Philly Pies/Fan Culture

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Philly Pies fans are referred to as "flans." Much like the team they support they are a scrappy group of misfits who love them some pie.


Despite holding two championship titles, Pies flans have been known to refer to their team as "the Underdogs" even if their team is favored to win or indeed have already won. This was believed to start midway through Season 尾2, but gained traction in the flan base in Season 尾3 with a popular GIF featuring the shaking phrase "The underdog Pies won the game."

If anyone questions the use of this phrase the worst performing hitter on the team is contractually obligated to crawl beneath Beasley Day and say "See, we're literally under dogs! Ha ha ha!" (The contract states the player must use exactly three "ha's").


"Our team is like a good pie: hot, hearty, and honestly kinda flakey." - Sam Hinkie, Philly Pies GM "THE PIE WILL RISE!" - Pies flan chant