Boston Flowers/Season 11

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Season β11 was the final Season of the Discipline Era. The Flowers received the Wild Card and entered the Postseason but are eliminated by the Houston Spies in the Wild Card round.

The Boston Flowers won the III Blessing in the election resulting in the team receiving the III - Empress Tarot Card.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Roster Changes

The Flowers experienced one roster change from gaining a Playoff Birth.

  • On Day 99 Zesty Yaboi joined the Boston Flowers as a Playoff Birth.

Election Results


  • Eat passed with 747,270 Votes, 47% of all Decree Votes.
    • The Book Eats
    • Everything in Sight.
    • Stomachs Rumble.
    • Concessions are Made.
  • Deface passed with 213,453 Votes, 13% of all Decree Votes.
    • The Book Defaces
    • Itself.
    • It Rewrites the Rules,
    • Re-faces the Ballot.
    • Regards Itself.
    • Recognizes Your Will.
  • Close passed with 198,178 Votes, 13% of all Decree Votes.
    • The Book Closes
    • On a Prime Piece of Property in Baltimore.
    • Peanut Debris is Cleared
    • Ground is Broken on the Crabitat.


  • III blessed the Boston Flowers.
    • The Flowers receive III The Empress.
    • The Flowers had 70% of the Votes and were the highest bidders. 130,939 votes were cast.

Season Overview