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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. It stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east and shares its southern border with the United States of America. The status of its western border is politically uncertain, with a territorial dispute over the Rocky Mountain City-States. The status of the former province of Quebéc is also politically uncertain. The Government of Canada has not recognized the secession of the City-States nor Quebéc.

Canada is a constitutional monarchy, led by a monarch and a prime minister, both of whom are currently in hiding. As such, while the monarch and prime minister are Canada's de jure leaders, the de facto head of state is the Governor-General, noted folk singer Avril Lavigne.

Major metropolitan areas include Old Toronto, Montreal, and ████.


During the 20██s, Canadian scientists noted that Canada had started sinking up to █ m (█ ft) per year, a significant change in rate from the previous decade's averge of █ m (█ ft). This, combined with rising sea levels and the rising water levels of the Great Lakes, were making Canada more prone to flooding. [citation needed] This rate would increase through the 20██s, culminating in an event that would be known as The Greatest Canadian Flood. This was further exacerbated when █████ ███ ██████████. This flooding would render most of the country inhospitable to regular humans, with many Canadian citizens fleeing to higher ground. This would trigger the creation of the Whistler Independence Movement and the Rocky Mountain City States.

In 20██, Avril Lavigne began to campaign to be elected Governor-General, with the popular slogan, "Hey Hey You You I want to be your Governor!" Upon being informed that Governor-General was not an elected position, Lavigne switched her efforts to petition then-Prime Minister, Prawn Chrétien, to recommend her for the position. On July 23rd, 20██, Chrétien announced that Lavigne's appointment had been approved. On October 3rd, 20██, Lavigne was sworn in as the Governor-General of Canada.

In 20██, both the Prime Minister and the Queen went into hiding. Lavigne took this opportunity to assume leadership of Canada, promising to make Canada "less complicated" in the wake of her predecessors. [citation needed]


The roots of organized splorts in Canada date back to 18██. Blaseball, Glolf, ███, █████, ████, and ██████████ are widely enjoyed at the youth and amateur levels.

Canada shares some major professional splorts leagues with the United States, including Internet League Blaseball. Canada is home to the Canada Moist Talkers, a Blaseball team currently based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Canada is also home to the Canadian University League, an amateur Blaseball league played by teams of students from Canadian universities.