Nepenthe Saracen

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Pitching coach Nepenthe Saracen, a close friend of Gloria Bugsnax, joined the Flowers during Season 4. Their tendrils permeate the Gardenentirely, observing every throw and catch, and they arose to sentience due to the team pastime of playing catch with the pitchers. They are able to fire fastblalls at near lightspeed, imitate Chambers Simmons' trademark Wiggly Pitch, and maintain a cordial relationship with their pet murder hornet.

They are able to produce pitchers of any desired beverage, and are often observed persuading overworked team coach Beck Whitney to take a break and have some cocoa. Though no communication seems to take place between the plant people, Nepenthe always seems to know when Caligula Lotus wants help supporting Beck. They are always close at hand with a fresh pitcher of cocoa whenever necessary, and have an impeccable sense of when they are no longer needed.