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Boston is the home to the Boston Flowers.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Boston is a city that lives in harmony with nature. What that looks like varies wildly between the different regions of the city. Some areas feature overgrown ruins, in others trees and vines intertwine with modern buildings.

Boston is a forever changing ecosystem, creating mystery and adventure. One day you may see an empty field of flowers, the next a thicket of trees. Nature in Boston is benevolent. If you need a shortcut a bush may bend out of your way, if people need houses a tree may grow to form the basis for a skyscraper.

Discipline & Expansion Era Geography

The following is information regarding the geography of Boston as it was known to exist during the Discipline & Expansion Eras.

Space and time in Boston are hard to pin down, but there are a few regions that stay reasonably constant. While it is inadvisable to travel around Boston without an experienced guide, it is possible to get around relatively safely by avoiding the dimensional distortions entirely.

Dunkies HQ

In the center of the infinite gardens is the ruined headquarters of the Dunkies Corporation. Now overgrown, and populated only by ghosts and wandering Dunkies Human Replacements, it still menaces with its massive scale.

Star Boston Flowers pitcher Dunn Keyes is known to visit the old HQ often. Though they do not call it home, they are the most consistent resident of the location.

The Fens

In an alternate timeline where Dunkies was never founded, Boston's natural landscape was preserved in the Fens. The Fens are a massive web of interconnected rivers and swamps, home to the Fenmaids, and one of the most stable regions in Boston. They remain remarkably consistent, with only minor changes to the branching watery paths even as the city changes around them. The Boston Flowers used to play blaseball here, at Flenway Park, until their recent move to the Boston Garden.


The city directly across the Charles River to the North of Boston is Clambridge. Once a thriving research hub, the Big Dunk dropped the city underwater, where the Ocean flooded in. Now, the marsh clams have laid claim to the entire city and taken over where many of the Dunkian scientists left off. The Clams have become extremely smart, and consider themselves the superior lifeform. In fact, they consider Boston a suburb of Clambridge, and not the other way around.

The Harbor

After the events of the Boston Tea Party, Boston Harbor has become a thriving teacosystem. Teaweed grows in vast quantities under the surface of the harbor, and many of the Fenmaids run profitable businesses trading the tea-producing plant for signed blaseballs. The harbor is now constantly full of perfectly flavored tea, providing Bostonians with the refreshing beverage and reminding them of their record-breaking race to the bottom.

The Pour House

A seemingly small restaurant (that may actually contain infinite tables) with a door that appears in different locations in Boston's unstable reasons, the Pour House is an excellent, inexpensive restaurant and the source of local favorite beer Naraganslett.

Post Expansion Era Geography

Following the destructive events of the end of the Expansion Era the geography of Boston changed in many ways and for many different reasons. Below is the state of the geography of Boston as it is currently known.

The Downtown

The Downtown is the most hustling and hustling part of the city, and is home to a majority of the population of the city. The Downtown is a place where technology and nature mix. Here massive trees stand beside massive skyscrapers, and a vertical tapestry of crisscrossing skybridges fill the air. Anything and anyone can be found in the Downtown if you know how to look - but the trick is knowing how, as the urban wilderness is dense and intricate.

The Fens

The Fens of Boston are a massive interconnected rivers and swamps. The Sleeping God slumbers beneath the Fens. This has caused the Fens to have been altered by the Sleeping God's dream, turning the area into an extremely surreal and non-Euclidean location. The Fens are a mysterious and beautiful place, it is where nature and human imagination mix, resulting in awe inspiring & terrifying sights.

Those who travel the area are prone to becoming lost, and stumbling across something revelatory, horrific, or just plain odd. In the Fens you should expect the unexpected. The Fens are also home to the Fenmaids, a race of aquatic humanoids akin to Mermaids.

The Docks

The Docks are the most "normal" area of the city, likely due to the Docks being the first point of contact for travelers, visitors, and merchants. With most of the urban wilderness making the core of the city reasonably impenetrable to those not from Boston a majority of visitation and commerce comes through the harbor docks. The keyword to the Docks is "social" - goods and people from other places are always coming and going.


Boston is populated by a massive variety of species from all times and timelines. The city's population count fluctuates every second as different parts pop in and out of existence. Nevertheless, a few key groups can be established.


Descended from Dunkies employees, the human population of Boston is now composed almost entirely of gardeners. Living a communal lifestyle, the Humans spend their days tending to the plants around the city and enjoying games of Blaseball at the Boston Garden.


Populating the Fens of Boston, the Fenmaids are an aquatic species of humanoids from an alternate version of the city. They have adapted to life in post-Big Dunk Boston very quickly, trading with the local Humans and helping them navigate the strange landscape. Enough blase balls have landed in the Fens that the Fenmaids have based their economy on them, trading balls for goods and services. Signed balls are worth far more than unsigned, so one can often see Fenmaids at Flowers Games catching foul balls and trying to get the players to autograph them.


In recent years, as the city has become saturated with plant life, sentient and sapient plants have emerged from the nature around Boston. While initial attempts to communicate with them were stymied by their lack of speech, the Plants picked up ASL[1] quite quickly. Now, the Plants are fully a part of Boston society, and a few have even begun playing Blaseball on the Boston Flowers.