Fletcher Berger II

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Fletcher Berger II is a lineup player in the Vault, and has been there since the end of Season β22. Berger II has played for the Hawai'i Fridays.

Official League Records

Berger II joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Hawai'i Fridays during the Season β22 Latesiesta via the Gift Shop. At the end of the Season, Berger II faded to Dust and returned to the Vault.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Replica Satisfaction Survey

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Fletcher Berger II only joined the Fridays for a short time in season 22, but was welcomed in with open arms. A Replica in the form of a nēnē, the Hawaiian goose, they are indigenous to Hawai’i. As a previous member of the team, they were old friends with Mrs. Silk and were saddened to hear of her recent absence.

In their time on the team, Berger was known for their skateboarding skills, successfully landing one of the highest individual scoring tricks in the league. While they never attempted to repeat this impressive feat, teammate and passionate skater Mordecai Kingbird developed a one-sided rivalry with the bird, who wasn’t aware of it at all. Berger has stated that they aren’t sure how they performed the trick so well, claiming they “just did it” with a shrug.

Many have asked Berger about their thoughts about being a Replica. They’ve explained they don’t remember much about their time in the Vault, and when originally being introduced to the team, they were shocked to hear how much time had passed, the entire experience hazy for them. The world was different from what they remembered, Berger recalled, but strangely the Fridays, while made up of different folks, were exactly the same. Further, what worried them more was they weren’t sure if they had changed or not. Fenry Marlow, who knew the original Berger, declined to discuss the topic, but was often caught staring at Berger with a faraway look in his eye.