Boston Flowers/Season 4

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Season β4 saw a continuation of the Boston Flowers' curse. This season, the team had four roster changes, two due to feedback and two due to incinerations. However, the Flowers also won their first blessings in history, marking a potential upswing in their luck.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Roster Changes

In Season 4 the Flowers were subject to two feedbacks and two incinerations.

Notable Games

  • On Day 99, the Flowers and the Unlimited Tacos played the first game in Blaseball history that lasted longer than one hour. Nicknamed the Protest Picnic, the game lasted for 24 innings and 65 minutes. (Watch here on Before)

Election Results


  • Alternate Reality passed with 52,343 votes and 23% of all decree votes.
    • The Alternates are called.
    • They take their places.
    • Reverberations build...


  • Exploratory Surgeries blessed the Boston Flowers.
    Teamicon flowers.png
    • Randomized the stats for the Boston Flowers's worst pitcher, Chambers Simmons, from zero stars to
    • Randomized the stats for the Boston Flowers's worst pitcher, Chambers Simmons, from to
    • Randomized the stats for the Boston Flowers's worst pitcher, Dunn Keyes, from to
    • The Flowers had 5% of the vote. The Charleston Shoe Thieves had 29% of the vote. 114,557 votes were cast.

Season Overview

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.

The Flowers' curse continued at full strength in Season 4. The team lost recent additions Vito Kravitz and Hotbox Sato to feedback, and then lost original batter Matheo Carpenter and new hitter Morrow Doyle to incinerations.

As per usual, the Flowers attempted to make the best of a bad situation, welcoming the new team members in. In protest of Doyle's incineration, the Flowers and Tacos played the longest game in blaseball history to that point, going 21 innings without either team scoring a run. The Flowers ultimately won in the 24th inning, 2-1.

The elections proved to be a mixed bag for the unlucky team. As part of the Alternate Reality decree, batter Inez Owens' stats worsened slightly, and star pitcher Dunn Keyes had their pitching ability decimated by the decree. The Exploratory Surgeries blessing worsened Keyes' pitching further, but provided a boost to fellow pitcher Chambers Simmons. Lastly, the Flowers won the Getting in Their Heads (Literally) blessing, which impaired the maximum vibes of all of their division competitors.