Boston Garden

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The Boston Garden is the home ballpark of the Boston Flowers.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


The Boston Garden is not just a Ballpark and Stadium, it is a living sentient being. The current best understanding of how and when the transition into sentience occurred is that it was born from the thoughts and feelings of Bostonians during the historical tragedy known as the Big Dunk.

It is an extremely caring and protective being. The Garden wants, and it wants to keep. The Garden provides for those it cares for, and is fiercely protective of those same people. More than anything the Garden cares for the Boston Flowers, and it doesn't want to see them be hurt or taken away from it. This protectiveness results in the Garden being wary of new team members that it didn't select to join, but ultimately the Garden comes to care for them.

The Garden can control the plant life and landscape within its boundaries.

The Garden has a group of caretakers known as The Gardeners.


Boston Garden is an unusual Blaseball stadium, given that it is absolutely and completely overgrown with plant life and is not operable as a Blaseball stadium whatsoever. Because of this, the Flowers instead practice in Boston Garden, a stadium they call home that is overgrown with plant life. This adaptability is impressive, and truly puts the Flowers on the map as a team who plays Blaseball in Boston Garden (An overgrown stadium).

Plants from the Boston Garden have a history of growing into Blaseball Players when exposed to the ashes of Incinerated players.

After the tragic incineration and subsequent planting of Caligula Lotus at the home dugout of the field in Season 6, it has become apparent that The Boston Garden has allowed Lotus' consciousness to spread throughout the stadium, allowing a connection to every plant present. Ostensibly, it very well could be that Lotus has become The Garden in a way, though Lotus is very much the same loving, gentle, and friendly plant she was while playing Blaseball (if not much, much bigger). Some believe that she may even have the ability to extend her presence throughout the city of Boston itself, allowing her to be anywhere she likes within her home city. Although if this is possible or not, Lotus certainly hasn't said anything about it.


Memorial Bat Forest

Want to add your Team's Players to the Forest? Add them at Memorial Bat Forest.

When a Blaseball player passes beyond Blaseball, whether through retirement, ascension, or incineration, their bat is planted in the forest by The Groundskeeper. The Moss Woman typically crafts bats for new players from the branches of the trees they grow into, though some players prefer to bring their own or request special designs.

While the Memorial Bat Forest started purely to memorialize incinerated Flowers players, after the rapid-fire tragedies of Season Four, the Flowers decided to open the Forest to all teams. While the typical memorial is a planted bat, cultivated into a tree, for players whose bats have been passed on or otherwise lost the Flowers hold an Honorary Planting, where they plant a new flower of the incinerated player's team's choice.

The Weird Flex is planted when it's wielder passes on, but it never sprouts. Instead it waits deep in the forest to be found by the next worthy hitter to carry on its legacy.

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is a Tea Shop owned and operated by Jenkins Ingram and is located within the Boston Flowers Shadows. The Greenhouse acts as the entry and exit point between the Shadows and the normal world, resulting in it being a usual hangout spot for members of the Boston Flowers.

Newcomers to The Greenhouse are welcomed by Ingram and their Tea Shop, helping them become accustomed to their new environment.

Salmon Occupied Untide Pools (S.O.U.P)

The Salmon Occupied Untide Pools (or S.O.U.P) is an series of Untide Pools filled with Immateria and Salmon. The Salmon Occupied Untide Pools visually appears to be bottomless, but this has not been verified. The Salmon can sometimes be consulted to provide statistics regarding player performance, how and where the Salmon are able to obtain this information is unknown.

Jacob Haynes is known to fish at the Untide Pools, and is regularly heard complaining about being unable to catch any other fish than Salmon.