Steals Chark

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New Player
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Steals Chark is a player for the Philly Pies, and has been with the team since Fall Ball. Chark has previously played for the Atlantis Georgias.

Official League Records

Chark joined the ILB as a player in the Shadows for the Atlantis Georgias during the Descension.

During the Season β20 elections, Chark's star ratings were completely randomized as a result of the Shots in the Dark blessing, resulting in Chark becoming an Alternate, gaining the Negative modification, and a combined 7.6 8.6 stat increase.

Over the course of Season β23, Chark entered and exited the Georgias' Shadows three times as a result of The Atlantean Dome Fax Machine events, ending the Season on the pitching rotation.

During the October 28, 2022 Fall Ball, Chark fell to the Philly Pies.

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