Businessmun Ferret

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Businessmun Ferret is an Infinite Flerret. He serves as both the third base coach and team lawyer for the Boston Flowers.


Ferret is known for telling his team to steal third base almost constantly. While he assures them he can get all charges for the theft dropped in Blaseball Court, he does not seem to realize that blaseball does not have any such thing. He is considered single-handedly responsible for Jacob Haynes' abysmal base stealing record.

Personal Life

Ferret was introduced to the team when he was hired by Margarito Nava as a litigation lawyer to defend the Margaritoville bar in a copyright infringement suit. Rather than settling the case, Ferret was able to convince the jury that Margaritoville was exempt from copyright law by claiming Boston's distorted dimensional rifts made it so that the bar both could and could not exist at the same time.

When not coaching the Flowers, Ferret teaches law at Hlarvard Llaw School in Clambridge. He is, by all accounts, an excellent teacher.

No one has ever seen Ferret's hind legs.