Boston Flowers/Season 8

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Season β8 had the Flowers reach the Postseason again, only to be eliminated by the Baltimore Crabs once more. This Season marked a major moment in Boston Flowers history, as they won the Astroturf Blessing, granting the team their now iconic Grass Blood Type.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Roster Changes

The Flowers did not experience any weather events or roster changes this season.

Election Results


  • Wild Cards passed with 353,174 Votes, 65% of all Decree Votes.
    • The Deck is Shuffled
    • Cards Drawn
    • Play Will Continue


  • Astroturf blessed the Boston Flowers.
    • Blood Transfusion.
    • All of the Boston Flowers's players now have Grass blood type!
    • The Boston Flowers now have powers of Growth!
    • The Flowers had 34% of the Votes and were the highest bidders. 451,799 votes were cast.

Season Overview

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.

Grass Blood

At the beginning of Season β8, Caligula Lotus, seeking a way to help her team who had struggled in Season 7, began growing a special flower in the Garden: the Blood Alstroemeria, a rare and magical flower containing the power of growth. However, the Houston Spies eavesdropped on the Flowers discussing their plans for the Alstromeria and launched a covert operation to steal it from the Garden. To foil the Spies' efforts, Lotus and the Groundskeeper had to match their cunning. This season-long struggle for control of the Alstroemeria, known as the Turf War, developed into a friendly rivalry between the Flowers and Spies, and it's said that any Spies infiltrators who were discovered would simply be offered tea and snacks.

The Blood Alstroemeria finally bloomed at the end of Season 8, revealing a large lily whose glossy black petals were marked with silver-green spots in the shape of blood drops. To gain the power offered by the flower, the team drank tea made from its petals. As they enjoyed a quiet tea party celebrating their hard work that season, they started to feel a new sense of connection to one another and to Lotus. Their blood turned green as grass and they developed new plant-related mutations, manifestations of the new power of growth running through their veins