they are on the mound during Season 7, the full list of which can be seen on the Hit by Pitch table.

Debt Payment

On Season 7, Day 32, in the Tigers vs. Moist Talkers game, a chain of incinerations occurred directly related to the Unstable modification spread to players by Hotdogfingers. Earlier, on Day 30, Hotdogfingers had hit Moody Cookbook and Mclaughlin Scorpler with pitches. Cookbook was the first player incinerated in the Day 32 game. At this point, Unstable spread to Elijah Bates, and revealed the function of Unstable, which causes players to have a much higher chance of being incinerated during a Solar Eclipse. Bates was incinerated next, spreading Unstable to Yazmin Mason. A second chain started with Scorpler, who was incinerated and passed Unstable to Antonio Wallace.

After this unusually fiery game, The Commissioner tweeted once more, this time saying "PAYMENT PROCESSED//OUTSTANDING BALANCE"[2], indicating that the incineration of Unstable players is the price of returning Jaylen Hotdogfingers from the void.


During Season β8, after striking some kind of deal with The Microphone, Hotdogfingers' Debt became Refinanced Debt, and their pitches now had a chance to instill the Flickering modification instead, making players more susceptible to Feedback swaps. Later in the season, after being idolized into one of the microphone slots on the idols leaderboard, Hotdogfingers became permanently Flickering themself.


At the start of Season β9, Hotdogfingers' Refinanced Debt became Consolidated Debt. This caused their pitches to have a chance to give the modification Repeating, making players bat repeatedly in reverb weather.

Season 9 Trades

On Season β9, Day 7, Hotdogfingers joined the Philly Pies due to a Feedback swap with Betsy Trombone. On Day 21, Hotdogfingers returned to the Seattle Garages due to a Feedback swap with Henry Marshallow. On Day 53, Hotdogfingers swapped to the Canada Moist Talkers due to a Feedback swap with Ortiz Morse. Finally, on Day 64, Hotdogfingers swapped to the Charleston Shoe Thieves due to a Feedback swap with Beasley Gloom.

Season 9 Day X

On Season 9, Day X, Hotdogfingers gained the Mild modification after the Shoe Thieves lost to THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS.

Season 9 Elections

During the Season β9 election, Hotdogfingers received the Friend of Crows modification due to the passing of the Forecast: Birds decree. Shortly before the start of Season β10, The Microphone tweeted "she can have the shares"[3] and Hotdogfingers lost the modification Consolidated Debt.

Season 10 Postseason

See the main article on this topic: Season_10#Notable_Events
At the conclusion of the Season β10 regular season, Hotdogfingers sat in the 14th spot on the Idol Leaderboard, which showed a feedback microphone. When Day 99 turned over to the waiting hour for the Wild Card round, Hotdogfingers swapped with the 14th place player on The Hall leaderboard, Tillman Henderson, making Hotdogfingers the first player in ILB history to die twice.

During the events of Season 10, Day X, Hotdogfingers was raised to join the Hall Stars, then was repeatedly exchanged between the Hall Stars and THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS due to Feedback caused by the Fliickerrriiing modification. Hotdogfingers ultimately settled on the THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, replaced by Axel Trololol. Following the dispersal of the PODS during the Season β10 elections, Hotdogfingers joined the San Francisco Lovers as a pitcher.

Coffee Cup

During the Coffee Cup, Hotdogfingers played for Heavy FC as a pitcher.

Season 12

On Season β12, Day 12, Hotdogfingers was exchanged to the Yellowstone Magic due to Feedback. Hotdogfingers was replaced by Yeong-Ho Garcia. On Season β12, Day 56, Hotdogfingers was exchanged to the Hawai'i Fridays during Feedback weather. Hotdogfingers was replaced by James Mora.

Season 13

On Season β13, Day 28, Hotdogfingers was exchanged to the Core Mechanics during Feedback weather. Hotdogfingers was replaced by Lizzy Pasta. On Season β13, Day 64, Hotdogfingers was exchanged to the Seattle Garages during Feedback weather. Hotdogfingers was replaced by Mindy Kugel. Hotdogfingers was sent to the Garages' Shadows in exchange for Nolanestophia Patterson during the Season β13 elections via the Foreshadow will, becoming a lineup player in the process.

