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Feedback is a weather condition first encountered in Season 4. The name most likely refers to sound distortion often caused by output audio returning to the input of the same device, such as a microphone. In the case of Blaseball, feedback weather is that distortion echoing on the field during a game.

During any game played in feedback weather, there is a high chance for one player from each team to get caught in the feedback and switch teams. It appears that this change is permanent.

The first live feedback swap was on Season 4 Day 4, when Paula Mason and Thomas Kirby switched teams.

Feedback Swap Occurrences

All known instances of feedback swaps follow:

Season 4 (Total: 9)

DayPlayer ATeamPlayer BTeam
4Paula MasonChicago FirefightersThomas KirbyDallas Steaks
15Alyssa HarrellNew York MillennialsPenelope MathewsYellowstone Magic
25Tot FoxBreckenridge Jazz HandsValentine GamesBaltimore Crabs
28Workman GloomCharleston Shoe ThievesJoe VoorheesCanada Moist Talkers
36Farrell SeagullMiami DaleAvila GuzmanSeattle Garages
37Morrow WilsonPhilly PiesYeong-Ho BenitezHouston Spies
43Jessica TelephoneHades TigersSpears TaylorPhilly Pies
54Moses MasonLA Unlimited TacosVito KravitzBoston Flowers
58Morrow DoyleCharleston Shoe ThievesHotbox SatoBoston Flowers

Season 5 (Total: 1)

DayPlayer ATeamPlayer BTeam
98Wyatt GloverLA Unlimited TacosHalexandrey WaltonYellowstone Magic

Season 6 (Total: 11)

DayPlayer ATeamPlayer BTeam
18Francisca SasquatchMiami DaleWyatt OwensLA Unlimited Tacos
19Richmond HarrisonCanada Moist TalkersFish SummerHades Tigers
22Valentine GamesBreckenridge Jazz HandsConrad VaughanNew York Millennials
23Antonio WallaceCharleston Shoe ThievesLachlan SheltonCanada Moist Talkers
41Comfort SeptemberishBreckenridge Jazz HandsCollins MelonHouston Spies
44Hendricks RichardsonBreckenridge Jazz HandsRandall MarijuanaHellmouth Sunbeams
51Valentine GamesNew York MillennialsAndrew SolisHouston Spies
61Sigmund CastilloSan Francisco LoversAlexander HorneHellmouth Sunbeams
80Beck WhitneyBoston FlowersHahn FoxMiami Dale
82Hobbs CainCanada Moist TalkersAlston CervezaPhilly Pies
91[1]Bevan Underbuck (Immune)Hawai'i FridaysRon MonsteraSeattle Garages

Season 7 (Total: 2)

DayPlayer ATeamPlayer BTeam
60Malik RomayneHellmouth SunbeamsJoe VoorheesHouston Spies
73Alyssa HarrellYellowstone MagicTerrell BradleyHawai'i Fridays

Season 8 (Total: 11)

DayPlayer ATeamPlayer BTeam
21Nolanestophia PattersonPhilly PiesLang RichardsonSeattle Garages
27Rai SpliffPhilly PiesSummers PonyDallas Steaks
42Quack EnjoyableCanada Moist TalkersCedric SpliffSeattle Garages
44Eugenia GarbageCanada Moist TalkersLachlan SheltonCharleston Shoe Thieves
44Eugenia GarbageCanada Moist TalkersSimon HaleyCanada Moist Talkers
56Paula MasonDallas SteaksAllison AbbottSeattle Garages
62Dickerson MorseKansas City Breath MintsMarco StinkDallas Steaks
71Paula TurnipHades TigersPaula MasonSeattle Garages
90Eduardo WoodmanPhilly PiesAlyssa HarrellHawai'i Fridays
90Eduardo WoodmanPhilly PiesAlyssa HarrellHawai'i Fridays
102Summers PonyPhilly PiesFarrell SeagullSeattle Garages

Season 9 (Total: 8)

DayPlayer ATeamPlayer BTeam
6NaNLA Unlimited TacosValentine GamesHouston Spies
7Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesBetsy TrombonePhilly Pies
7NaNHouston SpiesSosa HayesMexico City Wild Wings
21Jaylen HotdogfingersPhilly PiesHenry MarshallowSeattle Garages
53Jaylen HotdogfingersSeattle GaragesOrtiz MorseCanada Moist Talkers
64Jaylen HotdogfingersCanada Moist TalkersBeasley GloomCharleston Shoe Thieves
69Sixpack DogwalkerHawai'i FridaysGabriel GriffithDallas Steaks
98NaNMexico City Wild WingsKennedy MehSan Francisco Lovers

Season 12 (Total: 5)

DayPlayer ATeamPlayer BTeam
12Jaylen HotdogfingersSan Francisco LoversYeong-Ho GarciaYellowstone Magic
31NaNSan Francisco LoversFletcher YamamotoHawai'i Fridays
50NaNHawai'i FridaysBates BentleyNew York Millennials
56Jaylen HotdogfingersYellowstone MagicJames MoraHawai'i Fridays
61Edric TosserChicago FirefightersAgan HarrisonBreckenridge Jazz Hands

Season 13 (Total: 4)

DayPlayer ATeamPlayer BTeam
28Jaylen HotdogfingersHawai'i FridaysLizzy PastaCore Mechanics
41Doc AniceCanada Moist TalkersBright ZimmermanPhilly Pies
64Jaylen HotdogfingersCore MechanicsMindy KugelSeattle Garages
79Gabriel GriffithHawai'i FridaysYosh CarpenterSan Francisco Lovers

Season 14 (Total: 2)

DayPlayer ATeamPlayer BTeam
67NaNOhio WormsRivers RosaChicago Firefighters
79NaNChicago FirefightersDunlap FigueroaHades Tigers

Season 15 (Total: 1)

DayPlayer ATeamPlayer BTeam
93Avila GuzmanMiami DaleJomgy RolsenthalHouston Spies

Season 16 (Total: 1)

DayPlayer ATeamPlayer BTeam
32Howell FranklinCharleston Shoe ThievesOliver LoofahSeattle Garages

  1. * Denotes feedback events where no swap occurred, because at least one player was immune to its effects.