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Alaynabella Hollywood was a pitcher for the Seattle Garages and was with the team from the Season β12 elections until Fall Ball. Hollywood has previously played for the Hellmouth Sunbeams and the Boston Flowers. Hollywood is well known for their intensely aggressive offensive style and a rock-solid beyond-your-years defense.

Official League Records

Hollywood joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Moab Sunbeams with the Return of Blaseball.

On Season β6, Day 23, Hollywood's pitching ability was siphoned by Baltimore Crabs pitcher Montgomery Bullock in a game with Blooddrain weather, bringing it from to 0 stars. In that season's elections, Hollywood was traded to the Boston Flowers in exchange for Hahn Fox via the Vulture blessing.

On Season β7, Day 36, Hollywood siphoned Miami Dale pitcher Rivers Clembons's baserunning ability in a game with Blooddrain weather, bringing it from to .

During Season β9, on Day 75, Hollywood swallowed a peanut and had an allergic reaction, decreasing their rating from to .

During the Season β9 elections, Hollywood's defense increased from to as a result of the Mutually Arising blessing.

During the Season β10 elections, Hollywood's batting increased from to as a result of the Sharing Signs blessing.

During the Season β12 elections, Hollywood retreated to the Boston Flowers' Shadows in exchange for Zesty Yaboi as a result of the Foreshadow will, resulting in a combined 4.7 5.6 stat increase. However, Hollywood was then immediately traded to the Seattle Garages in exchange for Nagomi Mcdaniel via the Exchange will, and then switched to the Garages' pitching rotation in exchange for Goodwin Morin via the The Best Defense blessing.

During the Season β13 elections, Hollywood received a combined stat change of 5.6 10.4 as a result of the Garages' Infuse will.

During the Season β16 elections, Hollywood retreated to the Garages' Shadows in exchange for Mike Townsend as a result of the Garages' Foreshadow will, resulting in a combined 15.4 15.9 stat increase. However, Hollywood then immediately rejoined the active roster as a lineup player via the Garages' Move will.

On Season β17, Day 21, Hollywood's defense was siphoned by Charleston Shoe Thieves pitcher and siphon Richardson Games, decreasing it from 4.7 4.3 to add an out. In that same game, Hollywood siphoned Blood Hamburger's baserunning ability, bringing it from 3 3.5 .

During the Season β21 elections, Hollywood became an Alternate and gained the Negative modification due to the Lineup Alternate Trust blessing.

On Season β22, Day 20, Hollywood retreated to the Garages' Shadows in exchange for Wyatt Mason X at The Hotdogfingers Memorial Climate Pledge Garage and Parking Facility via the Ratified Voicemail. On Day 34, Hollywood joined the Garages' pitching rotation in exchange for Mcdowell Karim via The Hotdogfingers Memorial Climate Pledge Garage and Parking Facility's Fax Machine.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Alaynabella Astrid Hollywood moved to Hellmouth, known at the time as Moab, in early childhood with her family from Chile. Even prior to the events at the end of Season 1, the region boasted strong family values which appealed to the Hollywood family, as well as a welcoming environment to move for "lunar-related health reasons".

Hollywood played for the Salt Lake City Blacklungs in the Underleagues prior to being signed on to a major-league blaseball team.

Hollywood shocked many with a surprise announcement following the Waveback near the end of Season 4, when Sunbeams teammates were checking in with each other for any drastic changes that had occurred during the unusual Siesta. Hollywood herself had not experienced any physical or identity feedback during the Siesta, but claimed she was "done with hiding" her identity as a Hellhound. The news was met with surprise and jubilation by both her teammates and the resident wolf population surrounding the Hellmouth.


On the field, Hollywood is known for their peculiar warm-up habits, which involve a great deal of drawing in the sand outside the opposing team's dugout and several unknowable BlackBerry devices.

When asked in a Season 4, Day 96 post-game about her contributions to the Sunbeams' sturdy defenses, Hollywood shrugged and is assumed to have said something to the effect of "catching balls being satisfying". Her exact words were not clearly made out around the blaseball she had in her jaws.