Season 15

Hotdogfingers was traded to the Charleston Shoe Thieves' Shadows in exchange for Conditional Yuniesky during the Season β15 elections via the Shoe Thieves' Plunder will. Hotdogfingers then joined the Seattle Garages' active roster as a result of the Garages' Move will, becoming a pitcher in the process.

Season 17

On Season β17, Day 15, Hotdogfingers was exchanged to the Charleston Shoe Thieves due to Feedback. Hotdogfingers was replaced by Fitzgerald Wanderlust. On Day 79, Hotdogfingers was exchanged to the Yellowstone Magic due to Feedback. Hotdogfingers was replaced by Inky Rutledge. On Day 90, Hotdogfingers was exchanged to the Core Mechanics due to Feedback. Hotdogfingers was replaced by Cravel Gesundheit.

During the Season β17 elections, Hotdogfingers's Fliickerrriiing modification was replaced with Super Idol by the Garages' Reform will.

Season 18

Hotdogfingers was traded to the Boston Flowers in exchange for Allan Kranch during the Season β18 elections via the Flowers's Equivalent Exchange will, becoming a lineup player in the process.

Season 19

During the Season β19 elections, Hotdogfinger's stats were rerolled and they gained the Alternate and Negative modifications as a result of the Flowers' Alternate Trust will.

Season 22

On Season β22, Day 36, Hotdogfingers retreated to the Flowers' Shadows in exchange for Chambers Kennedy at the Boston Garden via the Ratified Voicemail. On Day 38, Hotdogfingers returned to the Flowers' lineup in exchange for Chambers Kennedy via the Ratified Voicemail. During the Season β22 elections, Hotdogfingers gained the Subtractor modification as a result of the Subtractor Avoidance blessing.

Season 23

During the ILB Semi-Centennial, Hotdogfingers played for the Rising Stars, until they were collected and made Legendary by the Vault Legends.


Hotdogfingers was the first ILB player to ever hit a batter with a pitch, and was the only player to do so prior to Season β15. Hotdogfingers holds the record for career hit-by-pitches with 91.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Personal Life

Jaylen Hotdogfingers was the former mayor of both Seattle and Dark-Seattle, as well as trumpet player for the Seattle Garages Big Bops Band, and whistleblower involved in the Partytime Papers. Her incineration has made her the only mayor in Seattle history who did not finish their term due to a splorts-related incident rather than a terrible political scandal. Unlike the other instances of incineration, Hotdogfingers' loss was not caused by the direct intervention of an Umpire. Her final words were, "We just gotta make it to the playoffs."

Reelection Campaign

Poster advocating for the return of Hotdogfingers, by @Spiral_Joe

With the advent of idols in Season β6, a group referring to itself as the "Mayor Hotdogfingers Reelection Campaign" has been steadily growing in size and influence. Akin to a cult, their goal is to exploit the rules of particular Blaseball blessings to return Hotdogfingers from the great unknown. While Hotdogfingers is most beloved by Garages fans, members of the Reelection Campaign suprisingly hail from blaseball fandoms across the land. Whether these other fans seek a new mayor for their own city, or merely crave chaos, is unclear at this time.

Reelection is a taboo subject among Garages fans for a variety of reasons: While Hotdogfingers has many die-hards among fans who are eager to bring her back, many still are opposed. Detractors fear what strange powers she would bring back from the afterlife, what repercussions the Garages would invite from tampering with forbidden powers, or simply because "polite" Seattle society tends to frown upon the practice of necromancy (blaseball-related or otherwise). Fellow Garages pitcher and occultist Ron Monstera warned in an interview to Splorts Illustrated that "the gates of Valhalla only open when Ragnarok is upon us, which is why it is safer to alter the timeline so that she never died at all."

As of Day 37 of Season 6, it seemed clear that the Reelection Campaign's plans are proceeding swiftly, and Hotdogfingers will indeed be crowned mayor once again soon. Mayor of what, exactly, is anyone's guess.

