Boston Flowers/Season 3

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In Season β3, the Boston Flowers faced the beginning of an unlucky streak that would plague them for several seasons. The team lost three players to incinerations, and for the first time in team history they failed to qualify for the postseason.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Roster Changes

In Season 3 the Flowers were subject to three incinerations and three peanut reactions, one allergic and two yummy.

Election Results

The Flowers did not receive, and were not affected by, any blessings or decrees this season.

Season Overview

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.
The Flowers spent the first two seasons of Internet League Blaseball largely untouched by the whims of the weather. That would change this season when the Flowers suffered three incinerations: Bryanayah Chang, Jorge Ito, and Isaac Rubberman, all of whom had been with the team since Season 1. Adding insult to injury, new team member Nic Winkler suffered an allergic reaction.

Despite the weather, and the team's failure to qualify for the postseason or win any blessings, the Flowers had plenty to be happy about. Team captain Beck Whitney and star pitcher Dunn Keyes both had yummy reactions from peanuts, elevating them to some of the best players on the team. New batters Hotbox Sato, Caligula Lotus, and Vito Kravitz quickly fit in on the team, and fans expected them to be key to the team's success for seasons to come.