Their signature double-play with second base teen Randy Marijuana has been dubbed "Hollyweed" by their adoring and bloodthirsty fans.

At the end of the Season 6 Election, Hollywood was traded to the Boston Flowers in exchange for the Hellmouth Sunbeams receiving Hahn Fox.


There has been some tension between Hollywood and the team's management, due to the fact that they have little regards for blaseball courtesies. They often accessorize their uniform in ways that are frowned upon and steals bases when they want to, much to the detriment of their team. Hollywood has stated on one or more occasions that they are "an entity fueled by chaos".

Hollywood has admitted to struggling with correct use of a blaseball bat, as hellhounds are not used to wielding additional weaponry.

Pitcher Duels

During Season 15, Hollywood found herself endeared to newly resurrected Chorby Soul. Not wanting Soul to feel bad about letting up 15 runs in one game, Hollywood took it upon herself to let 28 go her next time pitching. The two would go on to have a friendly rivalry, trying to out do one another, Soul finally beating her record on Day 58. These pitchers duels were a welcome spectacle to fans, trying to find light in a particularly harrowing consumer-filled season.

Blood Revenge

On Season 17, Day 21, Hollywood had her blood drained by Charleston Shoe Thieves' pitcher Richardson Games. In one of the leagues only displays of revenge, Hollywood returned the favor and drained Blood Hamburger. When questioned why she didn't go for Games, she said the name Blood Hamburger was too fitting of a name to pass up on.

Personal Life

Hollywood is the author of a young adult fantasy novel series, which follows the adventures of teen wizardess Quillana Moonmarked as she battles against the countless evils threatening the Kingdom of Derevor.

Hollywood is also alleged to have been in a relationship with then Hades Tigers ringer Jessica Telephone at some point in time, per the Tigerbeams anti-rivalry and its effects of causing inter-player relationships. When asked about a possible date at a hellish diner a ways away from Sixth Circle Stadium, the rumors were denied and a snail tsunami followed in the wake of all the questioning. Whether the reporters on the case of discovering the status of their relationship survived is unknown.

Hollywood has a pet lion named Elvis.

Hollywood is good friends both on and off the field with fellow Sunbeams player Randall Marijuana. The two often hang out at Marijuana's apartment and play Minecraft.

Career on the Boston Flowers

After six seasons of playing for the Hellmouth Sunbeams and the death of her friend, Hollywood got traded to the Boston Flowers. They had trouble to adjust at first, still feeling the echoes of The Tug and being one of the worst players on the team as it was barreling into a party time speedrun.

After couple of seasons, Hollywood took over an old flower shop that used to belong to one of the Flower’s incinerated players and currently served as a gardening supplies storage for the team. Running the flower shop helped Hollywood to finally adjust to her life in Boston. Its location was also helpful while dealing with The Tug, as it was near the dimensional distortion that led to the Hellmouth. Hollywood took part in the Hellmouth Beautification Project.

Following Season β8 the whole Flowers roster gained Grass Blood Type. Since that day, Hollywood’s fur started morphing into dark grass and blooming with sunflowers when they experienced strong emotions. Even outside her hellhound form, Hollywood was often found wearing self-grown sunflower accessories.

While playing for the Flowers Hollywood started using the nickname Belladonna. On the team, they seemed to be friends with Mason, Cerna, Haynes, Bugsnax and, after some hesitation, Moon.

Career on the Seattle Garages

Following an eventful career in Boston, Alaynabella Hollywood was sent to the Flowers shadows. The directions to the shadows were unclear, resulting in Hollywood taking a wrong turn and ending up in Sea-Tac Airport where she swapped positions with Nagomi Mcdaniel, who then took her place in the shadows. This easy mistake resulted in her becoming the new pitcher for the Seattle Garages after trading places with the newly-batting Goodwin Morin. Elvis was allowed in the cockpit during the flight as a reward for being such a good boy.

