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King Weatherman was a pitcher for the Yellowstone Magic, and was with the team from the Season β12 elections until Fall Ball. Weatherman has previously played for the Boston Flowers.

Official League Records

Weatherman joined the ILB as a pitcher for the Boston Flowers with the Return of Blaseball.

Weatherman was the first ever recipient of the effects of Enhanced Party Time. During the Flowers' Season β7, Day 79 game against the Baltimore Crabs, Weatherman received a -star boost to all ratings. During the Flowers' Season 7, Day 86 game against the Houston Spies, Weatherman partied and again received a -star boost to all ratings.

Weatherman was traded to the Yellowstone Magic in exchange for Cory Twelve during the Season β12 elections via the Magic's Exchange will.

During the Season β22 elections, Weatherman gained the Negative modification as a result of the Roster Flip blessing.

Over the course of Season β23, Weatherman entered and exited the Magic's Shadows two times as a result of Yellowstone National (Ball)Park Fax Machine events, ending the Season on the pitching rotation.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

King Weatherman is well known for keeping his private life mostly a secret: no one even knows how old he is, or the background behind one very notable fact about him—how he earned the ire of the entire Yellowstone Magic team. Likewise, players and fans of the Magic have kept notoriously silent on the matter—their motivation for doing so is unknown, but they wholeheartedly uphold their end of the rivalry.

The only thing Weatherman has ever been publicly outspoken about is his passion for fashion, and wears a distinctive suit over his Blaseball uniform at all times. He supports fellow Blaseball players' endeavors to bring personalized fashion statements to the field, regardless of whether or not they clash with his own sense of style.

Weatherman has the unique ability to control the weather. However, he refuses to do so during Blaseball games on moral grounds, as that is not good Splortsmanship. This use of weather manipulation, on a personal scale, is how he is able to stay comfortable despite wearing multiple layers of clothing.

He is bemused by the storms of Peanuts that have plagued the Blaseball fields since the start of Season β3.

Since the founding of the Hellmouth Beautification Society, Weatherman can often be found in the Experimental Greenhouse between Boston and Hellmouth. He seems to enjoy using his abilities helping the gardeners of the Society attain specific weather conditions that would be nearly impossible without supernatural aid, though he has never shared his opinion on the project itself.

Joining the Yellowstone Magic

King Weatherman knows what he did, but he's not going to tell anyone, least of all his self proclaimed rivals and teammates on the Yellowstone Magic. Finding himself now on a more permanent basis in Yellowstone National Park following an election event, he has maintained his trademark professionalism and cool head, claiming that he intends "Simply to fulfill his contract to the ILB" as well as "Find the cause of these deeply inconvenient weather patterns which have popped up in recent times." Weatherman has had some difficulty in adjusting to team culture however, finding the Magic to be, "aggressively friendly." A particular source of "enthusiasm," exists in the form of Chorby Short, who can often be seen following the pitcher around pestering him to "make it rain frogs again."

Certain rumors have followed Weatherman, claiming that this is not his first tenure as a member of the Park's staff, and that he may have returned for another, more mysterious purpose. King Weatherman has refused to dignify these claims with a response.

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