The Return

On the day of the Season 6 Elections, the remaining original members of the Season 1 Seattle Garages, aided by key players from both the Canada Moist Talkers and Yellowstone Magic, gathered in Seattle in order to enact a ritual they had devised based on discoveries made in the wake of Caligula Lotus' near-incineration. Taking advantage of the Idolatry present by the Jaylen Hotdogfingers Re-Election Campaign, they conducted a ritual on the pitcher's mound of the Garages' home stadium, The Big Garage.

In doing so, a colossal portal to the Void - a liminal, empty, endless space - was opened. Immediately, the Seattle Garages members tasked Mooney Doctor of the Canada Moist Talkers and Francisco Preston of the Yellowstone Magic in holding the portal open as they drove a tour bus into the Void to rescue Hotdogfingers.

Mooney Doctor and Francisco Preston assisting in the ritual, by @Spiral_Joe

What happened next to the Seattle Garages has been the topic of much speculation. When asked, they could not directly confirm many major details of their voyage. "Here's the thing about the Void." Seattle Garages' occultic expert Ron Monstera said in the aftermath. "It's a real [mess]ed up place. None of us who went in there really know what the hell was going on after we crossed the threshold."

Other members of the team corroborate Monstera's reports on the subject, as none can clearly remember exactly what happened once they entered the Void, and what they do remember is, at best, conflicting, with the exception of Arturo Huerta's account. Huerta's account has since been lost due to an unforeseen error with the recording equipment, but Monstera's own remarks on Huerta's verbal recollection of events were "Yeah, that sounds right."

Nevertheless, some amount of time later, the van returned with all members intact, chased by flame and ash, and once the van was stopped, pitcher Mike Townsend was seen exiting, carrying a massive egg. When set down on the pitcher's mound, the egg cracked and hatched, revealing the once-incinerated Jaylen Hotdogfingers.

After being given the medical green-light to see others, and to play in the upcoming season of Blaseball, Hotdogfingers had this to say in the wake of her return:

"How it feels to be home? So we're starting with the loaded questions right of the bat. Cool. Uh, well it feels weird. You know how sometimes when you're half asleep your dream keeps going but you're aware of your surroundings? It feels like that. It feels like life is going on around me and I'm there, but not all the way. Like I could slip into somewhere else any second. It's scary sometimes. I keep taking my pulse. I feel like I should be a ghost. Im sorry... is this real? I... can't tell anymore."

The interview was then cut short by Acting Seattle Garages Captain Theodore Duende, but batter Lang Richardson stopped to comment afterwards. "Well, 'swounds, of course she's still reeling from the emotional turmoil of it all! We love Jaylen with all our heart, and I know she still loves us. Twoud be aghast to think she'd come back all smiles and sunshine. I'm sure she'll get there in time, but that, ultimately, is what she needs: time."

The Aftermath of Ruby Tuesday

As the season began, many noticed Hotdogfingers' new quirk of occasionally hitting batters with balls, given them the status of Unstable. Fans noted whenever Hotdogfingers pitched what they began calling "bean balls", she would get a wild look in her eyes, and would snap out of it just after, looking confused. No one was quite sure what to think of Hotdogfingers' bean balls, some cheering for them, others cautioning against it. Hotdogfingers couldn't be reached for comment on the matter. The nature of the beanings wouldn't become clear until Day 32, which has come to be known as Ruby Tuesday. During a match between the Hades Tigers and the Canada Moist Talkers, three players succumbed to incineration at the hands of Hotdogfingers' Unstable effects. Hotdogfingers quickly put out a statement expressing condolences to the teams impacted, and clarifying she had no control over the harmful pitches she threw; she was at the behest of the gods whims. Hotdogfingers' demeanor changed for the remainder of the season, appearing devastated after coming to from pitching beans. She was reported to have not shown up for practices, team jam sessions, or celebratory dinners at Beths.

The final straw was during day 107, as the Garages played against the Mexico City Wild Wings. Miguel Wheeler was the last to be incinerated by Hotdogfingers' Unstable attribute, and it chained to beloved player of the Garages, Malik Destiny. An audible scream could be heard from the dugouts of the Garages, attributed to Hotdogfingers. Though Destiny eventually proved safe, Hotdogfingers was determined to see that no one else would suffer at the hands of her pitching.

