The Philly Cakes

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Philly Cakes

The Philadelphia Cheesecakes, better known as the Philly Cakes are the alternative to the Philly Pies located in the same universe as Dark Seattle. The team is known for their cleanliness, politeness and positive attitude. Neither the team nor its fans would dream of throwing batteries, flipping cars or getting into physical altercations with each other following a game. Cakes management is known for their charitable spirit and rejection of any form of corporate sponsorship. Cakes fans are known for cheering politely for the team regardless of outcome, though when teams seem particularly rough they will “batman-ifest”. The Cakes mascot, The Frosting, is known for being a normal man in a costume that has never committed any crimes. The cake's signature beverage is Ice Wooder.

The Cake's extreme positive attitude puts it in contrast to both the Pies and to the other teams in their universe . This is likely due to two causes, the first being the fact that they never had to deal with Nicholas Mora. The second is that the Cakes have never truly faced the threat of relegation. The mirror verse commissioner does a great job of rigging things for them, often giving them especially soft schedules and having strange events happen that boost the team either right before or during the playoffs. The only real threat the team has faced is from the Seattle Corporates who have taken a disproportionate number of their players. However when asked about it the Cakes simply stated that they were happy for their friends to have a new opportunity. They were always happy.

The City of Brotherly Love Municipal Ball Park

The Cakes play in the municipality owned. Tickets to the stadium are pay what you want, and include free entry to the “Jessica Telephone Appreciation Trampoline park”. It is immaculately clean and safe, with fans often gathering to clean the park after an exciting game. The ballpark itself is located underground, in a region known as the undercool.

This region eventually converges with the underhot and the other Philadelphia in a place called the room. The Room is a 10 by 10 room that is always perfectly room temperature, despite the burning heat and freezing chill located on either side. The Room is inhabited by a man with dark hair and a strange accent who always wears sunglasses. His origins are completely unknown, but some suspect him to be airline hijacker D.B.L. Cooper. The Room is thus the most dangerous place in either the underhot or the undercool.