Yosh Carpenter

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Yosh Carpenter is a pitcher for the Hawai'i Fridays, and has been with the team since Season 13, Day 79. Carpenter has played for the San Francisco Lovers.

Official League Records

After the Season 4 Election, Carpenter was affected by the Extra Elbows blessing, increasing his pitching ability by 20% and bringing his rating up from ★★ to ★★★.

During the Coffee Cup, Carpenter played for the Cold Brew Crew as a pitcher.

On Season 13 Day 79, Carpenter was exchanged to the Hawai'i Fridays due to Feedback. Carpenter was replaced by Gabriel Griffith.



The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Carpenter was born into a family of unknown, supposed carpenters and continues his family's supposed devotion to woodworking and construction. It is said that Carpenter's legal name is Yoshua, and that his true name is ██████████████████. If the Lovers manage to Ascend (see The Book of Blaseball, Chapter 5, section b), Carpenter may become a true Blaseball God.

The rest of the Carpenter family is elusive at best, as his parents can only be assumed to exist or have existed due to his being. Any relation to the late Matheo Carpenter has not been confirmed, and probably never will be, as Carpenter repeatedly refuses to comment on the subject.

Carpenter appears with many faces which rotate based on his expression, sometimes betraying which pitch he may be throwing. He also was gifted an extra set of arms thanks to his Extra Elbows. Ever since, he has been able to simultaneously pitch AND do woodwork on smaller projects like whittling, it has been a boon to his side hustle. When his time is not dedicated to carpentry, it is dedicated to his love for Knight Triumphant and passion for Blaseball.

Personal Life

During the Season 8/9 offseason, Carpenter went on a trip to the redwood forests of North Carolina to collect wood from the fir trees to use in his carpentry projects. Whilst whittling on a secluded cliffside, Carpenter spotted a man made entirely from wood gazing mournfully into the distance. Carpenter approached and struck up a conversation with the man, fellow blaseball player Sebastian Woodman. Although initially reserved, Woodman opened up to Carpenter and the two camped together as Woodman spoke of his issues finding his own identity. Eventually Carpenter suggested that he use his carpentry skills to craft Woodman his own face, seperate from Sebastian Townsend's and Woodman agreed. The two spent long nights discussing the project and growing closer together, understanding each other on a level they hadn't shared with anyone else. As he began to carve, Carpenter realised he had fallen in love and promised to himself that this face would be his greatest creation. The bond they forged on that camping trip was one neither would be able to forget and so the two continued to see each other romantically, rumours of a relationship confirmed by Woodman during the Season 9 playoffs.


  • Carpenter's most notable woodworking project was the construction of a very comfortable oak bench which is shared by his team at their home stadium, The PolyHedron.
  • Carpenter used to work at the woodworking store Lathe-y-Boy before it was renamed and reused by the Batsmith.