The Microphone, Refinanced Debt, and the Seattle Shuffle

Not much is known about Hotdogfingers' deal with the mysterious entity known as The Microphone, but a statement was made shortly before season 8 that the Microphone had acquired her debt. Who approached whom is unclear, but Hotdogfingers' return in Season 8 saw a happier, more confident return to form. Hotdogfingers appeared more in control of her bean balls, and they took on a new attribute, Flickering, replacing the devastating effects of Unstable. Hotdogfingers seemed to return to her old self for a spell. However, the pep in her step diminished once the Flickering status of the people she hit started affecting the team. The Garages saw a record 6 players swapped in Season 8 (counting the trade of Luis Acevado and Oliver Notarobot shortly before the start of the season), and on top of the retreat of team staple Mike Townsend into the shadows, Hotdogfingers seemed unsure of herself.

After the events of the Season 8 leaderboard left Hotdogfingers in a state of permanently Flickering, she took the news surprisingly well. When asked about her thoughts on the matter, she had this to say.

"These last few seasons have been... a lot, as you can imagine. The team doesn't feel the same to me now. Nothing really feels the same. So, maybe instead of trying to find comfort in a place that is no longer home, it's time I found myself elsewhere. Stretch my legs, see some sights, jam with some new people. The microphone has plans for me, and if that means not incinerating people, I'm going to follow them, best I can. Let's see where this takes me. *laughs* I'm trying to lean into this whole agent of chaos thing, is it working?"

When asked if her moving teams was an attempt to escape her debt collectors, she declined to comment.

Messages from the Hall

During Season 9 Hotdogfingers began frequently swapping between teams via feedback. While many theorized that this was a method of avoiding her debt collectors, Hotdogfingers claimed that it was her way of traveling to each team to deliver messages from their deceased teammates. She claimed that she needed to do this "before his plan went into effect."

Delivered Messages

Philly Pies

  • Forrest Bookbaby: Told Bookbaby's mother "@PineTomeToddler33737+". This turned out to be the password to Bookbaby's Swiss bank account. Bookbaby's mother used the millions of embezzled funds found within to establish the BookBaby Memorial School of Accounting.
  • Juan Rangel: Relayed a private message to Rangel's godmother the city of Philadelphia.
  • Mickey Woods: Passed along a series of hi-fives to all of Mickey's teammates.

Career with the Shoe Thieves

After brief stints with the Pies and back on the Garages, Hotdogfingers found herself pitching for the Canada Moist Talkers against the Charleston Shoe Thieves in Feedback weather. She threw a spectacular shutout for eight and two-thirds innings before swapping teams on the final pitch and stealing the shutout from herself.[4]

Despite this impressive act of thievery, many Shoe Thieves were initially reluctant to welcome Hotdogfingers to their team due to her role in the delacing of several beloved ex-Thieves, as well as her having traded teams with fan favorite pitcher and dog Beasley Gloom. Rumors of conflict pervaded the league, up to and including an alleged physical altercation with teammate Esme Ramsey. When questioned about the alleged incident, Hotdogfingers declined to comment, and Ramsey responded to the question by taking the reporter's microphone and eating it while maintaining eye contact.[5]

Whatever turmoil there may have been amongst the players, it did not detract from their performance on the field, and with Hotdogfingers in the pitching rotation the Thieves continued their strongest season to date. Finishing at the top of the Mild League, the Shoe Thieves bested the Hades Tigers as well as Hotdogfingers' original team the Seattle Garages before facing two-time former champion Baltimore Crabs. The Thieves pulled off a stunning reverse sweep against the Crabs, stopping their ascension in its tracks, with Hotdogfingers instrumental in securing the second win of the series for Charleston.

As fate would have it, however, the end of Internet Series 9 was only the beginning of the Shoe Thieves' trials. Within seconds of Stu Trololol's winning three-run homer, The Shelled One descended and summoned its PODS to battle the newly made champions. Hotdogfingers earned the respect of her new teammates in that moment when she bravely stepped up to pitch in place of injured Thieves manager Cornelius Games.

The team fought heroically together in the face of impossible odds, but were ultimately defeated. They returned to the immaterial plane having forged an unbreakable bond: the bond of becoming unlikely champions together, of facing unthinkable horrors together, and of becoming extremely cursed together.

