Boston Flowers/Season 2

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In Season β2, the Boston Flowers once again qualified for the postseason. However, the team was left shaken when their best hitter, Hurley Pacheco, was incinerated. This marked the first roster change for the Flowers, although it certainly wouldn't be the last.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Roster Changes

In Season 2 the Flowers were subject to one incineration.


The Flowers won no blessings, and were not affected by any blessings or decrees this election.

Season Overview

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.

Following their successful first season, the Flowers were excited to play, even though this season replaced sunshine with eclipses. However, tragedy struck on Day 76: in a game against the Hawai'i Fridays, a rogue umpire incinerated hitter Hurley Pacheco. Pacheco was the team's best batter, but moreover, they were the first team member that the Flowers lost.

Pacheco's replacement, Nic Winkler, joined the team in their second postseason run. This season was shakier: after narrowly defeating the Firefighters in the quarterfinals, the team lost to the Shoe Thieves in the Good League Championship Series. Still, the Flowers were optimistic about the next season.