Boston Flowers/Season 23

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In Season β23 the Boston Flowers sent two players to participate in the Semi-Centennial. Jaylen Hotdogfingers was Collected and Artificially Forged during the match, but when the game ended the Flowers gained two new members, Sutton Picklestein and Jada Frederick in addition to the returning Adalberto Tosser.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Stadium Renovation

The Flowers built 3 renovations.

  • Light Switch - 6209214 Coins Spent
    • The Flowers flipped the Light Switch in The Garden.
    • The Garden's Light Switch is now ON.
  • Glitter+ - 5849383 Coins Spent
    • The Garden will now have more Glitter.
  • Night+ - 5134088 Coins Spent Coins Spent
    • The Garden will now have more Night.


  • Teamicon flowers.png
    Flowers received 2 Gifts! - 6,684,362 coins contributed

Roster Changes

In Season 23 the Flowers were subject to ten faxes, two voicemails, one super roam away from the team, stole two players via Phantom Thieves' Guild, one stolen via Phantom Thieves' Guild, one new player as a Playoff Birth, had two players drafted to the Semi-Centennial, had one player return from the Semi-Centennial, and had two players fall from the Rising Stars.

Election Outcomes

Party Favors

  • Team Roamless Crate passed with 356,234 Votes, 81% of all Decree Votes


      • +  Under Review


Season Overview

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.