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Jazz is a weather condition introduced in Season β23. A game in Jazz weather will immediately switch to a random other weather condition.

Game Log Text

A Riff opens.
🎵 [scat] [weather] 🎵

Observed Scat Syllables

Three to five of these syllables are strung together each time a Riff opens, e.g. "bip bop bee bip" or "shoo do bow".

  • ah
  • bah
  • bee
  • bip
  • boh
  • bop
  • boo
  • bow
  • da
  • dah
  • dee
  • do
  • doh
  • doo
  • la
  • louie
  • ooie
  • ooo
  • sha
  • shoo
  • ska
  • ski
  • skoo (as of Season β24)
  • wah

Observed Weathers

Season 23

In Season β23, Jazz appeared to be able to switch to any active condition introduced at the time (i.e. not including Night or Overcast weathers from Pre-History, to-be-released weathers like Snowy from Gamma or Night, Supernova Eclipse or Black Hole (Black Hole) from Season 24, or the inactive Sun 90), though Polarity - was never observed.

In this season, the Weather+ Renovations of a Ballpark in which the game was being played appeared to have no effect on the weather Jazz would switch into.

Season 24

In Season β24, Jazz was by far the most predominant weather in the season's forecast. Each team had a smattering of other weathers in their schedules, based on the Weather Renovations built in various Ballparks.

Jazz weather would no longer switch to any active weather condition, instead drawing from a limited pool based on the Season's events, the home team's Ballpark renovations, and the home team's location on the Map:

  • All Jazz games had a chance of rolling into Supernova Eclipse from Day 1, or Supermassive Black Hole[1] after the Earlsiesta - two new weathers introduced that season.
  • If the home team's ballpark had any renovations increasing the likelihood of a particular weather, there was a chance of Jazz switching into these instead.
  • If the home team was in either the Vault or Desert Map quadrants, Jazz also had a chance of switching into:
    • Glitter, if the home team was in the Vault quadrant
    • Night, if the home team was in the Desert quadrant


  • It is possible for Polarity weather to switch to Jazz weather instead of the opposite polarity, accompanied by the message "The Band began to play.". This was observed exactly once on Season 23, Day 7, in a game between the Canada Moist Talkers and the Hawaii Fridays.
  • It is unknown whether Jazz weather can switch to itself.
  • Due to Jazz' potential switch weather in Season 24 being restricted to a home team's Ballpark weather renovations as well as Supernova Eclipse, Black Hole (Black Hole), Glitter, and Night, three weathers were absent in Season 24 due to no teams building relevant stadium renovations. Sum Sun+ and Sun.1+ renovations were never made available to teams, but Polarity+ renovations were never built by a team since their introduction in Season β20.
  • The "Levil" locations on the Map (the Horizon and the Hall) did not appear to have any weather associated with them.

  1. (renamed to Black Hole (Black Hole) after Day 51, when the Sunbeams reached the Desert.)