In an offseason interview, frequent toddler Velasquez Alstott stated, "Jaylen stole our hearts, so we're gonna teach her to steal shoes." Hotdogfingers was seen immediately thereafter frantically shushing Alstott and carrying her off the stage.

The 10th regular season progressed almost uneventfully by comparison, as the complete absence of Feedback weather prevented any instances of Flickering. The Shoe Thieves coped impressively with their curses, turning out record-high wins in spite of them. With Hotdogfingers now a mainstay of the rotation, the team intended to present her with noise-cancelling headphones at season's end, both to shield her from further Feedback events and so that she could listen to the Garages if she felt homesick. However, an as-yet unexplained phenomenon caused Hotdogfingers to return to the Void at the conclusion of the regular season. Adding to the consternation surrounding this event was the appearance of infamous former Crabs player Tillman Henderson in her place. The Thieves were reported at the time of the incident to be "furious" and "planning to steal her back".

Despite the upset to their plans, the Shoe Thieves made another impressive showing in the playoffs, but ultimately lost the Season β10 championship to the Crabs. The Crabs ascended, but were defeated in one at-bat by the Pods when called to battle. It was at this point that Hotdogfingers reemerged, leading a team of formerly incinerated players out of the Hall of Flame, and defeated the Shelled One with a combination of team spirit, sabotage, and good old-fashioned blaseball. The Hall Stars were released, and the Pods, Hotdogfingers among them, were returned to the immaterial plane.

Upon realizing that Hotdogfingers had left to serve the greater good, the Shoe Thieves found the parting easier to accept. In accordance with their motto "once a Thief, always a Thief," they will always consider her one of their own. The Shoe Thieves miss Hotdogfingers dearly, wish her the best on the Lovers, and sincerely hope that she is enjoying her nap.

Career with the Lovers

After successfully sabotaging The Shelled One’s PODS, Hotdogfingers fell back to the immaterial plane, landing in the stadium of the San Francisco Lovers, who rushed out to the field with a beanbag to give her a soft place to land. Recognizing the weight of the hardships she had been through over the course of her ILB career, the Lovers stood watch over her and her beanbag to ensure that she was able to rest for as long as she needed.

Hotdogfingers's first outing with the Lovers was rocky: still in the mindset that she was pitching for the PODS, she sabotaged the Lovers' score and gave up 23 home runs to the Dallas Steaks. Team captain Knight Triumphant is reported to have later said, "I'faith! What is a mere blemish upon our win-loss record, 'gainst the victory that Ser Jaylen hath returned to herself at last? Huzzah!" The Lovers were reported to have responded with a resounding "HUZZAH!", to which Hotdogfingers herself reportedly responded by saying, "ayyy, thanks guys," and going back to sleep on her beanbag.

With the Lovers' continued support, Hotdogfingers saw a return to form, giving up an average of 3 runs per game in the remainder of Season β11 and completing the season nicely with a win-loss percentage of 0.69. It has been speculated that the calm environment provided by her new teammates has contributed to her recovery. Hotdogfingers has reportedly been spending extended periods of time relaxing in Yosh Carpenter's woodshop between games. Young teammate NaN has reported having "so many cool conversations!!" (sic) about their similar experiences with Flickering. She has also been rumored to have grown close with fellow pitcher Percival Wheeler, although these rumors cannot be substantiated.

Move to Yellowstone

A stint in San Francisco and a decade-long slumber proved remarkably refreshing and healing for Hotdogfingers, who eventually felt confident enough to strike out on her own and explore the world of her own accord, for once. Recognizing the importance of Yellowstone's circle of mages in her past, she reached out to the Magic to inquire about the possibility of an exchange.

Fellow friend-of-birds Yeong-Ho Garcia took her up on the offer, loading their grandmother's cat into their catpack of holding, and setting course for San Francisco. They high-fived through the window as their Greyhound buses passed on Highway 93.

Upon arrival at the Parkpark, Hotdogfingers was immediately greeted and accepted by Garcia's resident flock of crows, and was warmly welcomed by the rest of the team. Bevan Wise took charge of her magical education, introducing her to the concepts behind the necromancy which forever changed her (un)life. Chorby Short and Logan Rodriguez introduced her to the park and its many trails and secluded areas, seemingly uncaring of -- or oblivious to -- her identity.

