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Bright Zimmerman was a lineup player for the Philly Pies, and and was with the team from the Season β23 elections until being incinerated on Season β24, Day 26. Zimmerman had played for the Canada Moist Talkers, Charleston Shoe Thieves, and Kansas City Breath Mints.

Official League Record

Zimmerman joined the ILB as a pitcher for the Philly Pies with the Return of Blaseball.

During the Season β5 elections, Zimmerman's batting and pitching fell half a star as a part of the Charleston Shoe Thieves' Bad Neighbors blessing.

On Season β13, Day 41, Zimmerman was exchanged to the Canada Moist Talkers due to Feedback. Zimmerman was replaced by Doc Anice.

During the Season β14 elections, Zimmerman gained the Roamin' modification as a result of the Moist Talkers' Revoke will, and wandered to the Charleston Shoe Thieves.

On Season β17, Day 78, Zimmerman retreated to the Shoe Thieves' Shadows in exchange for Oscar Dollie via Choux Stadium's Fax Machine.

During the Season β19 elections, Zimmerman gained the On an Odyssey modification as a result of the Shoe Thieves' Shadow Revoke will, and wandered to the Kansas City Breath Mints.

On Season β22, Day 4, Zimmerman joined the Breath Mints' lineup in exchange for Rodriguez Internet at the Kansas City FreshDome via the Ratified Voicemail. On Day 55, Zimmerman retreated to the Breath Mints' Shadows in exchange for Rodriguez Internet at the Kansas City FreshDome via the Ratified Voicemail.

On Season β22, Day 56, Zimmerman rejoined the Breath Mints' lineup in exchange for Marco Stink at the Kansas City FreshDome via the Ratified Voicemail. On Day 57, Zimmerman retreated to the Breath Mints' Shadows in exchange for Marco Stink at the Kansas City FreshDome via the Ratified Voicemail.

Over the course of Season β23, Zimmerman entered and exited the Breath Mints' Shadows three times as a result of Kansas City FreshDome Voicemail effects, ending the Season on the lineup.

During the Season β23 elections, Zimmerman roamed to the Philly Pies.

On Season β24, Day 26, Zimmerman was incinerated and replaced by Scouse Bedazzle.

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Box of Bright Zimmerman Files

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Personal Life

Born and raised in Northeast Philly, Bright Zimmerman was born into a large Ashkenazi Jewish family, to the name Brina Tehila Zimmerman. The third of eight siblings, she was raised Modern Orthodox and continued to practice throughout her life, though slightly less observantly than she did in her youth. In interviews she talks about her family fondly, having said in the past: “My family is part of the reason I love Blaseball so much! When there’s always someone around to throw a ball with you, it makes practicing a whole lot easier!”

Zimmerman was also well known in Blaseball academic circles, perhaps most notably for a series of papers co-authored with several fellow academics in Blaseball circles. She held a PhD in Sociology and Social Data Analysis from Penn Stlate University.

Though records showed Zimmerman as a batter and catcher throughout her school career, she joined the league as a pitcher at the age of nineteen. There has been speculation throughout the years of reasons as to why, ranging from faulty contracts to prophecies, though no theories have ever been confirmed.

Blaseball Career


Zimmerman was frequently described as one of the Philly Pies’ worst pitchers throughout her time on the team, despite maintaining positive win/loss records for the majority of the Discipline Era [1] and was rumored to have an antagonistic relationship with Pies Management.

Despite this, Zimmerman still had a series of strong relationships among her teammates. One of the earliest mentions of Zimmerman was in an interview with Cedric Gonzalez in which he spoke at length about their habit of playing card games together at away games. Zimmerman could also frequently be seen going out after games [2] with Spears Taylor and Mickey Woods. Zimmerman would even go on to invite Forrest Bookbaby to be her roommate after his arrival to the team.

Though he joined after their first championship, by all accounts Zimmerman was fast friends with Nicholas Mora, often spotted pouring over textbooks with him as early as mid-Season 2. In coming years, they would continue to be sat next to each other for nearly every press event, and were often seen having lively debates in Latin in the Pies’ dugout during games where neither pitched.

Zimmerman was perhaps most well known across the league for her penchant of getting into fights. That reputation started with an outburst that occurred towards the end of Season 2, immediately following the incineration of Gonzalez. Though recordings of this event rarely surface, rumors quickly spread throughout the league, ranging from claims that she physically assaulted an Ump to setting a fire made out of batteries thrown onto the field of Tastykake Stadium. Pies management denied the occurrence of any such event, but several scorch marks could be seen across the field for the rest of the season.

Similarly, Zimmerman was often seen arguing with fellow teammate Jessica Telephone, perhaps most famously captured in a video in which a physical confrontation broke out, dating back to before Telephone’s first shelling [3]. The video, despite attempts to be squashed by Pies management, garnered several million views after being posted to Twlitter, and only served to fuel Zimmerman’s unfortunate reputation.

Not Pies

Despite Pies Management’s several attempts to trade her over the years, Zimmerman’s eventual departure from the team took the form of a feedback with Moist Talkers player Doc Anice in Season 13, sending Zimmerman off to Canada.

Though Zimmerman’s tenure on the team was brief, it still led to some friendships at the time– she remarked in an interview that Moist Talkers batter Fish Summer was kind enough to house her for her duration on the team. More notably, however, it also led to Zimmerman receiving her third ring, pitching the penultimate game in the team’s quest for the championship. Ultimately, though, she was revoked, reportedly leading to hard feelings between her and several of her teammates.

Whether due to external factors or a lack of confidence, Zimmerman’s performance continued to further decline upon her arrival to the Charleston Shoe Thieves. Teammates often remarked she was closed off, a marked difference to her quiet but passionate demeanour she had displayed prior to this. Regardless, crowds in Charleston seemed to dislike her even more than in Philly, leading to a celebration when she was inevitably shadowed by The Choux’s fax machine.

Eventually, she was also revoked by the Thieves, making her the first known ILB player to be revoked twice. Roamin’ brought her to Kansas City, where she remained in the shadows until Season 21, when she finally made her ILB debut as a batter upon being voicemailed onto the lineup. Despite eventually aiding the team in their championship the following season [4], Zimmerman remained reserved, and was largely only seen speaking to Jon Halifax on their arrival to the team. However, this changed after being reunited with Nicholas Mora upon his acquisition by the Breath Mints. For the duration of Mora’s tenure in the Breath Mints shadows, the two were nearly inseparable, and Zimmerman was reportedly left devastated by Mora's forging and sequestering to the vault during the ILB Semi-centennial.

Pies …2!

At the end of Season 23, Zimmerman returned home for the first time in over ten seasons, roaming back to the Philly Pies, this time as a batter. Three days into Season 24, she would trigger the first known instance of the stuck modification by triggering Avoidance in the wake of the incineration of her former teammates, the Kansas City Breath Mints. Similar to her shadowing, there were celebrations across the league upon Zimmerman’s incineration, only twenty-six days after coming home.

Fan Works


  1. and perhaps most notably, not losing a postseason game until Season 8
  2. particularly to Bookbaby’s drag shows
  3. and in the immediate aftermath of Mickey Wood’s incineration
  4. just narrowly missing her 4th ring by going back into the shadows