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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.
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When a Blaseball player passes beyond blaseball, whether through retirement, ascension, or incineration, their bat is planted in the Memorial Bat Forest by The Groundskeeper. The Moss Woman typically crafts bats for new players from the branches of the trees they grow into, though some players prefer to bring their own or request special designs.

While the Memorial Bat forest started purely to memorialize incinerated Flowers players, after the rapid-fire tragedies of Season Four, the Flowers decided to open the Forest to all teams. While the typical memorial is a planted bat, cultivated into a tree, for players whose bats have been passed on or otherwise lost the Flowers hold an Honorary Planting, where they plant a new flower of the incinerated player's team's choice.

Current Memorials

Boston Flowers

  • Hurley Pacheco
    • Bat Tree, with a surprising number of branches
  • Bryanayah Chang
    • Bat Tree
    • The number of branches on their tree seem to change from day to day. Getting close to the tree, one can hear faint murmuring.
  • Jorge Ito
    • Bat Tree
    • A tall, florulent Squeucalyptus.
  • Isaac Rubberman
    • Passed on the Weird Flex to Matheo Carpenter
    • No memorial was intentionally planted, but Rubberman's designated plot has become incredibly bouncy
  • Matheo Carpenter
    • Passed on the Weird Flex to Gloria Bugsnax
    • Light bulb planted in place of a bat. With proper care it will sprout into a tall chandelier bearing many bulbs large and small.
  • Morrow Doyle
    • Bat returned to Charleston for a memorial there
    • Inter-dimensional Violet tree planted in a purple floral Doc Marten in the bat forest. The memorial flickers between dimensions, appearing differently at varying moments in time, but there's always Violets, and always a Doc Marten. The flowers are often fasciated, appearing stretched and distorted.
    • Morrow's cats, Thelma and Abernathy, have been sighted wandering the forest. They have been reported appearing not only as adults but also as kittens and as extremely aged cats.

Baltimore Crabs

  • Nora Perez
    • Bat given to Combs Duende
    • Patch of Black-Eyed Susans
    • Memorial plaque commissioned by Valentine Games, reading:

      ahead we cannot see
         we dammed, we tired mason few
            choking on the carving dust
                and you, oh candle, guided us
                   to see alight our city new

         and showed to us the sea

  • Combs Duende
    • Bat given to Mickey Woods
    • Plot of crabgrass.
    • Memorial plaque commissioned by Valentine Games, reading:

      i have seen you in your splendor
      splayed in hair and calling thunder,
      in the trenches, underwater,
      floating where you don't belong
      Excerpt from an unclaimed elegy.

  • Brock Forbes
    • By request of the deceased, the memorial was placed deep within the forest, where they often worked and wandered, rather than near the main paths. Passerbys can find it by following the strange crabs wandering off-trail, bringing clipped flowers in their pincers to lay by the bat tree.
    • Ashes returned to Baltimore to be made into pearls
    • Patch of Black-Eyed Susans (overgrown)
    • Stele, inlaid with memorial pearls in a design commissioned by Adalberto Tosser, reading:

      If I had lived a thousand lives
      At once, and every single eye affixed
      Aloft, and tracing clouds adrift,
      Stoic to that sidelong din,
      That grasping, cloying everything,

      I would have filled a thimbleful
      Of life and loss before the pull
      Of sleep begot this welling weight
      Of stone within my chest

      And you, and you, and you,

      Had every moment witnessed this,
      And crystalized it well within
      Until without, so all your skin
      Was made of stone, and laying bare,
      I could not feel the softness there,

      But in the storied fissures glowed
      A gentleness that caught the light
      In facets gleamed a thousand tears,
      Geodesic chandeliers

  • Adalberto Tosser
    • By request of the deceased, the memorial was placed besides that of Brock Forbes. The memorial is often marked by flower murals, tags, and splotches, though it is unknown from whom or where they come from or where they go.
    • Ashes returned to Baltimore to be made into pearls
    • Bat Tree, grafted to Sweetgum, standing over patch of Marigolds. Black-Eyed Susans grow in from Brock's memorial
    • Stele, inlaid with memorial pearls and poem, commissioned by Flower Baldwin Breadwinner recalling their time in the Ascension, and the friendship that followed, reading:

      We wanderers of warrens wound
      Above, beneath, within,
      No eyes could trace the pitch, so plunge
      Your lifeline tether limb:
      The astronaut, the cartograph,
      The poet sent, the thief.

      You, and a flashlight
      Alone could bring relief.

      How many stars would burn before
      Your paint can's gotten dry?
      How many underhanded scores
      Before you aurify?
      We fell forever on that shore,
      I had no words, I screamed.

      But you, and a pencil,
      Alone described the dream.

Charleston Shoe Thieves

Dallas Steaks

  • Sebastian Telephone
    • A pair of cypress trees, the second planted after his second incineration. Their branches are tangled together in a way that could never separate them. The Steaks fans refer to one as Jessica and one as Sebastian.
    • Sitting at the bottom of Sebastian's tree is a small golden bell, his favorite keepsake from Jessica.
    • It is claimed that when the wind blows, you can hear wind chimes coming from either tree, despite the obvious lack of such objects.
  • Allison Abbott
    • An ancient mesquite tree which is frequently cut into the shape of a bat.
    • Often, money will be left by visitors for abuse survivors to take. There is always enough for those who need it.

Kansas City Breath Mints

  • Boyfriend Monreal
    • Quaking Aspen tree where their bat 'Bat Your Lashes' is planted
    • The tree is rumored to have the aura of a loving gaze surrounding it and often has many butterflies nesting in it

Hades Tigers

  • Frasier Shmurmgle
    • Bat tree. Some unaccompanied visitors claim to have seen various puppets sitting in the tree, staring at them.