Rai Spliff

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Rai Spliff is a lineup player for the Dallas Steaks and has been with the team since Season 8, Day 27.

Official League Records

Spliff joined the league on Season 8, Day 10, as a lineup player with the Philly Pies due to the incineration of Hobbs Cain.

On Season 8, Day 27, Spliff swapped with Summers Pony of the Dallas Steaks due to Feedback.

Personal Life


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Rai "Thunder Queen" Spliff hails from West Philly, the source of her thick Philadelphia accent. In her spare time, Spliff works on classic cars, writes and plays experimental music on her drum set, and attends punk shows.

As a blaseballer, Spliff is probably best known for her use of two blaseball bats, one in each hand, which she affectionately refers to as "the Twins." Not only do they help her keep steady while she is batting in skates, she has also invented a number of creative ways of striking the ball with different bats, such as spinning around and hitting back-handed.

Spliff is private about her love life. Her public comments on it are limited to saying she would never date a current or former blaseballer or a fan.

On the Philly Pies

Spliff played third base for the Philly Pies blaseball team and blocker for the Tuff Pastries roller derby team. Because her roller derby matches immediately followed her blaseball games, she played with her skates on so she didn't have to change. While this didn't impact her batting or fielding, she was unable to pitch without rolling off the mound.

On the Dallas Steaks

Spliff plays second base for the Dallas Steaks blaseball team and blocker for the Dallas Bad Butchers roller derby team.