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Marco Stink is a player for the Dallas Steaks, and has been with the team since Season 2, Day 18. Stink has previously played for the Kansas City Breath Mints.

Official League Records

Stink joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Dallas Steaks on Season β2, Day 52, after the incineration of Lars Mendoza.

On Season β3, Day 4, Stink swallowed a peanut and had a yummy reaction.

On Season β8, Day 62, Stink was exchanged to the Kansas City Breath Mints due to Feedback. Stink was replaced by Dickerson Morse.

During the Coffee Cup, Stink played for the Milk Proxy Society as a pitcher.

On Season β12, Day 38, Stink's pitching ability was siphoned by Hawai'i Fridays lineup player Nagomi Mcdaniel in a game with Blooddrain weather.

On Season β17, Day 16, Stink's tenaciousness and laserlikeness were siphoned by Philly Pies pitcher Tiana Takahashi in a game with Blooddrain weather.

During Season β20, Stink was attacked by Consumers 2 times, defending once.

On Season β22, Day 56, Stink retreated to the Breath Mints' Shadows in exchange for Bright Zimmerman at the Kansas City FreshDome via the Ratified Voicemail. On Day 57, Stink rejoined the Breath Mints' lineup in exchange for Bright Zimmerman at the Kansas City FreshDome via the Ratified Voicemail.

During the Season β22 elections, Stink gained the Reload modification as a result of the Autosave blessing.

On Season 2, Day 18, Stink fell to the Dallas Steaks during a game in Horizon (weather) weather, becoming Buried.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Marco Stink began life as your average, everyday southern green stink bug, no different than the millions of others found in Texas. The Bug That Would Be was crawling through the outfield of Foreman Stadium one day, unaware of what was about to occur. When a rogue umpire incinerated the player standing above the stink bug, the ashes fell in a heap on top of the bug, latent umpirical energy coursing through what was once Lars Mendoza. As the small bug crawled from beneath the ashes, the incineration's energy combined with the remnants of Mendoza's will, infusing the insect. With each step, the stink bug grew in size, until he reached the size of a human. Standing up on his newly-powerful legs, the bug lifted Mendoza's glove from the ground and slid it onto his clawed hand. Looking at the other players, he said, "Hey, I'm Marco! Let's play some ball!" When Stink showed up for the next game, players and fans saw that he was now wearing a multi-colored jester's cap. Asked about the unusual choice of headwear, he responded, "I know! Isn't it dashing!"

Stink's surges of athleticism have impressed the Dallas fans. Throughout his career, these feats have been attributed his supernatural aura, latent Mendoza genes, and his signature aroma ("like an oily peat campfire after the rain").


  • Refers to his bat as Mendoza's Will
  • Is a fan of the Japanese reality TV show, Terrace House
  • Warms up with a bat in each pair of hands before deciding which to bat with
  • As a natural vegetarian, introduced the Steaks to the idea of watermelon steak


  • What!
  • Stink don’t stink!
  • He eats seeds! He hits dingers!
  • It’s not illegal for bugs! (when stealing)
  • Stink bomb!
  • Marco / Stinko

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