Oh, yer famous? Nah, we already had a Famous around here.
-- Logan Rodriguez

Hotdogfingers' newfound anonymity has allowed her to grow and move forward, discovering not just who she is but who she wants to be. The jury is still out on that one, but as she says, "I'll know it when I hit it-- oh gods, no, not like a bean ball, wait, come back!"

Career with the Fridays

On Day 56 of Season β12, Hotdogfingers opened the game pitching for the Yellowstone Magic against the Hawai'i Fridays. James "Jimmy" Mora, a rotation pitcher for the Fridays since Season β1, found himself contemplating her time in the league as well as hir own as he watched her take the mound. Mora was later quoted in an interview as saying:

So, I've been here since the beginning, right? And I've been through a lot, but I’ve found this great sense of peace with the rest of the team. I’m content. But—maybe a little too content, y'know? And lately I've been feeling this sort of… this itch to explore, to see more of what Blaseball has to offer.
So this game I look across the field, and I see Jaylen Hotdogfingers, right? And she's been through a lot, too. And she's clearly better than, you know, she has been… But in her eyes, I can see, there's still turmoil. And so, just for one moment, I think, 'I wish Jaylen could feel as at peace as I have with the Fridays.' And when I thought that, well, Our Lady—that's Our Lady of Perpetual Friday—appeared to me and said "Granted," and nudged me toward the mound.

Some have theorized that Mora's wish was amplified by the Feedback weather, as well as potentially by the unexplained time-altering phenomena occurring in the Sovereign Nation of Hawai'i, rumored to be caused by the mysterious Our Lady of Perpetual Friday. Whatever the cause may have been, Mora and Hotdogfingers switched teams within a minute of play commencing. Though sad to see their longtime pitcher depart, the Fridays sent hir off with their best wishes and offered Hotdogfingers a wavy welcome to the team, inviting her to "c'mere and vibe".

During her time with the Fridays, Hotdogfingers formed an unlikely bond with Stevenson Heat, who had lost one of his closest companions in Mora to Hotdogfingers's feedback swap. Hotdogfingers was drawn to Heat's quiet nature, as he never forced small talk or asked many questions, preferring instead to nap in his hammock. The two were frequently seen eating some of Heat's famous beans together, often without speaking a single word.

With Hotdogfingers's help, the Fridays placed atop the Mild Low in Season 12, earning a postseason birth. With the Fridays on the verge of elimination after Heat pitched a Game 2 loss, Hotdogfingers stepped up to the mound against her former team, the Seattle Garages. She held off a comeback in the bottom of the 9th to keep the Fridays alive and earn them their second ever postseason win, following Heat's win in the Season β9 Wild Card Series. This was Hotdogfingers's first ever postseason win against the Garages.

Career with the Core Mechanics

At the end of Season 17, the Mechanics helped Jaylen analyze the Flickeriiing that had plagued her for over a decade.

Jaylen now sports a green glowing regulator hairclip that helps her control her Flickeriiing (and the know-how to transform it into a tie or a pin if it might look better on a given outfit).

Jaylen's Cats

During her first life, Jaylen Hotdogfingers lived with her two cats, Cream Cheese and Caramelized Onions. After her incineration, they were taken in by Oliver Mueller for a time, until the opening of the Ron Monstera Memorial Cat Cafe and Sanctuary which served as a more enriching environment and shelter for the pair.

After her resurrection, Hotdogfingers has been eager to retrieve her cats, however the events of the Discipline Era combined with her Fliickerrriiing status had made her reluctant to take them back due to uncertain housing stability. She makes sure to visit them any time that she is in Seattle. Mike Townsend has been spotted smuggling the pair under a large jacket in order for them to visit her and the cat-loving Lovers in San Francisco.

When asked to describe her cats, Hotdogfingers excitedly pulled out her phone, saying: “Ok, so here are the pictures. Cream is like Snowball, you know, from Neko Atsume? Very mellow. Onions, Onions is so sweet, but absolutely insatiable. Like Bolt!” She then discussed her cats and the video game Neko Atsume for another hour.

Fan Works


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