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Feedback is a weather condition first encountered in Season β4. The name most likely refers to sound distortion often caused by output audio returning to the input of the same device, such as a microphone. In the case of Blaseball, feedback weather is that distortion echoing on the field during a game.

During any game played in feedback weather, there is a high chance for one player from each team to get caught in the feedback and switch teams. It appears that this change is permanent.

The first live feedback swap was on Season 4 Day 4, when Paula Mason and Thomas Kirby switched teams.

Feedback Swap Occurrences

All known instances of feedback swaps follow:

Season 1


Season 2


Season 3


Season 4

Day Player A Team A Player B Team B
4 Paula Mason Chicago Firefighters Thomas Kirby Dallas Steaks
15 Alyssa Harrell New York Millennials Penelope Mathews Yellowstone Magic
25 Tot Fox Broken Ridge Jazz Hands Valentine Games Baltimore Crabs
28 Workman Gloom Charleston Shoe Thieves Joe Voorhees Canada Moist Talkers
36 Farrell Seagull Miami Dale Avila Guzman Seattle Garages
37 Morrow Wilson Philly Pies Yeong-Ho Benitez Houston Spies
43 Jessica Telephone Hades Tigers Spears Taylor Philly Pies
54 Moses Mason LA Unlimited Tacos Vito Kravitz Boston Flowers
58 Morrow Doyle Charleston Shoe Thieves Hotbox Sato Boston Flowers

Season 5

Day Player A Team A Player B Team B
98 Wyatt Glover LA Unlimited Tacos Halexandrey Walton Yellowstone Magic

Season 6

Day Player A Team A Player B Team B
18 Francisca Sasquatch Miami Dale Wyatt Owens LA Unlimited Tacos
19 Richmond Harrison Canada Moist Talkers Fish Summer Hades Tigers
22 Valentine Games Broken Ridge Jazz Hands Conrad Vaughan New York Millennials
23 Antonio Wallace Charleston Shoe Thieves Lachlan Shelton Canada Moist Talkers
41 Comfort Septemberish Broken Ridge Jazz Hands Collins Melon Houston Spies
44 Hendricks Richardson Broken Ridge Jazz Hands Randall Marijuana Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams
51 Valentine Games New York Millennials Andrew Solis Houston Spies
61 Sigmund Castillo San Francisco Lovers Alexander Horne Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams
80 Beck Whitney Boston Flowers Hahn Fox Miami Dale
82 Hobbs Cain Canada Moist Talkers Alston Cerveza Philly Pies

Season 7

Day Player A Team A Player B Team B
60 Malik Romayne Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams Joe Voorhees Houston Spies
73 Alyssa Harrell Yellowstone Magic Terrell Bradley Hawai'i Fridays

Season 8

Day Player A Team A Player B Team B
21 Nolanestophia Patterson Philly Pies Lang Richardson Seattle Garages
27 Rai Spliff Philly Pies Summers Pony Dallas Steaks
42 Quack Enjoyable Canada Moist Talkers Cedric Spliff Seattle Garages
44 Eugenia Garbage Canada Moist Talkers Lachlan Shelton Charleston Shoe Thieves
44 Eugenia Garbage Canada Moist Talkers Simon Haley Canada Moist Talkers
56 Paula Mason Dallas Steaks Allison Abbott Seattle Garages
62 Dickerson Morse Kansas City Breath Mints Marco Stink Dallas Steaks
71 Paula Turnip Hades Tigers Paula Mason Seattle Garages
90 Eduardo Woodman Philly Pies Alyssa Harrell Hawai'i Fridays
102 Summers Pony Philly Pies Farrell Seagull Seattle Garages

Season 9

Day Player A Team A Player B Team B
6 Nathaniel Wilds LA Unlimited Tacos Valentine Games Houston Spies
7 Nathaniel Wilds Houston Spies Sosa Hayes Mexico City Wild Wings
7 Jaylen Hotdogfingers Seattle Garages Betsy Trombone Philly Pies
21 Jaylen Hotdogfingers Philly Pies Henry Marshallow Seattle Garages
53 Jaylen Hotdogfingers Seattle Garages Ortiz Morse Canada Moist Talkers
64 Jaylen Hotdogfingers Canada Moist Talkers Beasley Gloom Charleston Shoe Thieves
69 Dimi Wobbler Hawai'i Fridays Gabriel Griffith Dallas Steaks
98 Nathaniel Wilds Mexico City Wild Wings Kennedy Meh San Francisco Lovers

Season 10


Season 11


Season 12

Day Player A Team A Player B Team B
12 Jaylen Hotdogfingers San Francisco Lovers Yeong-Ho Garcia Yellowstone Magic
31 Nathaniel Wilds San Francisco Lovers Fletcher Yamamoto Hawai'i Fridays
50 Nathaniel Wilds Hawai'i Fridays Bates Bentley New York Millennials
56 Jaylen Hotdogfingers Yellowstone Magic James Mora Hawai'i Fridays
61 Edric Tosser Chicago Firefighters Agan Harrison Broken Ridge Jazz Hands

Season 13

Day Player A Team A Player B Team B
28 Jaylen Hotdogfingers Hawai'i Fridays Lizzy Pasta Core Mechanics
41 Doc Anice Canada Moist Talkers Bright Zimmerman Philly Pies
64 Jaylen Hotdogfingers Core Mechanics Mindy Kugel Seattle Garages
79 Gabriel Griffith Hawai'i Fridays Yosh Carpenter San Francisco Lovers

Season 14

Day Player A Team A Player B Team B
67 Nathaniel Wilds Ohio Worms Rivers Rosa Chicago Firefighters
79 Nathaniel Wilds Chicago Firefighters Dunlap Figueroa Hades Tigers

Season 15

Day Player A Team A Player B Team B
93 Avila Guzman Miami Dale Jomgy Rolsenthal Houston Spies

Season 16

Day Player A Team A Player B Team B
32 Howell Franklin Charleston Shoe Thieves Oliver Loofah Seattle Garages

Season 17

Day Player A Team A Player B Team B
15 Fynn Doyle New York Millennials Sandie Carver Kansas City Breath Mints
15 Jaylen Hotdogfingers Seattle Garages Fitzgerald Wanderlust Charleston Shoe Thieves
28 Kaz Fiasco Ohio Worms Igneus Delacruz Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams
37 Lady Matsuyama Core Mechanics Christian Combs Hawai'i Fridays
56 Nagomi Mcdaniel Miami Dale Summers Preston Mexico City Wild Wings
79 Jaylen Hotdogfingers Charleston Shoe Thieves Inky Rutledge Yellowstone Magic
90 Jaylen Hotdogfingers Yellowstone Magic Cravel Gesundheit Core Mechanics

Season 18

Day Player A Team A Player B Team B
6 Howell Rocha Broken Ridge Jazz Hands Riley Firewall Miami Dale
58 Cannonball Sports San Francisco Lovers Foxy Pebble Core Mechanics
64 Avila Guzman Houston Spies Dudley Mueller Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams
85 Conner Haley Dallas Steaks Knight Triumphant San Francisco Lovers

Season 19

Day Player A Team A Player B Team B
2 Sosa Hayes Houston Spies Siobhan Chark Atlantis Georgias
3 Don Mitchell San Francisco Lovers Bates Bentley Hawai'i Fridays
41 Quack Enjoyable Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams Siobhan Chark Houston Spies
62 Conner Haley San Francisco Lovers Tot Fox Baltimore Crabs
91 Aldon Cashmoney IV Baltimore Crabs Avila Guzman Seattle Garages

Season 20


Season 21


Season 22


Season 23


Season 24


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