Blood Type

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Blood Type is a Stat held by every player in the League, and was first introduced to Blaseball by Season 4's Interviews decree. Currently, a player's Blood Type is only cosmetic until a specific blessing is introduced that grants one specific Blood Type and Modification bonus to an entire team. Players with the same Blood Type, but on another team unaffected by the blessing, do not benefit from that bonus.

Known Blood Types

  • A
  • AA
  • AAA
  • Acidic
  • Basic
  • O
    • Blessed the Baltimore Crabs in Season 15 and granted them 0: "Players with 0 will always swing at strikes while there are 0 Balls and 0 Strikes in the At Bat."
  • O No
  • H2O
  • Electric
  • Love
  • Fire
  • Psychic
  • Grass
    • Blessed the Boston Flowers in Season 8 and granted them Growth: "Growth Teams will play better as the season goes on, up to a 5% global boost by season's end."