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New Megan Ito is a rotation player for the Vault Legends and has been with the team since the Semi-Centennial. Ito has previously played for the Boulders Bay Birds.

Official League Records

Ito was called as an  Alternate to join the league as a pitcher for the Boulders Bay Birds during Season E, Day 13 after the Superposition and Staticing of Megan Ito.

On Season E, Day 99, Ito reached Critical Mass, became Legendary, and was Preserved.

Ito was drafted onto the Vault Legends for the Semi-Centennial. During this, Ito exchanged The Fifth Base for Parker MacMillan's Force Field. This caused MacMillan to roam out of the Vault and onto the Hawai'i Fridays following the Season β23 elections, as well as causing every player in the Vault to become  Unstable.

Community History

Fan Works

New Megan Ito is the focus of the following songs:

Visual Art