Moving from sunny Hellmouth to temperate Boston to rainy Seattle has been difficult for Hollywood, but she has quickly settled in with her new team and can often be found around the Big Garage with her teammates or in the Greenhouse, where she moved her favorite flowers from Boston. She has also begun growing plants native to the Hellmouth, much to the joy and fear of the others.


While generally liked by the rest of the Garages, Hollywood has been known to have a passing rivalry with Malik Destiny. The pair often taunt and attempt to one-up each other, with Hollywood often entering places that Malik Destiny has been banned from and jeering at him from within. Despite this, friends of them have said that the two do get along well otherwise.

Some have suggestedWho? that the nature of their rivalry is due to Hollywood’s werehellhoundism and Destiny’s catboyism, however Hollywood has also developed a close friendship with Nolanestophia Patterson. The two of them can often be seen together at the various parks around the area, such as the Olympic Sculpture Park or Volunteer Park.

Along with Patterson, Hollywood has quickly become close friends with Betsy Trombone, who shares a similar punk spirit and occasional proclivity for violence. Trombone has been seen comparing their knife to her fangs for sharpness. Exactly how close they are is a matter of debate among those who are willing to discuss it at the risk of being stabbed.

Hollywood has also become acquainted with Oliver Notarobot, bonding over their mutual shared histories of Adaptation or Carcinization and becoming comfortable with themselves in public.

Lenny Marijuana had initially expressed hesitation of meeting with someone who had been so close to Randy due to persisting guilt over the past, however the two of them were able to connect and bond over their history afterwards. Lenny enjoys hearing her stories about Randy and in turn has become something of a father figure for Hollywood. The spirit of Hollyweed has been rekindled as well due to their back to back positions in the rotation, much to the dismay of fans betting on the Garages.

Resurrection of Chorby Soul

At the end of Season 14, Hollywood was approached by new teammate Magi Ruiz. Ruiz had a plan to test out the late Ron Monstera's mysterious M Chord, and postulated that he had failed to execute it properly given his lack of multiple fingers. With Hollywood's 15, she might be able to pull it off. Not one to shy away from an opportunity to fuck around and find out, Hollywood agreed to help with the experiment.

Reports of what took place the day of the resurrection are as follows: The day of the Season 14 elections, Hollywood stood atop the mound of the Big Garage, bass guitar in hand, hooked up to the Garage’s Psychoacoustic sound system. Fellow pitcher Magi Ruiz stood behind her, holding her large tome, watching. She began strumming a tune not dissimilar to the one Ruiz used to pull MaX out of the sound system, but with the use of her extra fingers was able to augment it. As she played, smoke began to rise from the diamond, until an ear piercing scream reverberated throughout the stadium. Some say they saw a figure dash onto the field at this point, perhaps in an attempt to stop what was about to transpire, though none have been able to recall who. When the smoke cleared, Chorby Soul stood before them.

Soul and Hollywood shared a close bond, the two dueling to see who could let up the most runs in one game. When Soul was traded to the Millennials and later incinerated in Season 16 during a game against the Garages, Hollywood took their chained Instability, knowing it would wear off before she had a chance to pitch, in the hopes of ending the cycle there.

New Growth

After the consumption of the Moon by the Black Hole in the Season β10 finals, Hollywood gradually developed the ability to shift forms at will, no longer beholden to the lunar calendar as a werehellhound. With this increased flexibility, Hollywood often changes form arbitrarily, even between pitches. During her time in Boston, her pelt slowly began to sprout grass and flowers.

Unfortunately, pitching as a hellhound is not any easier than batting as one. Which form she is in does not appear to affect her overall performance. She has stated that does not particularly care if her pitching is subpar, and that she enjoys the Chaos, never knowing if she’ll let up 1 run or 16.

  • During one game in Season β13, Hollywood pitched a live grenade, “in order to keep them on their toes.” The batter was able to hit the grenade into the air where it exploded safely, resulting in a home run per normal blaseball rules.

