Blood Type

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Blood Type is a Stat held by every player in the League, and was first introduced to Blaseball by Season 3's Interviews decree. Currently, a player's Blood Type is only cosmetic, though blessings that grant a Blood Type Modification to an entire team also grant players on that team the related Blood Type.

Players on a team with one of these Modifications will benefit from it regardless of their Blood Type, eg; A player with AA Blood will still benefit from being on a team with 0 No.

Known Blood Types

Discipline & Expansion

Blood Type Modification Granted In Team Notes
A  A Blood Type Season β18 Charleston Shoe Thieves -
AA  Power Chaarge Season β17 Philly Pies -
AAA  Power Chaaarge Season β16 Dallas Steaks -
Acidic  Acidic Season β17 LA Unlimited Tacos -
Basic  Base Instincts Season β8 Hellmouth Sunbeams -
Electric  Electric Season β7 Miami Dale -
Fire  Fiery Season β16 Hades Tigers -
Grass  Growth Season β8 Boston Flowers -
H2O  H20 Season β15 Canada Moist Talkers -
Love  Charm Season β9 San Francisco Lovers Also held by the Oklahoma Heartthrobs.
O  0 Season β15 Baltimore Crabs -
O No  0 No Season β10 Yellowstone Magic -
Psychic  Psychic Season β16 Houston Spies Also held by the Oregon Psychics.

Short Circuits

Short Circuits introduced two new possible Blood Type attributes, Strike and Ball. All previously-known Blood Types were still possible rolls for Short Circuits players; however, only the following four Blood Type Modifications were granted through Distortions, and the other Modifications observed during the Discipline and Expansion Eras were not present.

Blood Type Modification Granted In Team Notes
Fire  Fiery Gamma 2, Season 1
Gamma 3, Season 1
Mexico City Wild Wings
Mexico City Wild Wings
Electric  Electric Gamma 2, Season 1
Gamma 3, Season 1
Yellowstone Magic
Breckenridge Jazz Hands
Strike  The Fourth Strike Gamma 2, Season 1
Gamma 3, Season 1
Baltimore Crabs
New York Millennials
Only observed in Short Circuits.
Ball  Walk in the Park Gamma 2, Season 1
Gamma 3, Season 1
Atlantis Georgias
Houston Spies
Only observed in Short Circuits.