Joining the Garages has led to Hollywood learning how to play several instruments, including the Resonator Guitar, the Stroh Violin, and the bass. She typically leans into the Rockabilly genre in her creative endeavors. In her spare time she often plays at the Ron Monstera Memorial Cat Cafe and Sanctuary, where she is welcomed as a fellow cat for unclear reasons. Elvis has also taken up residence in the cafe and sanctuary.

Hollywood has repeatedly shown the Garages her favorite songs from This is a Tragedy, a band of which she is a huge fan. The other Garages have uniformly loathed this, with the exception of Sparks Beans, who found them tolerable and is concerned about the implications of that.

  • "I try hard not to diss a band just because their music isn't for me, but I swear I can't find a single redeeming quality of TIAT. I honestly can't figure out what Hollywood sees in them... especially since she has more musical ability by herself than the lot of them could scrape together on a good day." - Magi Ruiz

On rare nights, Hollywood has reported hearing strange sounds emanating from her radio. She has claimed that the sound is at a pitch that only she can hear and that investigating who was responsible for the signal led her to the Gum Wall, where it was strongest. On the nights that she hears the sound, Hollywood can be found guarding the wall. “I looked in, once,” she said, “The sun was… it was wrong. I didn’t want to stare at it. The Moon was there too, but the Moonrays felt so cold and hostile. Nothing good can come from passing through the portal, so I’m here to stop anyone going in or coming out.”

While Hollywood herself does not enter the portal and despite her claim of allowing no one through, she does allow Farrell Seagull passage on her journeys to cause artistic mayhem, along with Betsy Trombone and her new friend Kaz Fiasco. Hollywood will often even prepare paint bombs for their use. How much paint versus how many explosives are in them depends on her mood.

Writing Career

Following a hiatus from writing, Hollywood returned with several sequels to her fantasy series. With advisement on queer and anarchist topics from Malik Destiny, the FlowersSalih Ultrabass, and the SunbeamsHahn Fox, the adventures of no-longer-teen wizardess Quillana Moonmarked took on a decidedly more anti-authoritarian streak.

The first three books in the continued series followed Quillana’s growing disloyalty to the Kingdom of Derevor. Destiny gave Hollywood some plot ideas on anarchist topics, earning him a dedication in one of the books.

Hollywood faced only minor pushback from the publishing house on the content in their sequel series. To keep negotiations moving, they brought a lit Molotov cocktail to the first meeting, placing it on the table as discussion began. The publishers quickly gave their approval for the content in question; critics praised the resulting arc in which Quillana’s longtime companion Zazie explored their newfound nonbinary identity. A second meeting to discuss the anarchist sentiments present in the new books was canceled.

The updated books became an overnight hit; fans of the original series cheered its revival, and the press attention drew in thousands of new readers. To date, several movie studios have approached Hollywood regarding film rights, but none have been confirmed. Hollywood receives weekly deliveries of fan mail, and does her best to reply to each letter.


Between Seasons β21 and β22, Hollywood went on a recon mission to Shark Seattle with Lenjamin Zhuge and Wyatt Mason X. After biting a (shark) guard in the course of creating a distraction, Hollywood found her were-form changed once again. Her fur became thick and waterproof. Further, a webbing formed between her paws, making her an expert swimmer. There have been no notable changes to their human form. They do, however, claim to be a totally different Hollywood when around Malik Destiny, mostly to get out of a previous commitment to help him get unbanned from the Seattle aquarium. She supplements these claims by wearing a stolen Shark Seattle Aquarium Gift Shop hat.

After Zhuge and Mason X displayed a number of changes, Hollywood spent several hours preparing xem a presentation on the effects of Adaptation, only to find the next morning that Mason X had unintentionally reversed the effects via “Echo Fraud,” by echoing a resident of Shark Seattle and removing the changes upon echoing someone else. Though xer half of the presentation went unused, Zhuge’s half was sorely needed. As a former Hellmouth resident with experience in the field of Adaptation, Hollywood has been helping Zhuge explore their new shark-like traits and abilities.

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